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I have a quick question for you.  What is the best part of your homeschool day?  Is it morning, afternoon, evening?  What makes it the best part?  Do you have a plan for that part of the day?  What if I told you the best part of your homeschool day is the part your family spends learning together?

Kendra Fletcher is a homeschool mom with 8 children of various ages, and she is the creator of Preschoolers and Peace .  She has succeeded in her homeschool and she says that you can too.  She recommends that homeschool mom’s and dad’s have a plan for the best part of their day to learn with their children.  She has written a quick guide called Circle Time to get you on the right track and be successful in your homeschool.

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Topics covered in the Circle Time guide book include:

        Planning a Time That Works for You 
        Strategies for a Peaceful Time Together 
        How to Get Your Kids on Board (in agreement with you)
        Questions From Moms Like You 
        Words of Wisdom From Other Moms 
        Resources, Activities, and Ideas 
        Printable Planner Sheets

Circle Time:

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        Circle Time
        Downloadable PDF e-Book
        33 pages
        For families with kids of all ages.
        Cost $4.99

How we used Circle Time:

I was pleased this book confirmed a lot of what we are doing in our homeschool.  I wish I had a resource like this when we first got started years ago.  I definately think this is a must have for all new homeschool families and would make a great gift to share.  Kendra encourages you to make a list of priorities, and plan your day.  She provides printable worksheets to help you with making your plans.  Within that plan, she encourages you to set aside time each day to learn together as a family which she calles Circle Time.  She also encourages this time to nurture your children in your relationship and in their walk with the Lord through prayer, bible study, and praise music / hymms.  Kendra provides a list of suggestions for using this time in her book.

We homeschool year around with breaks and holidays built in.  I make a weekly schedule that includes our group learning time, and our individual learning time, as well as chores, and planned outings.  We are flexible though and use the schedule as a guide, not a rigid plan.  

Our main circle time is for 2 hours right after breakfast.    Some of the things we do during circle time are:
        Bible Study
        Unit Studies
        Read A Louds
        Math Games
        Foreign Language
        Music Appreciation
        Music History
        Watching Learning Videos
        Board Games
        Life Skills

Our school time has been going differently than we normally do this summer, partly because we recently moved and we are setting up a new routine in a new environment.  Currently, during our school time we have been doing a few curriculum review products for The Old Schoolhouse, studying nature, music, learning how to swim, life skills like mowing grass, cleaning, cooking, and gardening, learning the computer, and reading the bible.  Many of our household things and almost all half of our homeschool things are still in boxes since moving two months ago from NC to IN.  I have yet to finish unpacking.  I don’t have the gumption to finish it right now though I know I need to get it done.  I use the excuse that we don’t have airconditioning and it is very hot to work much in the house right now.  So I set the rest of the unpacking, as well as a bunch of schooling this summer, on the back burner until life cools down a bit. 


What ever our day may look like, and no matter what season of life we are in, we still maintain our family learning time (Circle Time) together.  This is one of the most important things we do as a family.  Our circle time begins at breakfast.  We pray together, eat together, and clean up.  Then we begin our bible study and discussion about biblical principles.  

We have our “circle time” or group time each morning, just after we eat breakfast.


The kids take turns on different mornings reading the bible to us. 

We love having our circle time outside if the weather is nice. We have a large circular out door table and nine outdoor chairs and it is fun to sit outside together.

There is something amazing when you are reading the bible, and your senses are filled with the smell of the grass and trees, the warmth of the sunshine, the gentle breeze, and you hear the birds, crickets, and cicadas singing their songs to the Lord.  It is wonderful to experience this together with the whole family.

After our bible study together, we incorporate other subjects depending on the day of the week.   Each day we have calendar time, read a louds, life skills, and we incorporate other subjects depending on the day.   For example, twice a week we study science, PE, nature study, and history / geography, and once a week we study music, and art, etc.   

                                                                    Painting an art project together.

We also plan other times during the school day and weekend to have group time too.  For example, we sit around and talk with Dad when he gets home from work.  We always eat together every evening.  If it is nice, we sit outside on the porch.  On the weekends when Dad is not working, it is really important for us as a family to do things that bring us closer together. Some weekends our circle time consists of having brunch together and then reading the bible together or talking about a certain subject with dad. Sometimes we look at videos on the computer together, or watch a learning program on the TV and discuss what we learned, or go for a walk together and explore nature.  Other weekends with Dad, we might take a day trip and go fishing together. 

Sometimes circle time might be a night whittling sticks with pocket knives, building a fire, then roasting uncured all natural beef hotdogs, talking, singing, and enjoying each others company.  It is the TOGETHER part of this whole thing that makes it the best part of each day.

You can learn more “Circle Time” ideas in Kendra’s book, and also follow Preschool and Peace on:
 their blog
downloadable MP3 workshops


What is the best part of your day?  What makes your homeschool and time together as a family a success?  Feel free to share your experiences and ideas in the comment section below.  Thanks!

Want more ideas?  Be sure to check out what others on the Schoolhouse Review Crew had to say about Circle Time.  

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