Valentine Tea Party

                                        Valentine Tea Party with Kids In The Kitchen

How do you take your tea?

Well we actually had chocolate milk instead of tea for our tea party.  Somehow “chocolate” milk just seemed more like valentines, and so good! 

Plus, my boys protested when I called it a tea party.  “Mom, don’t you know tea parties are for girls?”  No, I didn’t know.                                                                   
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The kids had so much fun fixing these plates, setting the table, and putting together the party. 

We are making Valentines celebrations everyday, for two weeks.  The children think this is the best holiday of the year, besides Christmas. 

Today was filled with lots of valentine learning with literacy, math, matching, games, using conversation hearts, and more.  We finished our day of valentine fun with this fun party at 3 pm. 

We had such a delicious party:
yummy valentine cookies, we received these from a valentine cookie exchange party, 
grapes and cheese on valentine tooth picks,
sliced strawberries,
cheese and crackers,
dried papaya treats,
conversation hearts,
and raw chocolate milk.           YUMMY!

The three year old put the cheese and grapes on the toothpicks.  They six year old put the table cloth on the table.  The two year old put the plates on the table.  The eight year old helped with making the cracker snack and filled the plates.  The 10 year old helped slice the strawberries and make the chocolate milk.  Everyone had a job and did it so well.

Everything was a big hit and quickly disappeared. 

We’ve had a few allergy issues with the six year old.  After eating chocolate cereal a while back, he broke out in hives.  We are not positive that is what caused it, but we are being cautious till we know more.   So he had regular raw milk without the chocolate.  But that didn’t stop him from having lots of fun.  He especially loved the papaya.

Before eating our handfuls of conversation hearts, we took turns reading them out loud.  I read the younger three children’s hearts to them. The oldest two boys read theirs to us.  This was a lot of fun.  

            Silly.      Fun. 

Just what a “boys” valentine tea party, I mean “not tea” party should be. 

Sorry sis.  I’m afraid boys have the majority say this time.  One of these days we will dress them in fluffy purple and pink hats and have a real tea party, girl style.

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