Kids Senses Museum – Part 1

Kid Senses is a fun, hands on, science and discovery museum located in Rutherfordton, North Carolina.

A great place to take a field trip!

We went with a local homeschool co-op on this fun field trip to learn all about our world in a fun and hands on way.

There is so much to do at this place, and I took so many pictures, that I will have to give it to you in smaller servings!  Part one is posted here.  You can click on the link below to go to Part 2.

Kid Senses Part 2

Part One includes: Fire Station, Bubble Science, Magnets, Engineering, The Cafe, TV News Room

Part Two includes: The Store, Energy, More Engineering, Dentist Office, Geography, Science Show.


The Fire Station

The first room the children wanted to explore was the fire station.  Inside the room were fireman uniforms, a small station with an alarm, and fire pole, and a fire truck.  The kids loved exploring and playing in this room.

Bubble Science

There were several fun bubble experiments in this room.  There was a multi basin area that held different shaped bubble wands in each basin.  The children went around the basis trying out the different shapes and making bubbles.

There was a pull type bubble maker, similar to window shade.  The bar would dip down into a tray of bubble solution, and my three year old pulled a string and as the bar rose up, she would blow into the mixture and it would create a large bubble.

There was also an amazing bubble making ring that you stand inside, and pull a rope, and a ring rose up around you that held the bubble fluid suspended in the air.  You literally stand inside the bubble.

Another neat bubble producer were bubble towers.  By placing a hose that blew a continuous stream of air near the base of the tower, millions of tiny bubbles were produced.  The tiny bubbles accumulated inside the towers and eventually forced the bubbles in the upper part of the towers out. 


Engineering with Magnets

They built magnetic sculptures by holding up washers, nuts, and bolts up to very strong magnets.  My two year old and ten year old worked together at this fun experiment.   The amount of magnetic pull could be adjusted and this would also allow the metal objects to fall back onto the work table.  If the magnetic pull was adjusted all the way up, my 10 year old son could not pull the bolts and other objects away from the magnet.  I told him I was concerned he would mess up his watch, as strong as the pull was, but the watch continued to work fine.


This room also had various other engineering stations including following blue prints, building with legos and connects, a model of a heart (an engineering masterpiece!) , and more.

The Cafe

The kids explored Nutrition, Food Science, Health and Business skills at the cafe. 

They role played running a cafe business, speaking to customers, reading recipes, preparing nutritious meals, and cleaning and organizing skills in this amazing room.


TV News Anchor Room

This area allowed the kids to play around with lot of variety: Video and Audio Engine
ering, Geography, Weather, Current Events, and Public Speaking.


The children loved seeing themselves on TV and pretending to be news casters.  The role play was so funny, as they just took off with various stories and acted so serious and grown up.

You can learn more about Kid Senses at their website at

My kids had a terrific time learning and exploring at the Kids Senses Museum. 

Be sure to read part two coming up soon to hear the rest of the story of our great adventure!

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  1. Weiser Academy

    I think exploring in the Bubble Science room was one their favorite activities.  It was truly facinating.


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