Christmas Cashew Chocolate Truffles

Christmas Cashew Chocolate Truffles

First gather your ingredients.


2 cups cashew butter. 
(I used East Wind  Raw Cashew Butter.)
4 Tablespoons coconut oil. 
(I used Tropical Traditions.)
1/2 cup raw honey.    
(I used my favorite sourwood honey from the Blue Ridge Mountains.)
1 teaspoon sea salt. 
(I used Eden Celtic Sea Salt.)
1 15oz can of coconut milk. 
(I used Native Forrest Organic Coconut Milk.)
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract. 
(I used Simply Organic Vanilla Extract.)
24 oz semi sweet or dark chocolate chips.

Outside Optional Choices:

12 oz semi sweet chocolate chips, melted.
1 cup flaked coconut.
1 cup toasted flaked coconut.
1 cup cocoa powder.
1 cup powdered sugar.


Gather your helpers.

With care and caution when working with kids in the kitchen,
monitor them closely if near the stove or anything hot.

Now melt your “inside” ingredients together over a low heat
stirring frequently till it just starts to bubble.

When it is nice and smooth and has started to bubble,
remove from heat and put in fridge to chill.

When it is chilled, roll the truffle “dough” in your hands to make balls. 
It melts quickly, so work fast. 

I didn’t get pictures of the kids in action on this because I helped and my hands were too sticky to use the camera.  You can see in the photo that some of the balls were in their hands a little to long. 

Now chill again.

Once re-chilled, you can roll them, or dip them,
in the outside coating of your choice. 

Place in mini cupcake papers for a pretty display.

Enjoy these yummy
Christmas Chocolate Cashew Truffles
with friends and family. 

A perfect treat to take to a family get together,
made by your children,
with “warm” loving hands.

Merry Christmas !

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