Meijer Fall Fashions

I am so thankful to live near a Meijer store. 

Meijer at Richmond, IN

Meijer has just about everything I need for my family of 8 people, and I really do enjoy shopping at Meijer.   I love the variety that is offered, especially the fresh produce and meat.  Their produce and meat is so much better quality than most of the other stores in the area where we live.  I also like the variety of clothes Meijer has for all ages and sizes.  We are able to buy most of what our family needs there and I prefer shopping at Meijer over other stores. 

We have just entered the Fall season. The morning and evening air has been cool and crisp, while the afternoons have still seen some warm temperatures.  But I know those Indiana chilly Fall temperatures are just around the corner.  Fall just brings to mind leaves changing colors and falling from the trees, cool nights watching football from the stands, parties and get togethers, jackets, warm soup, cinnamon rolls, Thanksgiving holiday, and lots and lots of bold colors.

I was so excited to be chosen as a sponsored reviewer of Meijer’s Fall Fashions.  Meijer sent me a $50 gift card to shop Meijer Style for Fall.  So I headed down to my local Meijer store to check out some great fall style for my Fall wardrobe.


Meijer Style is promoting their Fall Fashions line and running a Fall Fashions Sweepstakes and Pinterest Contest.  The prize is a $100 gift certificate.  The sweepstakes is open to everyone so be sure to get your entry in before the deadline of 9/29/2013.

Meijer Style Fall Fashions Sweepstakes Entry

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My Fall Fashions Shopping Adventure:

First of all, I want to say that the store associates really can make or break a shopping experience.  I had the privilege of meeting these wonderful sales associates and store representatives today.

        Cathy: Door Greeter
        Carrie: Fashion Associate
        Pamela: Fashion Associate
        Jared: Cashier
        Caitlin: Cashier Manager / Customer Service

Meijer is running a great Fall Sale this week.  They have a buy one get one at 50% off sale going on for many of their Fall clothing.

There were so many great items on sale too like Umbrellas, Jackets, Gloves, Scarves, etc.  I wished I could have gotten one of everything!  I headed straight for the Women’s Clothing and Accessories departments to fill my needs for today.

I liked all of these shoes.  The Fall boots were really neat with the metal square studs and black leather.  I loved the sketcher walking shoes too. My daughter picked out these very pretty sandals for me to wear with a dressy outfit.

She loves trying on shoes.  She tried on lots of fall clothes too, including some of the clothes I was also trying on.  She is so funny.

The kids helped me SHOP!  They put some of everything into my shopping cart for me to try on.

There were so many great Fall things to try on. 

Here are a few of my favorite things from the Fall outfits I tried on today.   From these pictures below, I my favorites are the shirt and jacket with blue jeans on the top right, and the pink and black outfit in the lower left corner. 

Next we headed over to the jewelry department.  We found
some beautiful watches, necklaces, and bracelets.  It was really hard to decide which accessory would really make our Fall style even better.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!  I ended up choosing a wonderful black jeweled necklace, the jewels are the shape of triangles, mounted on a silver looking chain.  I also chose a black beaded bracelet.  Then I chose this black leather purse with buckles. Over by the purses, I hung my outfit up so I could see what accessories and purse looked the best.  These accessories will go with clothes I have at home, in addition to this wonderful Fall outfit. 

Thank you Meijer for the gift certificate to participate in this Fall Fashion shopping experience.  My kids and I had a lot of fun shopping and looking through the Richmond  Meijer store.  We met some great people who work at Meijer and serve our community.  We had the opportunity to see what is currently in style for the Fall season.  We had a great time.

I am tickled!  I am thrilled!  I am thankful!
I am so excited to wear this new Fall Fashion from Meijer!

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post.  Meijer sent me a $50 gift certificate to go shopping for Fall Fashions and write about my experience and tell my readers about the Meijer Fall Fashions Sweepstakes.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own honest opinion and experiences.

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