Lego and Robotics Academy

What a great time we had today at our 4H Club, Lego and Robotics Academy meeting for October.

We started off with a short business meeting.  The key officers involved in leading the business meeting are the President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer and they keep the club up to date.  By having officers, the kids are learning about how to conduct a meeting, democracy, and aspects of civil participation.

After their announcements, we had a time of answering questions about the Lego MBA project kits the kids are working at home on.  Everyone is doing great learning about engineering and design with their kits.

Next, we had a great presentation.

A homeschool Dad in our club, Chris Capps, taught us about Stop Animation movie making using Legos.

He gave a wonderful presentation to the kids covering areas such as:

  • Who is the star of your movie?
  • Tools used to make the movie?
  •         Camera, Tripod, Computer, Software, Lighting, Legos, Props
  • Setting the stage:
  •         Lego plates, card board, scenes, 
  • Moving your character:
  •         Walking, running, jumping, flying, turning heads, moving arms
  • Making character’s talk:
  •         Using Lego heads with different faces
  •         Using Lego heads with two faces
  •         Using software to sync the voice to mouth movements
  • Story Boarding:
  •         Using sketches to create your story
  • Looping:
  •         Using footage over
  • Sound effects:
  •         Using sound software
  •         Microphone on the computer
  • Using software to edit pictures
  • Using software to put the movie together

He showed the kids how to make a simple scene using two Lego plates hooked together, a Lego figure, and a few Lego bricks.

He also showed the kids how to make some simple customizations, such as a costume for this Goliath.

He has made several of these movies and has uploaded them on to You Tube.  Here is a recent movie he made using stop animation and Legos.  Be sure to check out his other movies  on his You Tube channel too. 

After the Stop Animation presentation, the kids had a time of refreshments.  A couple of the families brought in delicious goodies to share with the club.  One family brought yummy pumpkin cupcakes in honor of their son’s birthday.  There was also cookies, juice boxes, and goody bags for everyone.  I wanted to say thank you to those families who shared snacks with us.  Refreshments seem to make everything we do more fun!
Next, we had Show and Tell.  Show and Tell is optional, but really promotes skills in public speaking and communication.  It also helps to build confidence in the kids.  

The kids can bring in things to share if they want to.  They can share kits they have worked on, imaginative play structures they have created, books, or any project they are interested in and want to talk about.  Several of the kids will bring in their challenge projects they did from their Lego MBA kits too.  Each child is given 3-5 minutes to share their special project with the group.

Some of the things the kids shared for Show and Tell this month included:

Flying space ships.

Balance scales.  All the kids do great, but I just have to brag a little on this project from the show and tell.  This fella did such a great job coming up with this project.  He took equal numbers of bricks to build each side, and it was completely equally balanced.  He had a bucket on each side of the balance and he demonstrated adding loose objects into these buckets to balance the scales.  The scales worked perfectly.

Book on how to customize Lego characters.  This is really interesting.  There is a whole world of customization out there.  Who knew?  This book teaches great techniques for kids and adults to learn how.

Micro building semi truck, trailer, and helicopter.

Space Ship, Micro Build Robot, Lava Monster, and an Ice Dragon.

It never ceases to amaze me what they have been building over the past month since we were last together.  Their imaginations soar!

The purpose of this club is to further the understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM initiative) for kids in our local area.  We are using Legos and Robotics to achieve our goals.  We currently meet once a month for two hours.  We hope to meet more often during the month starting next spring.  We recently acquired the use of a building to hold our meetings in rather than just meeting in the park picnic shelter.  Now we are ready to really start designing and constructing our robots and more.  You can see more stories about the Lego and Robotics Academy here.

If you would like to donate any Legos, Robots, or donations to our club to help us further our cause of promoting the STEM initiative and 4H, please contact me by leaving a comment and I will get in touch.  Donations are appreciated.

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  1. Jill

    How do you get involved with this program? My son is 10 years old and loves legos. I would like to get more information. Thank you.


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