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I wish I knew!

I wish I knew how easy it could be!

I wish I knew about Learning Palette and Learning Wrap-ups when I first started homeschooling.  Learning math skills does not have to be a struggle.  I wish I had known about these resources, because it would have made teaching math to my first three boys so much more fun for them and for me.  

Instead, we started off with a standard text and workbook the way I had learned math growing up…boring!  Though my oldest son seemed to grasp math easily using the textbook method, the next two sons had a completely different learning style.  I spent the first few years teaching math to them and pulling my hair out!  

We were frustrated, because by the time they were in second grade math and having to learn more complicated subtraction and early multiplication, these two were no longer willing to complete their boring math workbooks everyday.  This created a learning gap between them and their older brother who understood the concepts easily and was willing to do his assignments.  We trudged on through the past few years hating math, except for fun online math games we used.  

It wasn’t until this winter that the now 5th grader and 3rd grader and myself figured out how they learn math best.  We knew it was going to take a combination of hands on tools and somehow combine those with an online program, because they are both audio visual and kinetic learners, and reading a textbook was not working for them.   Just a few months ago we experienced a new kind of math curriculum that was online lessons and tutorial videos.  These work great and the 5th grader is now mature enough that this was very useful for him.  However, the 3rd grader was definitely not getting “it”.  Now we have the perfect hands on supplemental resource to complete the learning gap. 
Ever since we learned we were chosen to review these products, my son in third grade waited at the door daily for the delivery man to bring them.  He had helped me look over the products on line, and decide if this was something he wanted to try out or not. He begged me to ask for it in his grade level rather than for a sibling.  I was hopeful that his enthusiasm about these products meant that even he could see this was the hands on ingredient we need to get him over the frustrated math hurdle.  Finally on the day they came, he could not wait a minute to open them and dive in!

We have been so blessed with this awesome opportunity to review 3rd Grade Learning Palette Mathematics 1 Base Center Kit, 3rd Grade Learning Palette Reading 1 Base Center Kit, and the online program called LearningPalette.com .  We also reviewed Math Learning Wrap-ups , Vocabulary Intro Kit Learning Wrap-ups and even more math facts practice through 10 Days To Multiplication Mastery Workbook , and 10 Steps to Addition Mastery Workbook.  Every homeschool family needs to know about these wonderful resources. 

Learning Palette Mathematics 1 Base Center Kit
Grade 3 (grades K-5th available)
Retails for $71.99
The 3rd Grade Math 1 Base Center Kit comes with 1 LP Base, 6 curriculum packs with 12 cards each, 864 questions and answers that cover: Addition & Subtraction with 3 & 4-Digit Numbers, Fractions-Money & Decimals, Multiplication & Division, Algebra Concepts, Geometry & Measurement, and Probability & Statistics. It is packaged in a clear vinyl bag for easy storage and organization.  This kit is great for travel, visiting Grandma, Summer Vacation, Home Use, After School Programs, Tutoring, and many other situations where there are only one or two students working at the same time.

He loves the hands on method of answering questions.  He takes out the base and chooses a card to work with.  I read the directions written in very small writing that is on the card.  He is not a strong reader, and the fact that the writing is so small makes it a bit harder for him to work independently.  He needs someone to explain the directions. He is then able to read most of the simple questions, and read options for answers and occasionally still needs assistance.  He can also “read” the pictures and graphics on the colorful cards.  Then he uses the colored disks and places them into the corresponding slots on the base to show his answers to the questions.  Finally he flips the card over and checks his answers.  Each answer has the correct color marked on the backside, so all he needs to do is to see if his colors match the colors on the card.  He loves checking his answers!  He does not love it if I ask him to repeat the card and try to get all of his answers right, because he hates to repeat any lesson in any subject! He wants to get it done and move on.  I am still hoping he will mature in this area soon and realize the value of practice and repeating things until they are done well.   

Learning Palette Reading 1 Base Center Kit
Grade 3 (grades K-3 available)
Retails for $61.99

The 3rd Grade Reading 1 Base Center Kit comes with 1 LP Base, 5 curriculum packs with 12 cards each, 720 questions and answers that cover: Prefixes & Suffixes, Reading Comprehension, Synonyms-Antonyms & Homophones, Vocabulary and Grammar. It is packaged in a clear vinyl bag for easy storage and organization.  This kit is great for home use or situations where there are only one or two students working at the same time.

