Valentine Cookie Exchange

We attended a Valentine Cookie Exchange Party, and a Valentine Skating Party, and a special Valentine Party with Dad all in the same day.   Three great parties in one day, and I was sure tired at the end of this day! 

The kids were full of energy though. (note to self…to much sugar…)

The younger kids played downstairs, and outside, while the teens had a Valentine Fondue Party upstairs.

Here is my 10 year old son and 3 year old daughter delivering some goodie boxes to the treat table.

I didn’t get the best photos or very many, because I held a sleeping toddler in my arms for two hours, so it was too difficult to take photos during most of this event.  But my other four kids had a great time and were bursting with energy, despite the fact that my energy was running out.

Here are a few of the goodies on one of the tables. 

And as quick as she could, she found a spot to enjoy a cookie.

Here are some of the goodies on the tables for the teens.   That steaming thing in the middle of the table there is a fondue pot full of delicious melted chocolate!!!  ( note to self….hum, wonder if my 10 year old could pass a teen so we could get in on this!!!)

This is a growing coop of over 30 homeschooling families, and more join each month.  I think by this time next year, we will out grow the hostess’ home. LOL.  Even though this was a small get together, I think there were at least a dozen or more teens in attendance, lots of parents, and around twenty or more elementary kids. 

It was a big get together considering we took over a family’s home for the afternoon.  They were very gracious to share their home with us.  If the hostess is reading this post, thank you for your hospitality and hosting this party!

After lots of fun and games, and lots of sugary treats indoors, the younger children all went outside to play. 

The back yard was situated on the side of a mountain and was quite large.  The kids played frisbee, frisbee on a stick, hide and seek, tag, searched for treasures in the woods, and climbed on a jungle gym dome.

They had so much fun, my kids did not want to leave.  See him sitting there as if he doesn’t hear mom saying its time to go?  They had a blast.  What kid wouldn’t have a blast running and playing with lots of friends?

And delicious valentine cookies and goodie bags to take home to enjoy. ( …no please…no more sugarrrrrr…). 
I made sure the kids did not eat these today and saved them for a special event the next day.

Read here about our Valentine Tea Party to see how we enjoyed our cookies from from today.

Read here about our time earlier in the day at a Valentine Skate Party. 

Here it is March, and I am still writing some posts from February.  So much FUN and so little time to write about all of it. 

I will get a post up soon about our special Valentine Dinner with Dad, and post the link to it here when it is ready.

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