The Taste Of Summer

I am so glad summer is finally here!  And nothing tastes like summer like an ice cold glass of sweet and refreshing lemonade, except perhaps a cold glass lemon and lime lemonade.
But did you know you can make an all natural glass of this refreshing beverage, and it doesn’t have to spike your blood sugar?  Yes, its true. There is an all natural sweetener made from the stevia plant that is many times sweeter than sugar, and it has no carbohydrates and no calories and won’t impact your blood sugar.  YAHOO!  That is super good news!
I have been experimenting with different variations of stevia sweetened lemonade, and I can’t find a combination I don’t like!  I plan to share several beverage recipes with you in the coming weeks for summer. 


I found a brand of stevia powder I like using the best called Nu Naturals Pure White Stevia Powder.  I really like this brand and it has no aftertaste. It is very sweet, so a little goes a long ways.  I ordered it last year and I am just now about to run out of it.  1/32 of a teaspoon will taste as sweet as 2 teaspoons of sugar.  3/4 of a teaspoon will be as sweet as 1 cup of sugar.

There is also a brand of a stevia and erythritol blend called Truvia that I love!  It is less sweet than pure stevia alone, but it tastes amazing and better than sugar!  You can buy it in a box of small packets just like a sugar packet, buy it loose in a jar, or buy it in bulk bags for baking too.

If you are like me, you just don’t get in enough to drink, and lemonade is a great way to increase your liquid intake.  Plus there are other benefits of consuming lemon in your diet.  It helps reduce your ph level, provides vitamin C, antioxidants and much more.
Here is the basic lemon lime lemonade I enjoy the most, and it gives me a quart of liquid (including ice) for my body.  To make it regular lemonade, just leave out the lime.  You can adjust the sweetness to your personal tastes.  Simple!
Sugarfree Lemon Lime Lemonade
1 Quart
1 lemon, peel and seeds removed, 
then put the rest (including the white) in the blender.
1 lime, peel and seeds removed, 
then put the rest (including the white) in the blender.
1/4 tsp Nu Naturals Pure Stevia Powder 
or 2 packets of Truvia (stevia and erythritol blend)
1 cup of ice (plus 1 cup ice reserved)
2 cup of filtered water
Blend all together in blender.  

Pour into a glass quart jar with 1 cup of ice.  Add more ice or filtered water if needed until the lemonade reaches the top of the neck on the jar.  If you need a stronger lemon flavor, feel free to add in more lemon, or a lemon extract, or lemon flavored stevia.  Adding a few slices of lemon to the side of the jar or into the beverage makes a very pretty glass to look at and serve to guests too.
37 Calories, 8 Net Carbs, (12 carbs – 3 grams fiber), 1 gram of protein, 50.2 mg Vitamin C,  46.3 IU Vitamin A, 65.6 mg Calcium, 18.1 mg Magnesium, 148 mg Potassium, 27.8 mg Omega 3 fatty acids, .4 mcg Vitamin K, and so much more. 

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