Century Park In Greer, South Carolina

The PARK is a great family place. 

It is frugal family fun.  It’s free. 
There are not many places that are entertaining, that you can take a family of seven for free.

Today was so beautiful, sunny and 65 degrees, we couldn’t resist a family fun day at the park. 

One of our favorite places to play is the Century Park in Greer, South Carolina.
This park is huge.  It has a massive disc golf course, ball fields, walking paths, and more. 

It is full of mature trees and natural beauty too.  Our kids love to climb and sit on large rocks at the entrance to the disc golf trails.  There are lots of picnic tables, shelters, a nice bathroom, and a concession stand too.

But our kids’ favorite parts are the wooden fort and the Kidz Planet play areas.

The wood fort is a massive structure. 


 It has two levels and is full of bridges, towers,  

hidden passage ways,

slides, open stairs, hidden stairs, and more.

Even daddy gets in on the fun.  In fact, this place is so big, parents have no trouble navigating and joining in.

Not pictured are all the swings, tire swings, tunnels, balance beams, monkey bars, obstacle courses, and too many play things to mention.  I stayed so busy with the younger kids, I forgot to get pictures of the older kids playing in the fort.  But trust me, older kids have a blast at this park.  My boys stayed busy making friends, playing tag, hide n seek, and lots of fun climbing through the fort and on the play things.

There are some great toddler areas too.

Wooden bridges,

Rubber bridges, tunnels,

more slides, towers, and hidden passageways,

lots of open spaces,

teeter totters,

sandboxes and sandtables

more sandtables.  The sandtables are the ultimate sensory experience.  My kids raked the sand with their hands into piles and added leaves and sticks.  They had so much fun creating at these tables.

Climbing the engine of the choo choo train.

Playing in the caboose of the train.

Helping each other.

My favorite play area was the musical instruments.   I am not sure what this is called, but it is built from pvc pipes of different lengths.

There were three sets of these wonderful xylophones.  The music these made was wonderful.    They also had pvc pipes behind them, and they resonated the sounds through the whole park.   The kids and I made lots of beautiful music.

My daughter’s favorite activity was the swings.

She waited a long time to get a turn on the swings, and she loved sharing it with brother.

A day of fun at the park.  A very happy little girl and boy.  Actually, a very happy family of seven. 

A smile of pure delight.   Priceless.

Where do you go with your family to have fun?  Leave us a comm
ent to let us know.

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2 thoughts on “Century Park In Greer, South Carolina

  1. Weiser Academy

    Hi Cathy,
    This is the only park within an hours drive of where we live that I know of with a sand table.  I don’t think it is very common here either.  But it is such a great play tool.  I wish more parks had them.  I often think I would like to build one of my own for the back yard.  We have two small sandboxes in the back yard.  I found them online, and they are by Step 2.  They are a lot of fun for the kids to play in.  But sometimes it would be nice to have the sand up higher on a play table and not get sand in your shoes and underware or diapers.   Our sandboxes are small and harder for our older children to use.  I think a table would be a lot more fun for the older boys to build sand roads and construction and use their Lincoln logs to play in.
    Thanks for the comment.


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