Home School Buying Club

I just wanted to let you know about the Home School Buying Club through  Weiser Natural Foods

This is a great way to get healthy groceries, health and beauty aids, vitamins and supplements, “green” cleaning supplies, and pet foods and supplies at a great bargain!

Here are some pictures from a previous bulk food order of natural and organic products.  In the picture here, are 5lb bags of popcorn, rice, sugar, rolled oats, snacks, flours, and 1lb bags of yeast and hot cereal blends. 


Here is just one example of the kind of savings we enjoy in the club:

The local health food store sells a jar of raw cashew butter 16 oz for $10.59   
Raw cashew butter through the Buying Club 16oz / 1 lb for $ 7.74 and 15 lb for $ 89.94 (5.99 lb) 
Roasted cashew butter through the Buying Club 16 oz / 1 lb for $ 6.90 and 9 lb for $61.88 (6.88 lb)

Thats a huge savings! 

We can get raw nuts in 1 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb, and 25 lb bags too.   Can’t wait for my fresh cashews to arrive!


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