Just One Cookie!

Can you resist eating more than one cookie?  I find it impossible!  You will find it impossible too if you make these.

Weiser’s Powerhouse Cookies

Ingredients and Steps:

Cream together:
4 sticks butter (I prefer grass fed butter)
1 1/2 cup brown sugar (I prefer Sucanat or Rapadura)
1 1/2 cup white sugar (I prefer evaporated cane juice crystals)

Continue to cream the butter and sugar until it is smooth and creamy. Then gently mix in:
1 tsp vanilla

4 eggs (I prefer eggs from chickens allowed to roam free)

In a separate bowl combine together with a fork:
3 cups flour (I prefer sprouted flour {sprouted grain flours are naturally gluten and sugar free}, but any all purpose flour or gluten free all purpose flour blend will work fine in these cookies).
2 tsp sea salt (I prefer Himilayan Pink Salt, or Celtic Salt)
2 tsp baking soda
2 Tablespoon ground flax seed (I prefer sprouted)
2 Tablespoon ground hemp seed (I prefer sprouted)
2 Tablespoon ground chia seed (I prefer sprouted)

Mix the flour mixture into the butter mixture and combine well.

Finally add these in and mix well:
3 cups quick or rolled oats (I prefer sprouted/soaked/dried)
1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips (all natural)
1 cup milk chocolate chips (all natural)

Grease a cookie sheet with coconut oil.  I use a spoon to gather just the right amount of dough, and another spoon to scrape the dough onto the cookie sheet.  Space the raw cookies about 2 inches apart. 

Bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes.  This produces the perfect cookie, crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. Remove the pan from the oven, but allow the cookies to cool for 2 minutes before removing them from the pan.  Cool cookies the rest of the way on a wire cooling rack.  

Store cookies in an airtight container. 

These cookies are the perfect snack for the kids and parents too, with a glass of fresh milk or a warm hot chocolate, hot tea, or coffee.  Give them away as gifts!  Use them as a meal replacement too when you are in a hurry.  Take them with you for your workout or to play at the park too.  

Add 2 Tablespoons of grass fed low heat whey protein powder to the sprouted flour and seed mixture boost the protein.  This will make the cookie slightly more cake like, but still delicious!

You can double the amount of flax / chia / and hemp and it will make more of a cake like cookie.  Still delicious, but not as crunchy and chewy.  Yet packed with even more
powerful nutrients.  YUM!

You can substitute 1/2 of the butter with coconut oil to improve the immunity boosting qualities too. Though the cookies will not remain as soft and chewy in storage if you use all coconut oil, it is still a great option if you have to avoid dairy.

If you want to make these cookies sugar free, use 1 1/2 cup Just Like Sugar (Chickory blend) and 1 1/2 cup Truvia (Stevia and Erythritol blend), Xylitol, or use other natural sugar free substitutes of your choice.  I often make this cookie using all Sucanant (3 cups) too.  The benefit of using Sucanat sugar is that it is a powerful source of minerals.  It does not spike the blood sugar as regular white sugar does.  The body recognizes Sucanat as a food source, verses white sugar is recognized as a toxin by the body and causes inflamation.  
You can also substitute 1 cup of chopped nuts or seeds (I prefer them sprouted /soaked to activate enzymes and more) in place of 1 cup of the oats to add more healthy fats and proteins.  Or substitute 1 cup of dried cranberries or dried blueberries to increase the antioxident nutrients in these cookies.  Or a combination of sprouted nuts / seeds / and dried fruit.  My favorite combo is to chop 1/2 cup sprouted walnuts, pumpkin seeds, or hazlenuts, and 1/2 cup dried cranberries in place of 1 cup of the oats. Totally AWESOME!!!  I love it as a breakfast cookie too! But hands down, the kids prefer this recipe without nuts and fruits and like it just as it is.  And the kids love helping make these awesome cookies too.

How the Weiser’s Powerhouse Cookie came to be:
When my oldest son (age 13) was 3 he was asked to bring a treat to share with his preschool class at Church.  We made cowboy cookies. Over the years we learned to make them with soak flours and sprouted grains. Our Cowboy Cookies use about 4 1/2 cups of flour, 4 cups of oats, 2 cups butter, 3 cups sucanant,  4 eggs, 1 tsp vanilla, 2 tsp sea salt, 2 tsp baking soda, 2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips.  They have been our family favorite for 10 years.  We eat them at home, give away as gifts, and take them to club meetings and get togethers, holidays, and just everywhere.  

Then in the spring of 2013, as we started a new chapter in our life, and I began to focus on Family Fitness as a goal,  I wanted to find a way to take our family favorite cookie and boost it’s nutritional value even more.  One of my kids has a reaction to grains, nuts, and seeds if they are not soaked.  Though I was already using other sprouted or soaked items, I was still using regular flax in my baking.  When I added regular flax to my cookies, he would have stomach ache, and sometimes was more easily frustrated.  But I started learning about the nutritional benefits of using sprouted flax instead of regular flax, etc and started using it in my baking and found that my son has no digestive issues with it at all.  Yeah!  Then I decided to try to add in as much protein as I could to boost the nutrition in this delicious food source.  Hemp and Chia seeds are both protein powerhouses, help fight disease, regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, and so much more.   Why not eat a cookie that taste delicious and promotes better health at the same time?  It is a win win! 
Though I have mentioned the products I prefer to use in (…), I don’t always have access to them.  Sometimes I have to find a substitute or use the next best thing or whatever I can afford.  For example, right now, I am out of sprouted flour and have to use unbleached all purpose flour or spelt flour that is available locally.  I have listed the ones I prefer to use here because they have the most nutrients in them and are the healthiest choices.  In the past, I owend a healthy food store and also a healthy bulk foods coop and was able to buy these items easily. But I am in a new season of life, and don’t have access to everything right now.  But just use what you have access to, and what you can afford for your family.
I have made batch after batch of these cookies with lots of trial and error (thankfully my kids always enjoyed the rough drafts) until I finally had the ratios perfect and batches of cookies that come out perfect every time.  The Weiser’s Powerhouse Cookie was born!

These cookies are delicious, satisfying, and a powerhouse of nutrition! If you have time, research the benefits of using sprouted grains, nuts, and seeds. They are naturally gluten free, carb/sugar free, enzymat
ically activated, and more.  You will be amazed at the difference in how the body uses these nutrient dense foods and how this small step could improve your digestion, your health, and your life.  

Though I tell the kids, “Just One Cookie!“, these cookies are so irresistable, there is no way you can eat just one.

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