Lacing Beads With Tots


For tot school and preschool this week, we worked on sorting colors, sorting shapes, and fine motor skills while lacing beads onto shoe laces. 

In their workboxes and on their shelves, I put a variety of sorting activities.  They went to these activities several times daily. 

My daughter’s favorite activity was sorting and lacing these beads.  My son enjoyed lining them up in a row, over and over again.   Each day we worked on this activity, the children showed a lot of improvement in their skills.

Colors we practiced were yellow, red, blue, and green.
Numbers we practiced were one through ten. 
Shapes we practiced were square, round, and frog?  Yes frog. 

We have a whole bunch of the frog counters and she loves playing with them.  We put them in a small craft case and she has so much fun sorting the colors.  They also have a hole in the center and lace wonderfully onto shoe laces.

It takes a steady hand to lace the beads.

She wanted to fill every last inch of that string.

Look at her pride and joy and sense of accomplishment.

Great job! 

Another day we will practice patterns, but for now, just learning the skill of getting them on the string was a big accomplishment.

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