Fruit Salad with Kids In The Kitchen

Kids learn so much by helping in the kitchen.  And it is a lot of fun to eat the fruit of your labors!

FRUIT SALAD with Kids In The Kitchen

Here is what you will need to create this super duper nutritious fruit salad:

Great kitchen helpers: eight year old son, three year old daughter, and two year old son all helped in making this yummy treat.

2 Golden Delicious Apples, peeled, cored, and diced into large pieces.  The eight year old peeled the apples.  Then mom cored and diced.  He put them into the bowl.

1 Clementine or orange, juiced
2 Clementines, peeled and pulled into sections

The eight year old did a fine job doing these tasks.

1/4 Cup Blackberries-organic

1/4 cup Raspberries-organic
The two and three year olds helped put the raspberries and black berries into the bowl.

1 Banana, peeled and sliced.  The eight year old handled the knife safely and did a good job cutting the slices.

1 Cup Seedless Red Grapes-organic
This was a good job for my three year old daughter and two year old son.  The three year old did most of this task.  She pulled the grapes off the stem and added them into the salad.

Mix together:
6 oz vanilla yogurt
2 tablespoons raw honey (our favorite is sourwood honey from the Blue Ridge Mountains)

Gently toss everything together and allow the yogurt honey mixture to coat everything.

A kid friendly lunch:
    Macaroni and Cheese
    Fried Potato Slices
    Fruit Salad
    And a glass of raw milk

And every last bite disappeared!

Each time the kids help with a meal, they are learning valuable skills that will last a lifetime.  The are practicing math concepts, science concepts, health concepts, life skills, reading (if you are using a printed recipe) and more.   Allowing children to help in the kitchen in preparing the family meal also helps build confidence as they work together to accomplish a goal that is so rewarding.

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