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Oral B Stages and Crest Oral B Pro Health For Me are a series of tooth brushes and dental hygiene products designed especially for children.  We were sent a box of Oral B Stages and Crest Oral B Pro Health For Me products, and the Cars 2 movie, for the purpose of hosting a party to tell others about these great products. 

We invited some friends and their moms to join us.  Before our guests arrived, my children and I assembled the goodie bags, and popped the popcorn.  We set everything out on our kitchen counter, and decorated our kitchen table too.  We also set up our train table with some wooden race tracks and cars to play with.  We had a Cars theme bingo game, tic tac toe game, and go fish game we set out on a table too.

Into each goodie bag went a tooth brush ($3.99), tooth paste ($3.25), floss picks ($2.49), sample Cars 2 gummie vitamins, a balloon, and a hand out explaining the different  Oral B Stages products, where to buy them, and costs.  Also included were coupons for $.50 off future purchases of Oral B products.   We were also given three bottles of fluoride rinse ($4.59) to give away as door prizes.

Oral B Stages products are designed for children ages 4 months to 7 years.  Crest Oral B Pro Health For Me products are designed for children ages 8 to 12.

As our guests arrived, we provided each one with a movie ticket.   Then as the movie got started, the kids waited patiently with their movie tickets in hand to exchange for their popcorn from the concessions.

Cars 2 is a great animated movie about auto racing, spies, and has lots of action and jokes to keep the kids’ (and adults’) interest. 

The movie also has some world geography as the races take place in different cities around the world such as the USA, Italy, and England.   It is full of automobile terms and secret agent/spy terms and would make a great addition to any transportation study, geography study, or spy/detective study.  

The kids were glued to their seat with anticipation.

They loved the popcorn snack.

They were all asking for refills.

After the movie, the kids did a “Yucky Mouth vs. Healthy Mouth” activity.  They were each given cards and they took turns placing their cards in the correct category and talk about why it makes our mouth either healthy or yucky. 

We also discussed why it is important to brush our teeth everyday.  The kids shared their own personal experiences and ideas about good oral hygiene.

We also learned how people clean their teeth in countries where they don’t have tooth brushes.   The kids were really surprised to learn that some countries chew the sap from the Gum Arabic tree and that is where we get gum from.  They were also surprised to learn that some people use baking soda and sea salt if they don’t have tooth paste. 

Then the kids enjoyed lots of yummy refreshments such as Trail Mix, Turbo Turkey Wraps, and Cupcakes. One of the children had a birthday today, so we included some Cars 2 and Snowflake cupcakes to celebrate.

One of our “mom guests” provided the trail mix and turkey wraps.  They were delicious! 

Each child received an Oral B goodie bag upon leaving.  Besides the wonderful products supplied to us for the party, one of the moms also purchased some fun goodies to include.   She added in Cars 2 pencils and pens, note pads, glow in the dark bracelets, and punching balloons.  We also included some yummy and festive candy canes.

Before leaving, all the kids had blown up their punching balloons. The kids had such a good time learning about good oral hygiene, watching the movie, and spending time together today.  The kids were so excited to receive their goodie bags, and I know they are headed home to try out all the great oral care products. 

Thank you
Oral B Stages, Crest Oral B Pro Health For Me, and Moms Select for this opportunity.

Cars 2 movie viewing and Oral B and Crest For Me party items we were sent to host this party included:







Cars 2 DVD
Cars Gummies Vitamins (Sample packs)
Popcorn Boxes

I was provided the items mentioned above in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions, positive or negative are my own honest opinion.

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