Want To Ride My Bike?

Big sister always makes everything look so much fun. 

She loves to teach too.  She wants little brother to have fun like she is having.  Surely he must not be having as much fun on his little “bike” as she has on her big girl bike.

He is much slower on his “bike” and she needs to move faster and get him off the sidewalk out of the way so she can pass.   She doesn’t think the “fun” he is having is enough and convinces him to get off his and give hers a try.

She convinces him that he should learn to ride her bike.   Then he can go fast.   He is 23 months old, but she is sure he would have much more fun on her real bike.

Its a bit of a struggle, but she manages to get him on the bike.

He doesn’t quite understand all her instructions.  Getting the feet to peddle in a circle instead of putting on the breaks is a bit of a challenge.  Also steering and staying on the path is a bit over his head.  After all, on his “bike” you just hang on and lift your feet off the ground to go down the hill.  The handles don’t move.

Well after several start and suddenly stop moments, it becomes easier for her to pull rather than push.  Now she can control the direction, but there is still that pesky break thing.

She was really picking up speed, until he put the breaks again.


Finally she decided he should go back to riding his “bike” and she would push him with her bike to move him back up the hill faster.

Do your kids like to ride bikes?  Be sure to leave us a comment, thank you.

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One thought on “Want To Ride My Bike?

  1. Michelle Willow

    My girl just learned to drive her bike 🙂 Now we have to go everywhere with bike! LOL

    Thanks for participating in High paw last week! Hope to see you there this week too! 🙂


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