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ARTistic Pursuits: The Elements of Art and Composition Review

Do you need a fun art study project for your middle school aged kids? Then you might want to check out   Middle School 6-8, Book 1: The Elements of Art and Composition by ARTistic Pursuits.

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ARTistic Pursuits
Middle School 6-8 Book One
The Elements of Art and Composition
Ages 11 and older
Retails for $47.95

With this art curriculum, kids will complete 68 origional works of art as they learn to draw.  Contains 36 weeks of lessons.   There are 16 units and each unit has 4 lessons.  Each unit follows the same pattern:

  • Build a Visual Vocabulary
  • Art Appreciation and Art History
  • Techniques
  • Application

Building a visual vocabulary involves learning how something can be described and then translated into a picture.  It involves connecting real world experiences and observations with ideas through art.

Art Appreciation and Art History involves studying how the great art masters conveyed a topic in their art and then the student applies this knowledge to their own work of art.

Techniques involves learning how to combine knowledge and tools.

Application involves involves a creating a final work of art using everything they have learned.

Art supplies needed to complete the curriculum are listed on the Getting Started page as well as a complete content list of units and lessons covered.


At the end of the book there is an evaluation page.   You can judge your students work and assign a grade based on these levels:

  1. Creative Exersise
  2. Challenge
  3. Drawing Technique
  4. The Project

This is a full year of art curriculum if you use it for 1 hour twice a week.  You can go faster or slower depending on the skills of your child.

How we used this curriculum

We received the book in order to facilitate this review.  We purchased our own art materials.  The super nice thing about this curriculum is that kids can accomplish a whole lot with only a few items, some of which you might already have.  This art curriculum is a win win for a homeschool budget!


With this art curriculum, kids get to create their own origional works of art. They learn to free hand sketch art projects mentioned in the book, and they they apply these techniques to sketching some thing they observe in their own environment.


In each lesson, they learn art history as well as art technique as they work their way through the book.  The lessons are basic and easy to follow.  Most students at these age levels will be able to work through this curriculum independantly depending on their reading skill level.



Sometimes my kids wanted to take the lesson a step further and here is one where my son wanted to go beyond just sketching the piece.  He wanted to ad color in his picture too.  I gave him freedom to create it however he wanted too.


On a sunny afternoon, his brother took his book outside to learn to draw and practice his skills.  He enjoyed doing his school work sitting next to his pet cat and pet chicken.


Say what?  You don’t see her amongst the many shoes the kids kicked off their feet on the porch?  Oh yeah, his pet chicken is in the chair stitting right beside him.  Enjoying your pets, while you do your homework outside listening to the birds  and nature in your bare feet is just one of the many perks of being homeschoolers!


My kids love to draw.  Now they are learning specific techniques to make their drawing more realistic and becoming more aware of what they are observing in the world around them.  Learning the technical ins and outs of drawing is something they are really enjoying, thanks to this review of ARTistic Pursuits curriculum.

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