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Have you ever wanted to learn to play the game of chess?  If you answered yes, then you might want to check out Chess House.

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We were recently asked to review the Starter Chess Learning Kit by Chess House in our homeschool.  This learning kit has definitely been a winner in our home!

Starter Chess Learning Kit:


The Starter Chess Learning Kit is recommended for ages 6-12 , but can be used by any age and any learning level, even adults, from beginner or advanced.  It is so nice, and SO BIG!  It includes:  34 large size plastic chess pieces and two extra queens, a large 20″ x 20″ vinyl roll up chess mat, a 49 minute teaching DVD called Elliot’s Chess School, an instruction booklet, and a large 24″ x 8″ x 3″ zippered canvas bag with a detachable shoulder strap to hold or transport everything.  It retails for $49.95 but you can save $10 while it is on sale right now for $39.95 .  This is a very durable item to add to any homeschool and should last your family a long time.

How We Used This Product In Our Homeschool:

The learning kit is big!  The pieces are big!  The play mat is big!  Did I mention all of this is big? Plus it comes with a carry bag and a learning DVD.  How cool is that?

The teaching DVD is called: Elliott’s Chess School and is a great resource for new players.  It discusses Paws, Rooks, Bishops, Nights, Castling, Pawn Shields, Development, and the King and Queen.   It includes learning about how each piece can move, steel or overtake the other player’s pieces, and how to develop strategies for playing and outsmarting your opponent.  

We enjoyed watching this DVD and learned a lot of new information, at least for me and my younger two players ages 8 and 10.  The oldest son, age 13, knew the information already as he has researched the rules of the game and taught himself to play.  But what good is it to play alone?  The rest of us couldn’t really play with him until watching the teaching DVD.  I am so glad this product came into our home!

In the picture below, the 10 year old and 13 year old are playing chess, and all the kids are watching them and learning their game strategy.  This scene has played out almost everyday at our house since getting this chess set.  They love playing this game.

There is lots of planning going into this move right here in the picture below.  Everything gets so quiet in the house as they work out their plan to overtake their opponent’s pieces. Some cheer on one brother, and some cheer on the other brother too.  I was surprised that even the younger children got quiet and waited for the next move to see which side came out with the advantage. 

As the younger boys gained confidence in their skills playing the game, they got more and more excited to play each other without their older brother to coach them along.  Here is a picture from another day when the 8 year old and 10 year old were battling it out in a game of chess.

So what do the kids think?

Joseph, age 8 says: “Chess is awesome.  It is so fun to play.  I love how you got to sit and think and then make your move.  If it is the wrong move, they beat you.  If they make the wrong move, you try to beat them.  It is so fun, I want to play everyday with my brothers.”

John, age 10 says: ” The first time I played chess, I didn’t even know how to play it.  Then when I played two or three times with my older brother and I finally beat him.  I am so amazed how much fun it is to play.  It is awesome!  Once you learn how to move the pieces, you get to play with others and it is a lot of fun to play.”

James, age 13 says: “This game is EPIC!  I am so glad I can play against my brothers now too.  It was no fun when they really didn’t get how to play.  Now they “get it”.  Chess is a game that teaches you about strategy.  It is fun and challenging.  I love it!”

Mom, age ??? says: “I am so glad we could learn the game of chess with this learning kit.  It has been good for my kids, and good for me too.  Beyond watching my grandpa play, I never really learned how to play the game myself.  I wasn’t able to teach the game to my kids before.  But now I am glad we can all learn and play chess together.”

Learning to play chess can help you in all other areas of your life.  It actually helps the electrical pathways in the brain.  It helps you become smarter.  Folks who play chess do better on tests, and earn more money in their jobs.  They learn to use both sides of their brain to process things or control one side of the brain to determine what choice to make.  Playing the game of chess, boosts brain power in kids, improves IQ,  helps one to be better at math, hones verbal skills, sharpens cognitive skills, improves social skills, improves mental aquity in the elderly and so much more.  There have been numerous scientific studies that prove this to be true.  This link is just one resource, but if you do a google search on the internet, you will find lots of documentation.  

So “yes”, I would love for all my kids to learn a game that can help them prioritize, strategize, and improve their potential to reach their goals in their lives.  Seems like a good trade to me.

Be sure to check out other products available at Chess House.  They have a huge selection of quality chess products for your
home, business, and club and for all skill levels.


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