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Mathletics Review

What’s that you say?  Math?  During the summer?  Yes we did!

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Why should we step away from math for the summer months just to get behind?  No Way!  The kids love Math practice when they use Mathletics by 3P Learning.

So do you want to know what all the excitement is about?  Would you like to see your kids excited about Math practice too?



Ages/Grades:  Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade. 

Online Math Subscription: is able to be used anytime day or night any day of the week.

It is recommended to use Mathletics three days a week for twenty minutes each sitting. 

Retails: $ 59.00

Contains over 1200 different learning activities; interactive games, learning achievement certificates, incentives, weekly reports sent to the parent, a parent dashboard,  printable workbooks, and more.

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Our Experience:

My third and fifth grade kids have been using Mathletics online learning program this summer.  We were given two individual subscriptions for the purpose of writing an honest  review of our experience.  They use the program three days a week for skills practice as a supplement to their daily Math curriculum.

Third Grade:

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I was really happy to receive this program.  We had planned to continue our Math study all summer, but I hoped the kids wouldn’t get tired of it.   Why should we step away from Math for the summer months just to get behind?  Kids forget how to do Math really quickly when they take a long break.  It just didn’t seem worth it this year.

Fifth Grade:

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If we were doing book work all summer, practicing Math skills would have been boring!  Yeah, that is how I remember Math, just boring books filled with numbers, and almost as soon as I learned what to do with those numbers, I would soon forget too.  But my kids are not forgetting what they have learned and even more exciting is that they are getting really good scores while they play (ahem), practice their Math.  They can practice alone and they can also compete with other players in a multiplayer format.  They can earn certificates and virtual gold too.  Mathletics offers three printable certificates levels your student can achieve too.


Thanks to Mathletics, we are doing awesome online math challenges, and it makes learning math FUN, and that makes all the difference!


The kids literally fight for (oh a wait that sounds bad), beg for (no that’s not the word), look forward to their computer time online with their Mathletics.  They want to use the computer! They are not bored.  They don’t care that it is MATH!!! They want to do it. Seriously, where were these great learning programs when I was a kid?


The kids really are enjoying it.  I am looking forward to Mathletics helping them improve their Math skills.  Mathletics has won educational awards and has numerous studies showing how well kids who practice with their program improve their Math skills.

I am so thankful we will have this supplemental program to practice Math in a fun way for the upcoming school year too.  This is a real blessing and I am greatful that such a great program exists and we get to use it.  Yeah!

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