Physical Education and Outdoor Activity For Homeschool

My kids get lots of play time and physical activity each day.   This is such an important aspect of growth and development.  Kids need to move their muscles, stretch, and be physical everyday on a fun level.  


Physical movement and sunshine are key ingredients in buildng healthy bones and a healthy immune system.  It is not healthy to sit in a classroom, or in any building, all day long.  People really need to get out into the sunshine and fresh air for a little while each day.   Though I don’t often agree with government standards, they are currently recommending that children get at least one hour of physical activity or outdoor activities everyday.  I would have to say that in this regard, I definately agree.

My children are not on sports teams yet, though there are several available in our area and we do enjoy watching the games.  In the picture above, we spent some time at a park and we were watching a local senior softball team practice.  The children did take tennis lessons for two winters with a local program.  But that was about the extent of it.  So far, organized sports have not been the “season” of our life yet.   We have plenty of time, as the kids are still quite young, and should they decide at a future time they would like to be on a team for organized sports we will help them do so.

I think every family is challenged to find ways to be active, and for it to fit into their schedule and budget.   In our homeschooling routine, we sit a few hours a day for studies, but we also incorporate studies on the go in our environment, field trips, and play time.  Our whole life is a study adventure.   For daily physical activity, the kids ride their bikes nearly every day of the year.  We also have a basketball goal on the driveway that gets lots of action, sandboxes, and several yard games. Our kids have lots of neighbor friends too and there is always lots of games with other kids and imaginative play going on in the yard. 

In addition to all the other activity, we frequently visit local parks too.  I usually take the children at least once a week during the weekday for some play time and activity in a local park.  Then, almost every weekend we travel to a park within a two hour drive to explore with our kids.   We have kept this routine for three years now.  These park times make the most fun family adventures!

After much prayer about how my family can be a blessing to our local homeschool community, I decided to start two outreaches.  One is an online homeschool newspaper, and the other is a physical education program for homeschoolers.  

The newspaper is called Homeschool News Of The Carolinas, and the physical education program is called Take Action Tuesdays.  Both are free and both are open to homeschoolers within an hour or so drive of where we live.  Homeschool families do not have to belong to a certain organization to join us.  They can come and meet other families and spend some time being active together.

The newspaper covers lots of topics, has a classifieds section, information on local support groups, teachers, tutors, curriculum, etc.  But my favorite topic is local activities and recreation opportunities for families, and most take place within an hours drive of Asheville, North Carolina and Greenville, South Carolina.   I love to send out notes each week to let families know where to find family fun, and it is even better when we can locate free family fun!

The physical education program meets on Tuesdays at a local park.  
Each month of Tuesdays,  we focus on a variety of activities:
*Physical Activity (Free Play, Bike Ride, Scooter Ride, Walk The Track
, Kites, Frisbee, Active Games),
*Sports Workshops (Soccer
, Baseball, Basket Ball, Track) 
*Science Workshops (Investigations, Scavenger Hunts, Science Programs),
*Community Focus:  Worker or Service Workshops (Fire Department, Police, Nurse, Doctors, EMT,  Red Cross, Missions, Boy Scouts, Food Pantries, Charity)
*Learning Activities (Camping Skills, Life Skills, Public Speaking, Arts and Crafts),
*Picnic Lunches,
*Social Time

Our typical schedule allows for a variety of activity:

11-11:15 Free Play & Meet & Greet Friends

11:15-12:30 Planned Program or Game

12:30 Lunch

12:45-1:30pm Free Play


I wanted to share some of the fun we have been having this summer, because I think many more people can implement a similar program such as this where they live. 

Weiser Academy currently has close to 7000 readers a month across the USA and across the world.   And this number grows almost daily.  What an amazing blessing it has been to read your comments and feed back about the stories you read here.   

But this is more than a story.  This is definately a project you can make a reality right in your local area.  Anyone reading this story can organize something similar for your family, friends, homeschool groups, neighborhood, church, etc.  It takes some time putting it together, and it has taken some sacrafice, but the blessing of doing it is so worth it!

