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I live in the middle of SUMMER CAMP world!  Everywhere I go, there is a summer camp here and there.  North Carolina must be the capital of the world for summer camps.

When I was at the local FED EX office, there were about 40 large trunks being checked in and out on a trailer.  I asked the customer service person what they were for and he said the local camps hire them to transport the trunks that contain the kids belongings for summer camp.  The parents mail the trunks to the camps.  They either drop their kids off at camp, or many parents fly their child to the local airport and they are picked up by a driver who takes them to the camp.  Then their trunks that were mailed, instead of flown, are then delivered by the Fed Ex delivery to the camp.  It all works like clock work.  He told me he handles several thousand trunks in a season!  WOW!

I think it is amazing that so many families choose this part of the country to send their kids to summer camp.  It truly is a beautiful place to learn and have fun too.

I  thought you might like to know about some of these great summer camps that parents from all around the country, and all around the world send their kids to.

Scott and Jennifer Ertle have compiled a list of great summer camps in North Carolina.
Check out the directory to learn more about each one.

They have also compiled a specific list for several areas within NC.
Asheville area,  
Cary area,
Fayette area,
Raleigh area,


I attended a summer camp when I was 14 and it was a summer I will never forget.  I learned so much and accomplished several goals. It was a lot of fun too.  I gained a huge boost to my self esteem that summer.  Latter, when my husband and I served as youth pastors for our church we took a group of teens to summer camp and I stayed with them as a “camp counselor” and “cabin mom”.  It was an awesome adventure that built relationships and experiences that will last a lifetime. 

Did you attend a summer camp as a youth?  If so, please leave a comment about your summer camp experience.  Thanks.

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post to let folks know about Summer Camps in North Carolina.  Views shared about summer camps are my own honest opinions.

Please share.
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