Valentine Breakfast

Valentine Breakfast with Kids In The Kitchen

This is a healthy, good for your heart, and “Kid Approved” breakfast that is perfect for Valentines Day.

Did you know that eggs are good for you?  There is so much media and marketing hype about eggs.  It is hard to know what to believe.  But spend a little time reading factual research articles and you will see that eggs are healthy.  They are actually beneficial for the whole body.  They are a complete source of amino acids, the building blocks of protein.  They are a complete package of proteins, vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids, healthy cholesterol, and more.  Read here about what the Weston A Price Foundation has to say about eggs, and why eggs are only second to mother’s milk as the most perfect source of protein.

Blueberries are another medical miracle food.  Researchers already knew they helped fight disease, but new research is proving they improve memory and more.

My daughter, age 4 , helped make this breakfast.  She couldn’t wait to set the table and share it with Daddy before he headed off to work. 

First, she made a pink placemat with a piece of pink construction paper.   Then she set out a cup, plate and fork for each person. 

Next, she helped me set out the ingredients.  For our Valentines Day breakfast, we mixed frozen blueberries, yogurt, pomegranate juice and coco-biotic (this is a coconut water kefir, you can also use water kefir) together in a blender to make a yummy purple smoothie.  

Then we gently fried some free range eggs, which are eggs from chickens that have been allowed to roam out on pasture freely.  Free range eggs are higher in nutrition than eggs from chickens that are kept in cages, because the chickens have free access to eat bugs and young grass.  This greatly boosts the nutrition of the egg, especially the omega 3 fatty acids among many other nutrients.  We cooked the egg whites to a firm state, but the yolks are left slightly runny and are full of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals (soft poached eggs would work nicely too).   We added sea salt and pepper to make them irresistible. 

Nutritional data for this Valentine Breakfast (a 16 oz serving of smoothie and two eggs): Vit C 13.8 mg; Vit A 599 IU; Vit k 26.6 mcg;  Vit D 35 IU; Vit E 1.9 mg; Zinc 2.1 mg; Vit B-12 1.7 mcg; Folate 114 mcg; Choline 282 mg; Potassium 1151 mg; Magnesium 81.6 mg; Calcium 215 mg; Iron 2.6 mg; Selenium  36.1 mcg; Omega 3 acids 192 mg, fiber 6 g; Protein 18.3 g and a range of antioxidants, probiotics, and enzymes.

Good For Your Heart Smoothie:

1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup pomegranate juice
1/2 cup plain yogurt
1/2 cup coco-biotic (we like the KeVita brand, or make your own)
1 banana, medium

Blend together until smooth. Enjoy!

This smoothie is good for your heart, brain, and digestive system.  But because its Valentines Day, were just calling it the Good For Your Heart Smootie.  And it makes a great purple mustache too!

This recipe makes two 16 oz servings.  Nutritional data of this smoothie: Vit C 13.8 mg; Vit A 112 IU; Vit K 26.3 mcg; Folate 67 mcg; Choline 30.9 mg; Potassium 1017 mg; Magnesium 69.6 mg; Calcium 162; Selenium 4.4 mcg;  Omega 3 acids 118 mg; fiber 5.8 g; Protein 6 g
and a range of antioxidants, probiotics, and enzymes.

Want to make your smoothie even more heart healthy?  Try adding in 1 Tbsp melted coconut oil, 1 Tbsp flax oil, and 1 Tbsp wheat germ oil, 1/4 cup kale, and substitute greek yogurt or milk kefir for regular yogurt.  This will increase protein, lauric acid, omega 3, vitamin K, Vit C, and vitamin E in addition to many other amazing nutrients.

Nutrient dense and kid approved, it’s a winning combination!

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