Valentine Bag Craft

We are going to a Valentine Party on Valentines Day and there will be valentines to exchange, roller skating, and snacks to share. 

The kids are so excited today because we are making our Valentine Bags to collect our friends cards in for the party.
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On the table I set out a white paper bag for each child.  In the middle of the table is a container with various hearts cut from foam, glitter glue sticks, pencils, etc.  You can make the foam hearts yourself or buy them in kits from the dollar store.   Except for the glue and crayons we had on hand, all the other supplies for this craft came from the dollar store.  In a bowl on the table are some small glittery hearts.  And in another bowl are crayons in various shades of pink, white, and red.  There are some letter stickers for making our names.  There are some bottles of glue and scissors too.

The first step was to spell their names with letter stickers some where on the bag.  I figured if we didn’t do that first, there wouldn’t be enough room in the end to do it.

The 3 year old was so proud of her bag.  She loved putting her hearts all over her page.  We found letters in pink tiger print for her name.  She was super pleased.

The 2 year old was more into grabbing the glue sticks and putting them in his pockets than decorating his bag.  I didn’t get a picture of him placing his hearts on his bag after I helped him put glue on the back side of his hearts.  My hands were to sticky with glue.  But here you can see him running off with another glue stick.

Here the 8 year old was thinking through his design and what he wanted his bag to look like.   I noticed he started out placing his hearts in patterns and then tied them together with glitter glue chains.

The 10 year old decided to cut out some of the pictures from the packaging rather than just use the foam hearts.  He found all sorts of neat valentines things to cut out on the stuff that was meant to throw away.

The 6 year old was filling his space with lots of hearts in all sizes.

We decorated the back side of the bags too.  Here my 3 year old is using a glitter glue stick to make swirls and circles, and used some of her brother’s cut outs.

With this activity she practiced several fine motor skills.  She learned about the HEART shape.  She learned about the colors RED, PINK, and WHITE.

We had so much fun decorating these bags.  The kids are very proud of their creations.  They are super excited about Valentines Day and the upcoming party.

We have several more Valentines Day crafts and adventures planned, so stay tuned for more stories.

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  1. Weiser Academy

    Thank you.  I stopped by your blog.  You have some really neat crafts and looks like lots of fun with your Hana.


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