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Congratulations to

Co-Werfa Lyda .

She is the winner of the Hands Of A Child Bundle Giveaway.–free-give-away.aspx


This is my son.  He is in the 4th grade this year. 

He is a big help around here.   He helped with this contest.

It is great to be a homeschool family.  The children get to experience a wide variety of things.  Practicing skills that they will use in life.

I wrote down all the names of the contest entries on identical 2 1/2 by 4 inch pieces of paper.  My son helped count the names to be sure we had everyone’s entry.  

My son then folded the papers in half,
and then gave them a quarter turn and folded in half again. 

He placed each folded entry into a basket.  When it was time to do the drawing, he shook the basked vigorously, and stirred the folded papers with his eyes closed.  With his eyes still closed, he reached into the basket to pull out a folded entry.

He proudly announced “We Have A Winner”.

And the WINNER is  Lyda

Thank you son for your help with this contest. 

And thank you to all the contestants who sent entries in. 


Hands of a Child has wonderful curriculum. 

In case you have never used one of their products before, I thought I would show you a picture of a Unit Study we bought from them a few months ago.

This project is the Airplane Study. 
Shown here is a unit study manual, an answer key, a double file folder and one student’s packet of worksheets from the kit pack.  The manual has vocabulary, reading list, website internet links, 20 learning activities, and a bibliography, and additional suggestions for further learning.

Here we spread out a couple worksheets for you to see. 
The kit pack contained worksheets printed on a variety
of colored heavy duty paper, for each of the twenty activities in the manual.

We bought materials for four students to complete.  So there are four sets of folders, and four packets of worksheets.

We plan to get the pictures of the completed unit study 
posted for everyone to see soon. 
We have just a few final projects and details to complete. 
Stay tuned for lots of pictures of the entire unit we did and it will be spread over several posts, maybe 20.

We made this study into a semester long unit. 
Our goal was to use it for 20 weeks of learning adventures. 
It took us a while to do this study, as we stopped often
to do “tons” of experiements in airplane kits,
and books I bought to go along with our learning. 

Plus there is a lot of material here to digest. 
We bought the study for the upper age level. 
This material would be great all the way through high school. 
They also offer a lower age group study too. 

Anyways, plan for lots of hours of fun!!! 

Don’t forget to stop back by and post your completed unit studies to our 
Unit Study and Lapbook Show and Tell.

Here is more information about Hands Of a Child products
 and The HOAC 400th Celebration

go to  and sign up for their email notices to keep upto date.

*Offer a free COMPLETE unit every 6 months which can be downloaded by
anyone at:

* To download the FREE 2010 E-Catalog visit:

* 400th Project Pack
sale will be early next year and will include great discounts
as well as 3 completely free 1 year Super Memberships ($225 value),
a FREE Custom Ordered Project Pack (you tell us the topic and grade
level and we do all the work, a $75 value),
and a FREE Lifetime SuperMembership ($275 value)!
Be sure to read up on the features of all these
giveaways by visiting:

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