You can be a blessing in many ways, but this is one way that definately makes a difference in the lives of those around you.  The reason?  Because it shows you care.  You care to bring people together, and you care to learn about their family, you care to share your time, and to show them acceptance and love.   You aren’t charging them money.  You aren’t requiring anything of them.  They are free to come and to go however it fits for their family.  You don’t have to preach about Jesus, you just have to be present and available to people, that is how they see the real Jesus, by being kind and generous with your time and resources with others. 

I am so thankful the Lord led me to this idea.  May He be glorified through it all!  It has been such a huge blessing to my family too.  This has been the best homeschool activity fun and joy of serving we have ever had.  We are not just meeting in the park for a play date.  We are serving in the park to make a difference. 

We have had a wonderful summer of activity, and we will continue this outreach year around.

Here is just a small snapshot of how this outreach has been going:



21st   Free Play in the playground (20 kids + parents attended)

Presidential Active Lifestyle Challenge (on going for the next 6 out of 8 weeks)

Capture The Flag Game
Duck Duck Goose
Four Square
Tic Tac Toe

Riding Bikes and scooters


28th  Free Play (24 kids + parents attended)

Beginning of Summer Celebration: Colors Of Summer Science Investigation and Scavenger Hunt Program

Capture The Flag Game




5th Free Play (8 kids + parents attended)

Ride Bikes and Scooters

Picnic Lunch In The Shade Under The Trees
Talk About What The Kids Did For July 4th

Toss & Catch Baseball



12th Free Play (21  kids + parents attended)

Kick Ball Game in the lower soccer field


Ride Bikes and Scooters
Picnic Lunch



19th Free Play  (28 kids + parents  attended)

Ride Bikes and Scooters

Capture The Flag Game

Climb Trees

Picnic Lunch



26th  Free Play (28 kids + parents  attended)

Ride Bikes and Scooters

Kick Ball in the upper playground field

Capture The Flag Game

Climb Trees


Picnic Lunch






2nd Free Play  (36 kids + parents  attended)

Ride Bikes and Scooters

Splash Games:  Sponge Bomb Buckets, Water Balloon Volleyball, Water Bowling, Water Balloon Target

Climb Trees

Picnic Lunch




9th Free Play ( 29 kids + parents attended)

Ride Bikes and Scooters

Football Toss

Climb Trees

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest & Free Play

Picnic Lunch




16th Free Play  (130 people attended)

Back To School Party:  Games (three legged race, phone book race, bocce ball, spoon race, treasure hunt, bowling, yard darts, chalk art,)
Table full of Door Prizes, and Table full of School Supplies Goodie Bags

Pitch-In Party Lunch : Pizza  (22 large pizzas), drinks, and each family brought food to share with everyone (watermelon, fruit trays, vegetable trays, chips, sandwiches, salads, deserts)



23rd Free Play Day in the Park (39 kids + parents attended)

Bocce Ball Game

Climb Trees


Picnic Lunch
Start our End Of Summer 30 Day Activity Challenge



30th  Free Play  (40  kids + parents attended)

Continue with the End of Summer 30 Day Challenge
Prepare to turn in Presidential Active Lifestyle Challenge Log

Mom’s & Kids Walk the Track Challenge
& Warm-up For Fall Presidential Fitness Test
Picnic Lunch

Ride Bikes and Scooters
Science Exploration In The Park


I hope to write a future story about our fall programs we will be doing, and share a snapshot of this fun outreach with you again soon.

We are flexible, but here are some plans for upcoming Programs:




Soccer Workshop (RSVP)


Science Of Bubbles !!!   How Big and How Many Can You Make?


Fall Celebration

Conclude the End Of Summer Challenge with a Show and Tell Program





*Community Focus: Fire Safety Workshop (RSVP)  Fire Department will present fire safety information and bring equipment and fire trucks

*Fall Science Program:  Identify trees and insects in the park.  Investigate the colors of fall.
*Camping Workshop
*Boy Scout Workshop


*Fall Presidential Fitness Test
*Community Focus: Blessing Bags

*Baseball Workshop
*Break For Thanksgiving


*Community Focus: Food Pantries & Holidays
*Science Program
*Break For Christmas

How do you encourage physical activity and recreation in your homeschooling?  
Please leave a comment below.   Thank you. 

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