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Fascinating Education Chemistry Review

Would you like your kids to love chemistry?  Then this curriculum is for you.  We were offered the opportunity to review Fascinating Chemistry by Fascinating Education this fall.  This class has helped my son to have a great start to the new school year.

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Facinating Science Courses

Fascinating Education currently offers science courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics created by Dr. Sheldon Margulies.  Read on down to the bottom to learn more about Dr. Margulies.

With Fascinating Education, your kids will get up to date technology interwoven into great science courses for high school.  You can see the coarse outlines and free sample lessons for each course on their web site.

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Fascinating Chemistry

The Fascinating Chemistry course is geared for the highschool student.  It is a year’s worth of chemistry learning through an online course and includes 18 lessons covering about various subjects.

The course retails for $79.00 a year.

Every lesson has various subject within the lesson, and each subject covered has its own learning video, glossary, and a written script of the video lesson and an online quiz.
The quizzes and answer keys are available in PDF versions.

Each lesson is laid out in an easy to use display, with buttons below each picture for access to the lessons, text scripts, and tests which correlate with each lesson making it very easy for students to navigate the course.

You can access the  course outline and see how each subject fists into each lesson.

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This is page one of the course outline, access the link above to see the additional pages.

How We Used Facinating Education Chemistry In Our Home

We received a one year subscription to Fascinating Chemistry for the purpose of writing this review.  We love learning science at our house and my oldest son is especially interested in learning the “WHY” of behind every thing.

He has been asking for a Chemistry course and this opportunity to review this class was a great opportunity  for him.  Each day he logs in and watches the lesson videos, learns terminology, and completes assigned tasks without being prompted by me.

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He is learning so much.  I am very impressed how easily he is learning the information.  I feel he is getting a good handle on being familiar with the terminology. He takes his time and often repeats the videos to be sure he has learned all of the information. I think learning the terminology is the key to grasping an understanding of the videos.


I would definitely recommend this curriculum.  It is wonderful to have courses on line because you can access them anytime day or night 24/7 to work on your assignments.

I love science as much as my kids.  My favorite classes in school were science and music and I think I have passed this on to my kids.  We want to know “HOW” things work and “WHY”.   If you asked me about almost any subject today like cooking, bible, health, gardening, etc. I would tell you the science behind it. The kids are turning out like this too…cooking science, science of health, science of gardening, even science in the bible.  We all love science.   I have shared this with my friends before, but I will share it again, that our family’s favorite kind of TV shows are ones that show the science behind how things happen like “How It Works” “How Its Made”, “Good Eats”, “Myth Busters”, “Time Warp”, “The Science Of Stupid”, etc.

I am happy my son is enjoying this class and is learning about How and Why things around us work.

More About Fascinating Education

Dr. Margulies created Fascinating Education.  He is an author, teacher, attorney, and a neurologist and knows the brain and how it functions best when learning information and performing tasks.

Dr. Margulies

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Dr. Margulies has taught neurology to thousands of medical students in his 35 year teaching career and trained doctors to work in neurology. He focuses on interactive right brain methods of learning primordially audio visual methods with questions and answer. He supplements the audio-visual methods with written text. Dr. Margulies is especially skilled to teach science. He has an extensive background and understanding of the brain. He wants to use his knowledge to create programs that inspire the younger generation to pursue science related careers and study of science.

Please check out his ABOUT DR. SHELDON MARGULIES web page to learn more about his qualifications, degrees, experience, books he has authored, and his passions. He is a fascinating person with an incredible amount of experience and insight in many areas. It is so fitting that he would inspire others to learn about science with the creation of Fascinating Education courses.

Fascinating Education Review

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