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    I have been busy updating and improving the Weiser Natual Foods website. 

    I am trying to set a schedule so I will have a balance between family time, home schooling, house keeping, and the business.  A bit rusty.  It has been two years since we moved from the farm and Weiser Farms Natural Country Store.  So setting up all the venders, working on the website, emails, questions, phone calls, taking orders, invoicing, recieving product, paying taxes, has been a bit of a jolt to my schedule and my system.  But I think in time I will get into a rhythm and the schedule will work smoothly.   The children did a great job of helping during order time, and meeting families, and keeping busy with school and play. I was very proud of the kids in how they made the adjustment.

    We had ten new home school families sign up for the discount buying club.  We are running a special right now for 1/2 price membership fee for $12.00  The special will run until June 30th.  We are going to hold a drawing for a gift certificate at the end of the sale.

It was a great month of savings and sales from Tropical Traditions, Brunkow Cheese, and Something Better.  Some of the variety of products ordered were:

50 lb raw cheddar cheese
5 lb colby cheese
5 lb baby swiss cheese
4 x 50lb wheat berries
2 x 25lb wheat berries
1 x 25 lb brown rice
1 x 5 lb brown basmati rice
50lb quick oats
5 lb quick oats
5 lb real salt
2x 1 lb celtic sea salt 
2 gallons of raw honey
5 lb peanut butter
3 x 1 lb packs of yeast
natural soda pop
natural jams
natural nuts
natural snacks
5 lb pop corn
50 lb sucanat sugar
36 lb rapadura sugar
10 lb evaporated cane juice crystals
2 lb gluten
10 lb white whole wheat bread flour
40 lb stone ground wheat bread flour
24 lb pastured chicken
40 lb grass fed beef
20 lb grass fed butter

and much more.

We placed a few orders for our family too, and we are sure enjoying the sour dough bread made from natural white whole wheat flour .  We also bought some of the grass fed butter.  The color and taste of grass fed butter is incredible.  It feels really good to know I can offer something so good to my family, without hurting my food budget.  Because we group the sales together to get the best wholesale pricing we can, families really see a savings in their purchases.    What a special treat!

Look at the difference in color of the Grass Fed Butter compared to the Land O Lakes Butter.
Grass fed dairy products are high in CLA, Omega fatty acids, and Vitamin K2 ( the x factor).  If you would like to learn more about the nutritional benefits of using Grass Fed products like butter, milk, and meat, please check out articles on the Weston A Price Foundation website. 

Then let Weiser Natural Foods order it for you!

Be Blessed!
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