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I love hosting review parties for mom’s, and telling them about great products that put FUN into their family’s life. We were recently chosen to host a playdate party review of The Happy’s™ and tell mom’s and kids all about these addorable “smart” toys.  

The Happy’s are a smart and addorable robotic pet that chases after it’s own toy treat.  Each pet is soft and cuddly yet it is programed to do special tricks.  It can also interact with toy treats of other pets in the collection.  The Happy’s™ also have a line of interactive toys (like a toy car, skateboard, and more) availabe for each pet too.  My kids love robots in all shapes and sizes, and these realistic toy pets are another fun way for them to learn, and have a great time playing. 

The Happy’s™ were created by Cepia, LLC, the makers of ZhuZhu Pets.   The Happy’s™ are realistic motorized toy plush pets that can run, sit, pounce, spin, make lots of silly sounds, and play and with your kids.  The pets interact with their own special toys and treats, and your kids will have lots of fun playing with them.

The Happy’s™ have 8 pets in the current line.  We recieved 4 pet characters and a chase ball for our review party that included: 

Bentley – Bentley is a golden retriever and comes with the blue Happy Treat bone. His favorite trick is to chase his tail.

Sport – Sport is a goldendoodle (golden retriever crossed with a poodle) and comes with the red Happy Treat bone, and loves chasing balls and does a wiggle trick.

Chance – Chance is a Beagle and loves to explore and comes with an orange Happy Treat bone and will perform a jump trick. 

Mittens – Mittens is a kitty cat and comes with a yellow fish treat and does a “sneak up and pounce” trick.  

Play and Chase Ball – Bright yellow, interactive ball that rolls and wobbles on it’s own and the pets chase after it. 

Here is a short video clip featuring some of the tricks and The Happy’s™:

There are toys, treats, playsets, and more available for each of The Happy’s™ and what works for one will also work for another one with additional tricks and features.  So the more you collect, the more fun you will have.

We were sent a playdate party review kit that included a list of themed ideas for snacks, crafts, and games.  It also included four pets and their treats, one chase ball, 12 batteries (each pet takes 3 batteries and the toy ball takes 2 batteries), craft items to make pet ear headbands, and three packages of Werther’s Origional Carmel Popcorn. 

The kids couldn’t wait to tell family and friends all about this fun party we had planned.  We set the date to coincide with a birthday party too.  

We had a great time setting up The Happy’s™ Party!  We went with a “pet theme” for our food, decorations, and games.
We served the Werther’s Origional Carmel Popcorn in a pet food dish. The kids thought that it was hysterical to eat carmel popcorn “pet” food!  

If we had more time and more pet food trays, we thought about having a “pet” food eating contest with the Werther’s Popcorn in them, like what is usually done with a pie eating contest.  The kids thought up this challenge, and thought they could put their hands behind their back and eat like their pets from the pet trays and whoever finishes first wins the game. Maybe at a future event we can host a competition or something like that.  Is anyone game for a challenge of kids verses adults?

Besides The Happy’s™ toys, fun games, and treats, another super big “pet food” hit at the party were the pet water bowls.  We made them with blue raspberry flavored jello.  So cute!

We made peanut butter cookies for doggy treats (story coming soon).

We sliced veggies and served them with hummus dip for chews, goldfish crackers, dried mango “chews”, different bone shaped pretzles and cheese sticks for bones, meat sticks, and a few more treats.  

We also melted butterscotch chips and poured them into bone molds and had our very own dogbone candy bars, and made “puppy chow” with rice chex (recipes coming soon). 

Every bit of the party food was delicious and most of the items (except the jello) we had had on hand and just pulled them from the fridge or cabinets and put them on fun trays, and gave them a new “pet food” name!  This party was so easy and fun to do!

All of the kids had so much fun playing with The Happy’s™ toys, playing pet themed games, and eating lots of yummy treats.  They had a blast learning how to opperate the different pets and teach them to do tricks. The pets follow an infrared light in the treat when the kids push a button on the treat.  The play and chase ball was a lot of fun to chase around the room too.  It wobbles as it rolls all by itself, and the pets chase after it.

I can think of so many great uses for these toys.  They are really fun to play individually and in a group.  This would also be a great toy to take to our Lego and Robotics meetings and discuss the science of “how it works”. Our kids love to learn how motorized robotic toys work and what makes them so much fun. But you could take them as a prop to a meeting about caring for pets, or even host a fun race, or host playdates with them.

If you need a little “happy” fun at your house, it is quite possible The Happy’s™ will put your kids in a happy mood too.  This is definately a toy we would recommend to all our friends and family for birthdays, holidays, and a great bordom buster, or to shake off the winter “blues”, or anytime.  

The Happy’s™ are available at several major retailers near you, such as Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, and more.  Be sure to look for them in the toy section of your favorite retail store.
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