Lego Show and Tell March

That just seemed like a funny way to word this title for this story.  This story is not about a Lego march, but actually about the SHOW and Tell at our March Lego and Robotics Academy meeting we had yesterday.  But I had so many pictures of the rest of the meeting, I needed to create a second post to share the Show and Tell pictures.

When the kids first arrive, they set up their projects on the Show and Tell table. 

I love this part, just before the meeting starts.  The kids are so excited to talk to each other one on one about the project they made.  They ask each other questions about special features of their creations.

They really appreciate each other and understand all the hard work each of them put into making their models.   They are careful not to touch or break them and they are respectful.

Then they take their seats and our meeting begins.  If you would like to read about our meeting, please read the story posted here .

We usually have our Show and Tell time after the program and activity part of our meeting, but before refreshments.  This is a really good experience for the kids.  They are able to share their interests with kids who have similar interests.  They are able to practice public speaking skills with a group of kids and parents who really are interested in what they have to say. 

Show and Tell is optional, the kids are not forced to participate.  But if they want to bring in a project they have been working on, they are welcome to do so.  I encourage the kids to bring in a challenge model they have been working on in their Lego MBA kits.  But they are welcome to bring any project they like. 

I do ask the kids to spend 3-5 minutes telling us about their project.  I also ask them to write out some clues about what they want to say by answering these specific questions on an index card. 

Use an index note card to help you with your presentation during show and tell.

Please give Miss Melinda your notecard after you speak.

*On the index note card, list out the answers to these items to help you tell us about your project:

Tell us your name and age.

Tell us what the model is and from what kit you built it.

Tell us what new design concept you learned or what design concepts you applied to building it.

Tell us why you liked building it or why it is your favorite.

An easy way to transport your Lego project is in a box, or on a cookie sheet, or cake pan. The flat surface helps the model to stay stationary, and the sides help catch any pieces if they come off during transport.

Having this note card beside them is a helpful prompt they can look at during their speech to remind them of what they want to say next.

We had 14 kids participate in the March Show and Tell.  The kids pictured here vary in age from 7 to 12 years old.  The kids stood on the behind the table with their project on the table in front of them.   We completely filled two tables and were overflowing. They are facing and speaking to the listening audience (parents and other kids).


Show and Tell is my favorite part of the meeting, because each kid has the opportunity to share and express their interests and creativity in their own special way. 

If you would like to send in pictures of Lego projects your kids have created, I would be glad to post them in a story.  I would love to have a monthly show and tell with our viewers.    You can contact me at weiser academy at aol dot com .  Please send a photo and include the name of the project your child built, and their age.  I will publish a post each month with the new photos you send me. I’m looking forward to seeing what your kids are creating.  Thank you.

Feel free to leave a comment below, thank you.

Please share.
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