What is your definition of a “HERO”?  

My definition of a hero is someone who helps you in a way that you can’t help yourself. 

*It could be a Firefighter saving you or your home in a fire. 
*It could be a Policeman rescuing you from a criminal.
*It could be an EMT worker who shows up when there is an emergency.
*It could be a Nurse who gives you sips of water when you are thirsty and unable to get a drink. 
*It could be someone who pays your bills, or sends you money, or helps you with an interest free loan when you need financial help.
*It could be a well driller who fixes your well so you have fresh water to drink and use.
*It could be someone who gives a scholarship.
*It could be someone who adopts a child.
*It could be someone who sponsors care for someone.
*It could be someone who sends gifts to those in need.
*It could be the HVAC Repairman who helps you get heat to stay warm.
*It could be a neighbor who gives you blankets, or food.
*It could be a mother or even a grandmother who picks you up as a child and nurses you and cares for your needs because you are helpless to care for yourself.
*It could be a father who sacrifices his time to work everyday to provide for the family’s needs.
*It could be a neighbor who puts gas in your vehical so you can get to work.
*It could be a neighbor who fixes something in your home that is broken so you can use it. 
*It could be a doctor who diagnoses a mystery condition, and performs surgery to fix the problem so you can live free of the condition.
*It could be a role model who teaches you skills so you can help yourself and better your quality of life.
*It could be a missionary who lifts you from the dirt of your situation and helps you find resources to meet your needs and who shares the gospel with you.
*It could be someone who gives you, or loans to you, tools or equipment that you can’t get on your own to help you accomplish a goal.
*It could be a friend who is there to listen, hold your hand, and stay with you through the difficult times as well as the good times.
*It could be a teacher that helps you learn to read, or figure out Algebra, or a subject that you find difficult to comprehend.

A hero is all these things to me.  It could be a parent, friend, neighbor, relative, stranger, role modle, service person, etc.  A hero helps people get through or get out of situations they can’t get through on their own.  They need a helping hand.  A hero gives of their time and resources to help others in ways they cannot help themselves.  A hero might even give up their own life to save the life of another person.  Many Firefighters, Soldiers, Police Officers, etc. have died while trying to save the life of another person.

A Super Hero Does Exsit

Jesus Christ is also my super hero.  He saved me from eternal damnation.  There was no way I could save myself.  He paid the price for me with his shed blood.  He covered my sin with his blood so God only sees the sin free innocent blood of Jesus when He looks at me.  I have been marked with the blood of Jesus and God receives me because of what Jesus did, not because of anything I can ever do.  I was helpless in my condition.  But Jesus diagnosed the condition and preformed the needed surgery of the heart with his own blood so that I can have a relationship with Father God.  


Do you need a Super Hero?  Do you want Jesus to come into your life and save you?  He will if you ask him too.  That is all you have to do.  Just ask.  Say “Dear Jesus, Please come into my heart.  I believe you are the son of God.  I believe you shed your blood to save my life from damnation, a life seperated from God.  I believe I will have eternal life with God the Father because I believe in you Jesus.  Thank you for coming into my heart and saving me.  In Jesus name.  Amen.”

Isaiah 45:22
“I invite the whole world to turn to me and be saved. I alone am God! No others are real.”

John 3:16
“God loved the people of this world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who has faith in him will have eternal life and never really die.”

John 12:44
“In a loud voice Jesus said: Everyone who has faith in me also has faith in the one who sent me.

Acts 4:12
“Only Jesus has the power to save! His name is the only one in all the world that can save anyone.”

Acts 20:28
“Look after yourselves and everyone the Holy Spirit has placed in your care. Be like shepherds to God’s church.  It is the flock that he bought with the blood of his own Son.”

Who is your hero?

John, age 11, says “Everyone thinks a hero is in a comic book or a movie.  But the real heros are the people who help you in real life.  The Hulk is not going to help you when you need help.  Superman is not going to swoosh over and save you from falling or from a bad guy.  Batman is not going to come out in the night and find bad guys who want to hurt you.  Those are not real heros.  They live in a fake comic book world.  But in real life they can not help you no matter how much you wish they could.  They are paper, they are idols made by people, but they have no real powers.  You may not realize who your true heros could be.  Like my mom said, it could be your neighbor, or fireman, or a soldier, or water guy.  Those are real heros when you need them.   

I used to think TV heros were cool.  I loved to watch Ironman, Hulk, Bibleman, Larry Boy, Superman, and Spiderman help people.  But they don’t have real power to help me in my life.  So my real heros are my dad, my mom, and my greatest hero is Jesus, the Son Of God.  Jesus is my favorite and the greatest hero because he is the one who saved us from our sins and he watches over us.  He is the son of God.  He is the word of God and was with God before the heavens and earth were created.  So my greatest hero is Jesus.  He can help me when I need him most.  I can go to my room and be quiet and talk to him.  He hears me and helps me. 

And sometimes even I can be a hero.  I am a hero when it comes to helping my family and neighbors.  Sometimes I carry someone’s groceries, or hold a door for them when their hands are full.  Sometimes I set up tables and chairs for meetings or classes.  Sometimes I lift something heavy that someone else doesn’t have the strength to lift.  Sometimes I pray for people who need God’s help.  Sometimes I change my baby brother’s poopy diapers.  And that makes me a SUPER HERO too. 

So next time when you think of a hero, look in the mirror and see if you are a hero too.  You should al
so go to your bookshelf and get a bible.  Inside it you will find the greatest heros of all.”


You Can Be A Hero

I think my son has the right idea.  We should be heros to each other.  We should help each other do things they cannot do on their own.  We should reach out to them and pull them to safety, and to a place they can manage.  We should lift their burdens.  We should set up things around them so they can be successful.  Sometimes the job of a super hero is stinky or not fun.  But you are helping a person who cannot do the job on their own.  They need you in their life.  You don’t have to wear a cape, climb walls, or fly.  You just have to lend a helping hand, and when you do this, you are then a Super Hero to them.

“Thank You” Heros

Think about who is a hero in your life and thank them. Let them know how much they mean to you. 

This story is dedicated to ALL the HEROS in my life.  There have been many.   Sincerely, from the beginning of my life until the end, I say THANK YOU!

Be blessed!

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