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I am always searching for quality books for our home library.  When I was younger, I used to dream that one day I would have a special “library room” in our home with walls filled from floor to ceiling with great books.  Truth is, though I do not have an entire library room, I have managed to build a nice home library on a few book shelves. 

A home library is an ongoing project.  It is always growing as I find another treasure to add.  As I build our home library one book at a time, and we share reading these treasures together, I hope to pass my excitement about books on to my children.  

  • Are you building a home library for your family? If so, would you like to find books for your library at a discount?
  • Do you struggle to find just the right “bargain” book for curriculum? 
  • Do you want to give books for gifts to friends and loved ones, but don’t want to overspend on them? 
  • Would you be interested in a wider range of higher quality books, if you could acquire them at 50% off or more?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you might want to check out the Homeschool Library Builder website.


I recently learned about the Homeschool Library Builder.  They have unbelievable discounted prices on many books.  I found books that normally sold for $30, marked down to $5.   I was also impressed with the wide selection of products they carry that fit into my homeschool needs.

One really special aspect of the Homeschool Library Builder website is a feature to look up books that go with different curriculum options.  Here is an example; if you are pursuing Ambelside 3rd grade, you can click on the link and find all the books they have at a discount for this method.  They offer lists for Ambelside, Five in a Row, Sonlight, Tapestry Of Grace, Beautiful Feet and more.  If you are using one of these methods, I encourage you to check their website and see what deals are available before you pay full retail price somewhere else.

Homeschool Library Builder is owned by two homeschool families who are making a difference in helping other homeschool families acquire quality books at an affordable (cheap!) price.   There is so much to choose from like fiction, non-fiction, parenting, curriculum, science, literature, activity books, and more. They also have special bins marked down to $5, $3, and $1 too.

Description from their website: 

  • New and used literature

Whether a book is hard- or softcover, like new or ex-library, in good or fair condition, our items are clearly rated by condition and priced accordingly.

  • Guidance for selecting worthwhile books

Items are organized by categories and age level, so you can easily locate what you need!

They have thousands of books marked down 10% to 97% off.  Some of these bargain prices are cheaper than finding treasures at local used book sales, thrift stores, or garage sales.  It could cost you more in gas to go pick up used books at a local garage sale, than it would to use this discount bargain website.  There are some really great deals that meet a wide range of needs.

Here are a couple of examples I found to share with you:

Magraw Hill  Reading 4th Grade   curriculum retails for $76.50 on sale for $5
Savings of 93% 

 A Midsummer Nights Dream  retails for $18.95 on sale for $3.00
Savings of 84%

The Heart: Our Circulatory System retails for $6.99 on sale for $3.99   
A savings of 43%

The Magic School Bus Inside  A Hurricane  retails for $5.99  on sale for $3.99
A savings of  33%

Be sure to stop over and check out the Homeschool Library Builder.  In addition to their already marked down bargain prices, they offer a free membership too.  Membership has lots of perks such as bonus book points for purchases, and more book points for telling others about them such as putting their logo on your website, a newsletter with additional monthly special discounts, free ship dates, and more.  So it’s definitely worth signing up for the free membership.

Homeschool Library Builder offers special discount offers all the time.  For the whole month of May 2012 they are offering an additional 25% off your entire order.  Thats a great deal on top of a great deal.  I hope you will check them out and see if their books are a good fit for your home library.

If you would like to read what others on the TOS Homeschool Crew thought of the Homeschool Library Builder website, be sure to check out what they had to say here.

Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was asked to review the above mentioned website.  I did not receive any products in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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