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I recently went for an eye exam and got my prescription updated.   It had been a couple of years since my last visit.  Modern technology keeps changing and leaves me in a tail spin.  It is no different at the eye doctor.  There were three different exam rooms with a lot of new equipment in them. 

Each machine was computerized, specialized, and calibrated, and felt like it was from another planet.   I felt a little silly going from room to room with each assistant, putting my chin onto the rest bars of machines, and looking at x, or dots, or getting puffs of air shot into my eyes.   I did not really understand what most of the equipment and gadgets were for.  I just followed instructions to look here or there.  Finally, the eye doctor put various glass lenses in front of me and I had to verbalize which ones were clear or blurry.  Sometimes they all seemed blurry and sometimes they all seemed clear and it was hard to tell a difference in them.  Other times, it was easy to tell that one was wrong and one was right.

Thankfully, no problems were found with my eyes, but I did need a slightly stronger prescription as my eyes are changing as I get older. And a new prescription meant new glasses and lenses.  One thing is for sure, these days, the choices in frames and lens options can be overwhelming.  

But help is on the way!  I recently learned about Zeiss.  Zeiss creates optic lenses and is an expert resource to learn about your eyes and how to take care of them.

Would you like to know how to take care of your eyes and get the most from your eye exam?  Zeiss, creator of optic lenses has designed an educational website with you in mind.   

Zeiss Educational Tools is a handy reference to help you get the most benefit from your vision, eye exams, and vision product purchases.

Included in the list of helpful tools are:

Facts To Know About Vision
        The “How To’s” Tips For Selecting An Eye Doctor
        Get The Most From Your Visit With Questions To Ask At Your Next Appointment
        What Is Happening To Your Vision Facts To Know About Age Related Vision Changes

The Zeiss website also has lots of articles written to help you understand your family’s eye care better.   Here are just a few examples that I found helpful, but there is a whole website full of articles and information for you to check out.
Children And Sunglasses
        Giving Children Perfect Vision
            “spending time outside is beneficial for a child’s eyes. According to Australian
             researchers, two to three hours spent in the natural light a day lowers the 
             risk of a further decline in the child’s vision.”
        Workout For Your Eyes

As a matter of fact, I will be using the information on the Zeiss website for a study of several things in our upcoming learning projects starting soon in our homeschool and local homeschool coop class. 

        Vision and Parts of the human eye  as part of our human body unit study.

        Glossary of eye related terms.

        Space Exploration

        History of Carl Zeiss company and technology

        Science and Innovation photography, movies, space, eye wear, microscopes, and more.

Zeiss has made the basics of your eye exam understandable in simple terms.  They also have a search engine to help you find a reputable eye doctor too.  I encourage you to check out their educational tools before going to your next exam.

I received a gift card and eye glass cleaner kit in exchange for writing an honest review about Zeiss.&nbsp
; All opinions are honest and my own viewpoint.

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