How To Stay Healthy

We are a big family of 7 people.  When we get a viral or bacterial infection, it can take several weeks to get through each of our family members.  If we get sick, we are a house of misery for three or four weeks.  Most viral infections such as a cold last 21 days.   So I get serious about keeping our immune system as strong as I am able.

To fight infections our family uses these approaches:

Basic Defense Plan

Eat natural nutrient dense foods to stay healthy and help the body to be able to resist infections when exposed.  These foods could be labeled natural,  organic, GMO free, Preservative Free, Artificial Free, wild caught, pastured, free range, grass fed, and so on.  

Also include simple things in your diet such as sea salt, non-irridated herbs snd spices, and other mineral rich whole foods, free range eggs, grass fed meats, wild caught fish, healthy fats (including grass fed butter, coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, etc.)  natural sugars full of minerals, and raw honey.

One really great way to get natural healthy foods into your family’s body is a fun smoothie.  I will serve this once or twice a week to my family and they think its a real treat.

Here is my favorite “Boost Health” smoothie:

1 cup of frozen fruit of choice
     (strawberry, mango, blue berry, peach, raspberry, wild berry blend, tropical, peach, etc)
1 banana  (this is optional as it has amines, but it makes the smoothie creamy and adds potassium)
1 golden delicious apple
1/2 carrot or 1/4 cup carrot juice
1 cup of plain or fruited yogurt ( for good bacterias called probiotics)
1 cup of kefir ( for more good baterias and probiotics)
1/4 cup of coconut milk or 1 tbsp of coconut oil (for medium chain fatty acids and lauric acid)
1 teaspoon of wheat germ oil (for a natural food source of vitamin E)
1 tbsp of flax oil ( for omega fatty acids)
1 scoop of grass fed whey powder (for protien and full spectrum of amino acids)

Optional smoothy items: sweetener of choice, ice cubes, activated barley grass powder (warning this will change the smoothie and some kids don’t like the taste), whole food fruit and vegetable powders, probiotic powders, cocoa powder, and sometimes farm fresh raw egg yolk (use at your own risk, we love using this same or next day it was layed from the chicken).

Blend items in the blender until smooth.  Serve.

Raw Fermented foods.  They are rich in live enzymes, lactic acid bacterias, and natural vitamin C.  These foods are usually in the form of fermented milks (kefir, yogurt, raw cheese, and most importantly the whey liquid left over from making these) and fermented vegetables (sour kraut, kimchi, pickles, chutneys, etc.) and fermented fruits (“new” wines, or juices that are slightly fermented made from fruits such as berries, grapes, and vegetables such as beets.) Fermented teas (kombucha), fermented or soaked and sprouted grains/seeds/nuts/legumes.

These fermented products could cost you a lot to buy at the natural food store.  But you can make them yourself for just pennies a day.  I will post an article soon on how to make kefir at home and several other fermented foods.

It is incredibly easy to make fermented foods. 
My favorite is fermented cabbage or better known as RAW SOUR KRAUT.  If you want to taste a delicious pre-made raw kraut or raw pickle, Bubbies is wonderful!

Here is an article I wrote on how to make Kombucha Tea:

Raw Milk  a nutrient source like no other.  ( besides great nutrition, it has lots of fighting ability including at least 8 oligosaccharide that bind with bacterias and viruses to prevent infections)

Vitamin A from foods and super food sources.  When using a super food supplement, I prefer cod liver oil from Green Pastures.

Vit. D  from foods and supplements.  Also get at least 15 minutes of sunshine daily.  Eat foods that are high in vitamin D.  I really like a product called X-factor Gold made by Green Pastures.  It is a food supplement combination of cod liver oil and grass fed butter.  It provides your omega 3’s, vit. D, and vit. A

Co-Q 10 Ubiquitol, a very important nutrient for lots of reasons, including the immune system and the heart and blood vessles.

B Vitamins and B Complex, especially sufficient doses of B-12, B6, and Folic Acid.  Most of the time B-12 is in cynocobalamin, but research shows the better used B-12 form is methyl-cobalamin.  Some people are not able to convert cynocobalamin into methylcobalamin effectively.  My favorite B-12 blend is Sublingual B12 made by Heaven Sent, and I use several brands of B-Complex depending on costs and availability.

Vitamin and Mineral blend made from natural whole food ingredients.  I especially like the multi-vitamin mineral products for kids made by Hero Nutritionals.  They are free of everything!!!!  I also like adding additional minerals when needed from ConcenTrace this is basically liquid sea water to restore your body.

Vit. C  a low level as part of a daily regimen in balance with other vitamins and minerals.  Minerals are vitally important.  If you take too much vitamin C on a daily basis, you could cause your body to get out of balance with other nutrients.  Freeze dried Acerola Cherry, Acai Berry, or Alma Berry are good sources for daily use of low dose vitamin C.  When we need a little extra boost, we also like to use the Emergen-C powder packets.  But more concentrated forms of vit. C are needed during an infection.

