Lego Show and Tell April

We have so much fun sharing our creations each month during our Show and Tell at Lego and Robotics Academy.  We are learning how to speak in public, design, and build projects, and we are furthering our learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).


month, lots of kids shared Lego projects they built over the past few weeks at home.  They are welcome to share any projects they want and we often have a wide variety of projects to see and hear about for our Show and Tell. 

Many of the projects brought to Show and Tell are from the Lego MBA curriculum we have been learning with this year.   We are really excited about all the fun learning we have accomplished with the Lego MBA program both in our 4H Club and in our homeschool too.

If your kids like Legos, this is an awesome program you can get them started in. The first year of learning costs about $99 and involves two levels (Level 1 & Level 2) divided into six learning kits.  Level 3 will be available on the market soon. 

Here is a video description of this great learning program. 

Our club kids are at different levels in the Lego MBA curriculum, because they work on it independently at home.  Some kids go fast and some go slow and some joined in at an earlier or later point in time over the past year.  So all different projects show up at our meetings.  It is really interesting to listen the to the kids as they share their projects and discuss the building techniques they have learned.  They also have the opportunity during some of our meetings, to build projects during competitions, using techniques they have learned through Lego MBA.

These are some fun projects from kit 3 and kit 5.

This gal has a project from level 5 and she was also featured with her brother in the new Lego Education brochure from Lego sitting on the table in front of her.  In the brochure, you can read an interview with her dad, see pictures of her and her brother and learn how Legos can be educational used in homeschooling.  Her dad made a video and one the Lego Smart Creativity Contest in the homeschool division.  You can read more about them and see their video by clicking the link here

Her brother brought a Lego micro build bull dozer and a RV camper to share with us.

The kids write down some cues on a notecard or piece of paper.  Then they use this notecard as a helpful tool to remember what information they want to share about the project they built.  I encourage all the kids to use a notecard to help them feel more confident about speaking, or presenting, their project to our group.

Some of the more experienced kids memorize their speech at home and don’t need their notecard when telling the group about their project.  For example, this fellow has been in 4H for several years and has competed in speech contests on a local county, district, and state level.  He does such a good job, he was recently asked to teach a workshop at the extension office to teach other kids how to “open” their speeches to an audience.

It is very exciting to watch the kids practice, and become confident while speaking in front of their peers and adults.  This fellow shared an alien space ship he designed.

This was a great example of a challenge model from kit 1.   This young man built a solar powered hover space plane.  It has a cockpit, special landing gear, special solar window panels to gather solar power, a gear shift, blasters and more.

The same young man also built a three person award/trophy stand.  Three Lego minifigures each stood on their spot on the platform and received awards for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place.  He was very creative.

That is just what makes this club so fun, besides building, and learning, its the freedom to be creative and share our creations with each other that makes it great! 

This fellow has been learning about the Titanic and built a ship for Show and Tell.

Here is another robot model from Lego MBA level 1 kit 3.

This fellow made two speed boat models at home that we used earlier today in class as our boat prototype for our building competition.  He decided that he didn’t want to speak about them in Show and Tell since we already played with them earlier for class.  But, being his mom, I thought he did a great job building the boats, and I wanted to include them anyway.  You can read about the building competition and how we used these boats in the story posted at the link here

Here is another Tyrax (mutant dino) model from Lego MBA from level 2 kit 5.

Well that about sums up another great meeting with these terrific kids!

Stay tuned for next month.  Start your creative engines!  We are headed to the races!

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Question:  Can you think of a building theme we can use for one of our Show and Tell times?  Please leave a comment below, thank you.

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