He really enjoyed the reading resource kit too.  But it was more difficult for him.  It has long questions to answer and some choices seem like there is more than one right answer and you really have to pay attention to grammar, spelling, and deduction.  He is not a strong reader and he found this kit to be a bigger challenge than the math kit.  My oldest son loves a learning challenge and he enjoyed the reading kit very much.  I did not have my 5th grade son try the reading kit yet, but plan to in the near future.  I think it will help him greatly too.

Online Learning Program for Grades K-5
Retails for $
For up to 5 students per household.

Four of my school aged kids are using LearningPalette.com everyday, and all of them love it.  They actually argue about who gets to go first on the computer for schoolwork. I have seen a huge improvement in their math and reading skills since starting this program.   I wish I had a computer for each of them and they did not have to wait for it.  I have a son using grade K, a daughter using grade 1, a son using grade 3, a son using grade 5. Also my 7th grader used it twice to review some geometry concepts to help him in other math curriculum and he voiced that it was a good review for him.  

The online program is a virtual copy of the hands on resource kit.  The kids choose their grade level, the math concept they want to work on, and then progressively work through the cards that relate to that concept.   They can work out of order if they want to. 

They can even work together.  The youngest student likes to have his sister sit with him and work together.  The rest of the kids work independantly.  The computer checks their score for them and color codes passing or not passing on the card bubble so it is easy for them to see.  Not done yet is no color, passing is green,  and not passing or incomplete is yellow.  They can re-do any card they wish and get a better score.

I love it that my younger kids can benefit from the online program.  There skills are improving as answering questions involves a lot of eye hand coordination to place the correct colored disk in the correct space.  Controlling the mouse and moving the disks is challenging, but not boring.     

I hope I can buy the hands on program for the younger ones too, because I believe this resource can help every kid with every learning style.  I wish I had known about this when I first started homeschooling.  I know I said that already but it is worth repeating. Having an easy time of learning math and reading skills and having the tools to convey the concept and practice the skills rather than being frustrated, because the method doesn’t work or they don’t “get it”, is priceless.

Math Learning Wrap-ups
For ALL grade levels for learning and review.  
Even adults can improve using these tools.
Retail $44.99
This kit includes one set each of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Fractions. You’ll also receive a teacher’s guide with ideas, activities, charts, and award certificates. This kit is a great value for home school families, tutors, parents or teachers who deal with students of varying degrees of ability and skill level.

Vocabulary Intro Kit
For all ages.
Retails For $35.99

4 Wrap-ups covering:
Antonyms, Synonyms, Homonyms, Compound Words and comes with a teaching guide.  Contains almost 1,000 words.
All of my kids loved using the Learning Wrap-ups.  Every day they grab them up and sit and practice their math skills.  My 3rd and 5th grader especially love the challenge these provide them.  Both boys can get easily distracted when using workbooks, but using these hands on tools allows them to use several senses at once, and helps them concentrate and focus.   They are able to compute and process information easily in an active hands on way.  We love them!
Ten Days To Multiplication Mastery 
Is a simple strategy with big results!
Retails for $12.99 for the book and wrap-up combo, or $4.99 for the book only, or $9.99 for the wrap-up only.

Ten Steps To Addition Mastery
Retails for $12.99 for the book and wrap-up combo, or $4.99 for the book only, or $9.99 for the wrap-up only.

You can learn more about Learning Wrap-ups and Learning Palette products through their social media links:
Learning Wrap-ups and Learning Palette products are great for homeschools and classrooms too.  I have shared with you the homeschool or family level products, but there is a whole lot of larger classroom options too.  Check out the web site for more details on other options that might meet the needs of your students.  The curriculum has been carefully crafted to meet the needs of State and National Math Standards and is flexible enough to be used along side any math curriculum.
Learning Palette and Learning Wrap-ups are anything but boring.  These learning resources are exciting hands on fun!  

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