Week 2 On The Change 3 Challenge

Well I have just finished my second week of the Change 3 Challenge.

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Here is a recap of the 3 goals I am working on for 30 days.

Goal #1:
Read my bible daily, and if possible do it first thing in the morning. I would like to start each and every day with scripture, songs of praise, and prayer.

Goal #2:
Drink more water. I want to hydrate my body with water and flush out toxins.

Goal #3:
Play a game or some physical activity outside for a few minutes everyday with my kids.

My progress update:

Progress On Goal #1
I did better this week reading my bible early in the day, but I am still having a tough time getting it in before breakfast.  Part of the problem is that by the time get up and feed the kids and start our schoolwork for the day.  I don’t get a break to think about my own needs until about 10 am.  Then I am starving and wanting something to eat.  That is when I usually get to have my bible study with my late breakfast.  I think this next week I am going to assign each of the children a role in our bible study.  Someone can open the bible to the scripture. Someone can lead the opening prayer.  Someone can lead the closing prayer.  Someone can pass out coloring pages for the kids to sketch the story we study, etc.  I am hoping this will help me get everyone settled and quiet quickly in the mornings so we can begin earlier.

Progress On Goal #2
I am still trying to make this a good habbit.  It is not there yet.  I can’t seem to get beyond the 4th cup and sometimes the 5th cup of the day.  I just don’t want anymore water.  How can I drink a gallon?  I don’t know.  I will keep working on this for this week.  I want to make some quart jars of water and have them ready ahead of time.

Progress On Goal #3
Still working on this one too.  I actually did not do as well with this week, and did better the week before.  I don’t know why.  So I need to plan better for this coming week.  I am working on loosing weight, and I know this goal to play a game outside everyday will help me have more energy and help me towards my other goal in addition to spending quality time with my kids. 

Dad spent a couple evenings scouting for deer and teaching our sons how to find them.  Each night he took one or two boys boys to look for signs like poop, tracks, hair, their trail paths, and where they bed down. They saw a beautiful buck one night on their walks.


We did go to the Hueston State Park.  It is a free park and nature center.  There is a lot to do there with kids.  We saw lots of wildlife, boats on Action Kake, ducks geese seagulls and blue herons, the Nature Center had turtles, snakes, cougar, bobcat, owls, eagles, hawls, vu;tures, we also went to see lots of history at the Pioneer Farm, and played on the playground.  If you are in the ares, do check on this free resource.

Be sure to stop over and read what other mom’s are doing on this Change 3 Challenge.  If you want you can also link up too.

So what have you been working on?

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2 thoughts on “Week 2 On The Change 3 Challenge

  1. Amber Neal

    Well this last week showed me how much I need to really plan so I can be successful on my challenges. I love the idea of assigning everyone a role in the Bible study!This week I am working on creating a routine so that I can get in more alone time with God. I dont mind the kids doing a Bible study with me but I feel like this is the area I can be a little selfish in, I really just need one on one time too so I am trying to wake up earlier so I can get that. I had to set the alarm on my phone becasue I am not naturally an early riser!lol! I wanted to do the jars but I didnt have room in my fridge,so I decided on just filling up a big jug that holds 1 gallon. I think it originally held apple juice.That has helped- but I still need to mindfully work on that one too! I am determined to do that Ttap this week at least once becasue I know the little bit of time I did it I could feel results. What I love about this challenge is it is about the journey too! Keep it up!

  2. Joy

    I have found my challenges have been more challenging than I expected too! It sounds like you are making good progress though! Keep it up!!


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