Enzyme Blends ( remove the proteins left in our digestive tracks that viruses feed on to multiply.)
There are lots of really good brands on the market, but my favorite enzyme product is Nextzyme.

Probiotic Blends from foods and super food supplement sources ( these boost the good bacteria in the digestive track, reproductive cavities, and sinus cavities helping build up and restore the body’s immune system.)
My favorite probiotic formulas are the I-Flora products and Garden Of Life HSO.  I Flora has special blends for general use, kids, nasal, pets, and female use.


Reversatol, a unmatched antioxidant from grape seeds.

Seasonal Herbal Blends
  such as Seasonal Defense and Elderberry Defense which contain several herbs such as echinacia, complex bioflavonoids, elderberry and more.  Take these for two weeks at the start of cold/flu season to boost your bodies immune system. 

Wash your hands with warm soapy water.  Bath regularly.  Blow your nose into a tissue and discard.    Sometimes it is helpful to use a nete pot or a bowl of warm salt water to rinse the nasal cavity. ( be sure to use probiotics that rebuild the good bacteria if you flush your sinus cavity.)

Get plenty of rest each night.  Sleep in a dark room with a comfortable temperature.  Use a fan if needed.

Handle stress in a positive way.  Pray each day and meditate on the words in the bible.  Talk with God about your stress.  Set simple goals to help you manage or alleviate the stress as it arises.

Have a variety of activity throughout the week.  A balance of some quiet time and some active time.

Drink clean water, not city tap water that is full of really nasty stuff you don’t want to put into your body.  If city tap water is your only source of water, invest in a good filtering system.  We are not the only generation that has been faced with bad water, though we are the only generation that has been faced with the chemical and medicine overload in our water.   Find out what other generations drank when fresh water was not an option.  Use this information to make informed decisions about what to drink and how much to use.

If possible, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, pollutants, smoke, sunburn, preservatives, processed foods,  high fructose corn syrup, and high amounts of white sugar, etc.  to reduce the stress on the body’s ability to cope and stay well.


Basic Fight Tools  I use when my family has an infection:

In addition to the lifestyle choices I have mentioned above I also use:

Increase vitamin C to therapeutic levels.   Each infection and human body has its own therapeutic level.  These are high oral doses anywhere from 1,500 units to 30,000 units.  I have gone as high as 20,000 to fight a severe infection I was faced with before.   Diseases such as cancer may require even higher dosages under a doctor’s supervision.   Vitamin C loosens the bowels and will usually cause diarrhea near 10,000 units.  Most people will start at 500 units and continue to increase their dose until they reach the diarrhea point and then back off 500 units and maintain that level for several days to attack the infection.  After a few days, stop taking the therapeutic  dose and return to your normal routine.  You will need a concentrated form of vitamin C for this application, not the same as the daily use product.

Elderberry extract.  Viruses use proteins in our digestive tract, and blood cells to replicate their RNA.  Elderberry extract prevents them from multiplying by binding to their receptor sites and they can’t replicate their RNA.  It is really important to use Elderberry extract very early after exposure to help prevent the virus from replicating.

Herbal-Vitamin-Mineral blends or extracts .  They should at least contain Echinacia, Goldenseal, Astragalus, Elderberry and  vit C with bioflavoniods, and zinc.  Many have lots more ingredients, but these are the basics.  One herb blend we like is called ETIW from Pure Herbs and another is Elderberry Defense, Immunity Shield for Kids by Hero Nutritionals, and Sesonal Defence from Garden Of Life, and another Seasonal Defense and VSC from Natures Sunshine.

Three Bees:  Bee Propolis, Bee Pollen, and Royal Jelly.
Whether you take this in food form, supplement form, or extract form it works about the same.  We usually by the extract blended form from Pure Herbs.  The body really uses this to boost its fighting ability.

Herbal Tea: Make a little stronger than usual.  To a tea bag of herbal tea, add additional herbs such as oregano or thyme if available.  Herbs are very antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal.   I usually add a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of coconut oil into my mug of hot tea to boost the infection fighting abilities.   My favorite herbal teas are fresh herbs I grow in my herb garden.  But if I am buying a special product, I really like the herb teas made my Traditional Medicines.

Potato Skin Broth with sea salt
.  Very high in potassium.  Wonderful if you have a fever or if you have vomiting or diarrhea and to replace electrolytes. 

“Bone” broth made with beef  or chicken bones, vegetables (celery, carrots, onions, garlic, potato skins), herbs, and sea salt.  Strained and cooled and stored in the freezer.  When illness strikes, pull it out and reheat and drink.   It is made even better by adding additional fresh vegetables, garlic, and fresh herbs at the time of using, but this step isn’t’t necessary.  The point is that you are putting dissolved minerals and other nutrients into the body, and the body will quickly be restored from the fight it has been in.

