End Of Summer

Summer officially ended and Fall officially started September 22nd.

What did you do to celebrate the end of summer, and the start of fall with your kids?

We hosted a homeschool “End Of Summer Activity Challenge” and “Show And Tell” in the park on September 27th.   It is also the official Johny Appleseed Day. 

We get together every Tuesday for fun activities, PE, free play, science, and learning adventures in the park.  We call our get togethers Take Action Tuesday.  

We had 15 kids plus parents come for fun activities in the park for Take Action Tuesday today. 

We asked families to keep a simple record of their activities this summer and gave them a copy of the End Of Summer Activity Challenge Notebook page from the Handbook Of Nature Blog.


Families could hang it on their fridge or bulletin board as a visual reminder to do some fun activities together.  The End Of Summer Activity Challenge is filled with 30 fun pictures of ideas for some easy and family activities you can do together.  When the challenge was over, they can put the notebook page in a notebook or lapbook as a keepsake.

You can get a copy of this fun activity challenge for yourself at this link

Each family was then asked to come back on September 27th and have some fun in the park, and share with the group in a “show and tell” about their favorite summer activity.

We had some great stories today.  Here are a few things the kids shared for show and tell:

Abigail said “My favorite activity this summer was visiting my cousin Rebecca and going to Vacation Bible School together”.

Hannah brought some pictures, and bottles of bubbles to show the kids.  Hannah said “My favorite activity this summer was playing with bubbles at the bubble science park day. And I had a lot of fun riding the fish at the fair.”

Elijah said “My favorite activity this summer was visiting the dinosaur museum and digging for fossils and I got to keep a special tooth and take it home.”

Tye said ” My favorite activity this summer was catching snakes.  I caught a 3 foot long gardener snake.  It was really great.”

Cole said “My favorite activity this summer was playing baseball.  We won a lot of games.  I played pitcher.”

Joseph brought some pictures, a deer jaw bone, some badges he won for shooting and fishing, and ribbons he won at the fair.   Joseph said “My favorite activity this summer was showing turkeys in the fair, and shooting a bow and arrow at a Pisgah Forest Hunting and Fishing Festival.”

John brought some pictures, a deer jaw bone, and some ribbons he won a the fair to show and passed them around to the kids.  John said “My favorite activity this summer was showing turkeys in the fair, and all the fun stuff to do like fishing, and shooting a bow and arrow at a Pisgah Forest festival.”

James brought an arrow, some pictures, a soccer ball to pass around for the kids to see, said “My favorite activity this summer was the Soccer Workshop, shooting a bow and arrow at the Pisgah Hunting and Fishing Festival, and shooting a BB Gun at the festival too.”

We also had lots of free time to play in the park today.  

It is great to stretch our muscles, move our arms and legs, toss some balls, jump rope, climb on the playground, run up the stairs, and slide down the slides, come up with imaginative play and games, and more.

It is also great to make friends, learn to share, and learn to work together.

It was a beautiful fall day.  It was warm and sunny and perfect temperatures.  A great day to celebrate the end of summer and beginning of fall. 

How do you celebrate the end of summer and beginning of fall with your children?  Leave us a comment below.  Thank you.

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