Pink Activities

What’s In The Box? and What’s On The Shelf?

A lot of “P” activities and especially “PINK”.  

All week long we are learning with:
the letter “P”,
the shape of a heart,
and counting to three.

Here I prepared an activity tray with several “P” activities to go along with our Letter Of The Week.

This is a fun activity.  This is a little wooden box with a window.  Inside are balls and you watch through the window and try to get a ball into a hole by moving or tilting the box in different directions until the little ball rolls into a hole and stays there. 

This activity was a huge challenge for my three year old.  For quite awhile she was frustrated that she wasn’t getting the ball in. 

We talked about making little movements instead of big changes when tipping the game.  We also talked about using the table to help hold it still.  She finally mastered it.  She learned to make smaller movements and use the table to help her.  Not only did she get the ball in a hole, she got it in a PINK hole!  She was so proud of herself.

Then we played and practiced with three sizes of foam hearts.  They were also slightly different shades of pink.  We talked about how colors can be lighter or darker or brighter shades of the same color.  She lined up the hearts from biggest to smallest.

Then she stacked them from biggest on the bottom to the smallest on the top to make a pretty layered heart.  Then she pretended to give her heart valentine to a friend.

Next she practiced counting to three by placing clothes pins around a pink bucket.

Practiced counting both forward and backward. 

She also counted three pennies and placed them in the pink bucket, and three pink cubes and placed them in the pink bucket.  It was good practice to use different “P” items for counting to the number three to reinforce this learning step.

Here she is looking through a pink magnifying glass at pink butterflies and also pink hearts.  These cards were from a domino set we printed off and laminated.   You can read about where to get them and how we used them here.

Its fun to be silly.  She is looking at me taking her “P” picture.

She completed a Dora activity page about the color pink.  She loves Dora related activities. 

Then we read the story Pinkalicious Pink Around The Rink.  I love these early readers, and can’t wait to pick up some more in this series. I will write a review of this book for you later and post a link.

Coloring pink.

Sorting pink letters and numbers and cubes from other colors.

She had a lot of fun with practicing her “Pink” and “P” activities. 

We did lots more related to this, so stay tuned, there are more stories to come!

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  1. Weiser Academy

    Hi Kelly,
    The Dora book in this post is Learning Workbook Colors & Shapes.   It sells for $1.  I believe I bought it at Target.  I bought three different Dora Learning Workbooks and my daughter loves them.


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