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Have you heard about Discount School Supply?   They are a huge supplier of discount school supplies, toys, furniture for classrooms and daycares, gifts, educational toys, creative building kits, camp supplies, outdoor activity supplies, arts and crafts, curriculums, professional development, teacher support, and so much more. 

I have been buying from them for the past six years and I always love to browse their website and get new ideas for my kids.  First of all, as you know, I homeschool.  Discount School Supply has a huge supply of items we use everyday and lots of specialty items we use too.  They have just about everything we need and it all comes straight to our door.  I don’t have to run around to numerous stores wasting gas money trying to find what I need. 

Discount School Supply is currently running several special deals I thought you might be interested in. 

Trikes for $99 + Free Helmet!

They are offering a really cool Angeles Trike for  $99 and you receive a free helmet with your order until June 17th.    There are 6 different trikes to choose from. 

Classic Rider 12″
Classic Rider 14″
Classic Rider Super Cycle
My Rider Mini
My Rider Midi
My Rider Pusher  

These are very well made and can stand up to lots of use.   Some styles, like the Classic Rider Super Cycle, retails for $159.95 so you are saving a huge amount off your purchase, plus a free riding helmet.

You can receive up to 4 free helmets if you buy 4 trikes.

Buy Any Angeles Trike for $99 and Get a FREE HELMET! Sale ends June 17th!

That is a great deal if you have a daycare, classroom, or program you could use 4 trikes for.  But even one trike will be a great gift to a special kid.  My kids love riding on trikes.  We ride them at the house and at the park. 

They have a value line.

Value Line on Sale 

They also have a huge clearance section that is worth your time to check out.  There are some great deals in the clearance section. Stuff is really marked down HUGE!!!   I found 50 Colorations stamps for $4.49 they retailed for $19.99; and  72 paintbrushes for $3.59  they retailed for $17.49; a set of 24 sponge tip painting 4 oz painting bottles for $2.69  and they retail for $24.99;  they even have some furniture on clearance at a huge savings!  They are currently offering an additional 10% off their already marked down clearance prices!  Wow!


Discount School Supply also has a wonderful selection of inspirational crafts for your homeschool, sunday school, vacation bible school, or bible study group.


They have so much to choose from.  It is truly amazing and mind boggling.  They even have Legos!  You know I host a Lego and Robotics club and my kids LOVE learning and playing with LEGOS!


One very special aspect is their focus on special needs.  They have a huge variety of products that can be utilized for children with special needs.   These products can help assist educators and therapists in meeting each child’s individual and educational needs, in teaching and enhancing new skills and also in promoting and strengthening each child’s independence.

Special Needs at Discount School Supply!

I love their furniture for kids, storage, and school rooms.  I can’t wait to buy some of their wonderful organizing units for our school room.  I also love their arts and crafts storage units.  I’ve had a wish list of several items put together for some time, and I am looking forward to the day I can get them and fix up my storage of all our homeschool stuff.

Classroom Furniture at Discount School Supply.

And besides these great qualities I’ve mentioned already, and thousands I haven’t yet mentioned, they also offer free shipping on in-stock items when your order is $79 or more.  That is a DEAL!


I am super excited to share with you that I have some upcoming reviews about products from Discount School Supply.  I love their company.  I believe in their mission.  I am looking forward to sharing great products they carry with you.

Be blessed,

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links used to support this website and homeschool outreach.  Thank you for your support.

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