Silver bioavailable products and silver-herbal blends for fighting the infection.   Most over the counter silver products contain less than 10 parts per million.  To be effective on bacteria and viruses they need to be  near 70 parts per million.    A good friend of mine did several experiments for her organic chemistry degree using silver and monitoring in petri dishes and under microscopes the effects it had an various infections.  Since it is really hard to come by, one way to improve the body’s use of the silvers abilities to fight disease is to combine it with other herbs, minerals and vitamins to make it more effective.  It is a way of conveniently getting several useful products in one dose rather than having to take them all separately.

Of course this is not a complete list, but hopefully it is enough to help you see how we try to stay healthy.  Sometimes brands are important and sometimes they are not important.  You may have several similar quality products made by different companies, and its a personal choice which one you use.  But sometimes it does make a big difference to choose ones that are made with the best practices.

Also sometimes depending on the infection or condition I will change or add additional items, such as pregnancy, anemia, edema, rashes, or other issues of concern.  I may need chlorophyll, or yellow dock, or raspberry leaves, and so on.   If I need extra energy then I add spirulina and kelp into my diet.  If my adrenal glands or endocrine system is running low after recovering from an infection, or having a baby, or a lack of sleep I use a gland formula to help boost my endocrine system back on track.  I especially like the products from Dr. Ron for this purpose.

If I am nursing a baby, then I want to avoid certain herbs and also during pregnancy too.  It is really important to evaluate your situation and learn what is safe and appropriate given your condition.

I have seen all of this work effectively in my own life and my immediate family to fight viral infections and bacterial infections. 

What is really awesome is that I have seen others with some severe diseases get well from following the recommendations of Jordan Rubin in Patient Heal Thyself and using his line of super-food products, recommendations by Rex Russell MD in What the Bible Says About Healthy Living,  recommendations and products by Dr Mercola, learning more about how the body uses nutrient dense foods from the Weston A Price foundation,  and suggestions for vitamins, herbs, and foods in the book Prescription for Nutritional Healing.   I don’t think any one person or organization has all the answers.  But as you read and research these resources for yourself, you can put a picture of health together that works for your life.

The healing power of the Lord, the potential of the human body, and these recommendations in these resources were the foundation of I use with my own family and what my acquaintances used to overcome the diseases they were facing.  These suggestions helped me overcome nine years of infertility.   I saw a woman with severe limes disease recover.  I saw a woman with ovarian cancer recover.  I saw a man with prostate cancer and heart disease recover.  I saw three teenagers with mineral deficiencies and numerous health concerns recover.  I saw a man with leukemia recover. I saw a woman with breast cancer recover.   I saw three different women with diabetes recover.  I saw a woman with osteoporosis recover.  I saw three different women with infertility recover.  I saw a man and a woman with fibromyalgia recover.  I saw a woman with lupus recover.  I saw a woman with MS able to maintain her current level of function and not decline as usual with the disease.  During this same time I saw several people who did not implement these practices, and they did not recover from their illnesses including diabetes, prostate cancer, heart disease, breast cancer, ovarian cancer,  broken bones and brittle bones, and for some of these the outcome was death. 

I have come to a personal conclusion, that the human body is able to recover when given the right tools and support to do so.



Want to stay healthy when you’ve been exposed to the flu?

Here is an article you can sink your teeth into.  Here is solid evidence of how to fight an infection.   A guy who had swine flu and leukemia and was pronounced incurable,  he was basically dead and the hospital tried to convince the family to stop life support.  He had been on life support for nine weeks.   The hospital staff had completely giving up on him.  The family got a lawyer and forced the hospital to try vitamin C.   Thanks to the family’s persistence, he was healed of both diseases:


Want to know how to stop a cold or a fever on your own, and when you should see a doctor?  A doctor gives the answers.

Want to avoid getting the flu in the first place?  Be sure you are not low on vitamin D.

Here is some much needed information about the true cause of catching viruses we call colds and flus in the first place.    How come we were never taught this simple information before?


Want to boost your immune system?

Eating healthy, natural, and organic nutrient dense foods, getting plenty of sunshine, sleep, coping with stress, and drinking clean water are the best ways to build our immune system and stay healthy. 

 Want to know how to buy healthy natural and organic foods that help you stay healthy and that are affordable?    Here are several inexpensive ways to put healthy foods into your life.


Wonder where to find raw milk and why it is good for you?

Want to know more about what foods are nutrient dense and how to prepare them?
Want to know more about how food fights disease and which ones to use?

If you don’t think your food choices are affecting your kids, think again.  Here is a nice article another homeschool family sent me on how preservatives in our food is affecting our kids.

Weiser Natural Foods is a great place to buy many of these super-foods, supplements, and vitamin products.   They buy at wholesale and pass great savings on to you.  They will ship these products anywhere in the continental USA.  Though they don’t ship bulk foods.  You can read more about getting these great products here:

Disclaimer:  The words written here are meant to share personal experiences only, not to diagnose or cure disease.  Please consult your healthcare practitioner before making any changes in your lifestyle.  You are responsible for your own life, and it is best to be informed.  Rather than just following someone’s recommendations, seek out studies with proven results that explain how and why different things affect us in different ways.  Have good solid factual reasons for taking a certain path or making lifestyle choice.   Your life depends on it.

Please share.

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