Teen Prasso Review

I’ve got a great bible study tool for teens to tell you about!  It is called Prasso Ministries.  They sent us their Teen Prasso Homework Manual and Teacher’s Manual for review and I am impressed and putting this into our regular schoolwork for this fall for both my 15 year old and almost 13 year old, and mom and dad too.

Teen Prasso

Prasso is a Greek word and means to practice all the time.  It is about practicing our Christian faith on a daily, moment by moment basis.  Prasso Ministries is located in Greenville, SC.    Greenville is my favorite location as my home church is also located in Greenville, and so many of our favorite things to do are there too.   Since we moved to Indiana two years ago, but we have been blessed to watch our home church services live online.   We have visited local churches here, but it is not the same, and we sure miss being at our home church in Greenville in person.

Prasso has been equipping people (adults and teens) as desciples and missionaries for 21 years.   Prasso is in 11 states, 5 countries, and has been translated into 6 different languages.   The curriculum can be used independantly or as part of a larger group.   Prasso Ministries help people find hope, and equip people to be desciples of Christ.

What we received:

Homework Manual


Spiral bound, soft back

Retails for $15.00

Lesson 1: God Your Heavenly Father
Lesson 2: God’s Love
Lesson 3: Why Doesn’t 1+2 Add Up in My Life?
Lesson 4: It’s All-Out War
Lesson 5: The Enemy’s Lies . . . And Where They Lead
Lesson 6: Pressure!
Lesson 7: Anger
Lesson 8: Forgiveness
Lesson 9: Two Brothers – Pride and Selfishness
Lesson 10: Refocus
Lesson 11: Prasso, Putting It All Into Practice
Lesson 12: The Journey

Teacher Manual


Sprial bound, soft back

Retails for $35.00

Lesson 1: The Right Beginning
Lesson 2: The Map
Lesson 3: The Bridge
Lesson 4: The Storm
Lesson 5: The Enemy
Lesson 6: Testimony
Lesson 7: The Two Opposing Fears
Lesson 8: Anger
Lesson 9: Forgiveness
Lesson 10: Pride
Lesson 11: Refocus
Lesson 12: To continually, habitually, and repeatedly practice God’s Word.
Lesson 13: Prasso – Eternal Eyeglasses

How we are using Teen Prasso:

The Teen Prasso program allows students to engage truth in an easy to use method that relates to them.  There are 13 weeks of lessons (1 introductory, plus 12).  The lessons incorporate teaching, testimonies, video, a story theme of 2 teen boys, a  6 days a week devotional bible study, 20 minute daily assignment in the student homework manual, application and discussion at the end of every lesson.


My oldest son is working his way through the curriculum.

We read the lesson in the Teacher’s Manual.  There is a “Teaching Outline” for each lesson.  It lists the key verse, the story, the message, and reminds you to open the lesson and close the lesson with a prayer.

Next he works on the corresponding pages in the Student Homework Workbook.  He likes to use the phone as a digital dictionary and digital bible when he is writing out his answers and bible verses in his assignments.    Though it is designed to be used with a teacher, this curriculum is easy to do and he can work independently or we can work together.

I encourage everyone to try Teen Prasso for your youth.   We like it so much that I want to order a copy of the student maunals for my next oldest son, and also for my husband and myself.  It is a wonderful faith building curriculum.

Teen Prasso can be used for homeschool students, small group Bible studies, youth discipleship groups, youth counseling, youth retreats and conferences, or one-on-one mentoring. It is a great resource to grow your faith.

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