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We are using the Lego MBA program in both our homeschool and in our local Lego and Robotics Academy 4H club to further our learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). 

Be sure to read the Lego MBA introductory story to learn about this wonderful educational program.  This is the second story in our Lego MBA series.

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When the Lego MBA Kit 1 arrived, and our son was so excited.  He could not wait to open it up.

He had wanted this for his 11th birthday.  He had researched it, and presented his request to us.  After checking it out, we agreed this would be a good project for him to learn with.  He was so proud of it when it arrived.

Level 1 Kit 1 came with a storage box and sorting tray,  construction bricks and design peices, a brick seperator, a lego mini figure, mini figure accessories, and an 83 page curriculum manual filled with blue prints for three models, vocabulary, design paper, building techniques, tips, and more.

One really special aspect of Lego MBA are the notes from the designers (Master Builders) included in the program.  The creators of each model take time to share with you special techniques they use and teach you many insights that normal Lego kits don’t have.

The building theme in Kit 1 is Space Designer. It includes the detailed blueprints for building three spaceship designs: Helicraft, Rocket, Space Fighter. Once the student learns the methods for building these three models, they are challenged to build their own creations using the techniques they learned.

Techniques taught in Kit 1 are: “Locking” which helps create strength and stability; “Sideways Building” which allows you to build outwards and improves details and the shape of the models; “Symetrical” parts on both sides of the model that match or are a mirror image of each other; “Model Function” a part that moves for a reason; “Detailing” adding shapes and decorations at the end of building the model.

In addition to learning specific building techniques, the student also learns the names of, and ways to use, specific buildng pieces such as studs, erling brick, technic pin, arch, wheel core, plates, clip plate, bow, hinge, 1 x2 , 1 x 3, 1 x 4, 2 x 2, 2 x 4, and so on.

Kit 1 Project 1 Helicraft Model.

Kit 1 Project 2 Rocket.

Kit 1 Project 3  Space Fighter.

Space Design Challenge

The challenge in this kit is to have the student build a space ship using the techniques of “Locking” and Sideways Building” that they learned from building the models and reading the book.

Have ready some Lego brick graph paper (copy from the back of the book or print as a download from website), sharpened pencils, erasers, colored pencils, and various Lego bricks and shapes. 

Decide how many bricks wide and long you want your spaceship to be.  Draw possible spaceship designs using simple shapes like squares triangles and circles, drawn onto Lego brick graph paper.  You can use templates, rulers, compas, to create shapes.  You can also trace items around the house to create shapes.  

Build the model you have created on Lego brick paper using the techniques you learned in your kit.

Here is the Space Patrol Ship created by my 11 yr old son as his Design Challenge project.

Be sure to read all our Lego MBA stories about each kit and what we learned.

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