Pepperoni Pizza With Kids In The Kitchen

Whats Cooking This Week With Kids In The Kitchen?

As part of our Letter Of The Week “P” 
                                                                        the kids made Pepperoni Pizza for Sunday lunch.


Cost Of Ingredients

I did not have time to make a homemade crust, so the next best thing is a pre-made store bought crust.
These come in packs of two for $4.    I purchased a large 2 lb package of cheese $8, a package of pepperoni $4, two packages of pizza crusts $8, and used leftover spaghetti sauce.  This was enough ingredients for 4 pepperoni pizzas. 

Each pepperoni pizza cost approximately $5 to make and this would be cheaper with homemade crust rather than store bought.  It would have cost $4 a pizza to leave out the pepperoni and make them with just cheese, or if we had summer garden produce to add on for free.  We made two pizzas today and saved the rest of the purchased ingredients to make two more pizzas for another day.

Make You Pizza

Place your crust on a pizza pan, or cookie sheet.  (Note to self: Someday, I would like to replace my pizza stone that broke, or at least have some nice pizza pans.  For now, cookie sheets will have to do).

For each pizza, use 3 to 6 tablespoons of spaghetti or pizza sauce according to your taste. 

Have the children count the number of spoons of sauce they use, and then spread the sauce evenly across the crust.

Sprinkle approximately 1/4 pound of shredded mozzarella cheese around on each pizza.

Add your pepperoni slices.

It is great when older and younger kids can work together.

Here, brother (age 6) is working on one pizza, while older brother (age 8) is helping younger sister (age 3) with another pizza, by checking to see that all the crust is covered.

These guys are very pleased and confident their pizzas will turn out great!

Bake Your Pizza

Bake your pizza in a preheated oven.  If using a store bought thin crust, bake pizzas for 10 minutes at 415 degrees.  Always use caution around a stove and have an adult help with putting items in or out of the oven.

While the pizza is baking, have the children help set the table.  When the pizza is done, remove from oven and prepare for cutting and serving.   Be sure it is not too hot when serving it to the kids.

Eat Your Pizza

Don’t they look hungry?

To make it extra yummy, sit on Daddy’s lap while eating.


How do your kids like their pizza?

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