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We Choose Virtues Review

We have been blessed with a set of Parenting Cards from We Choose Virtues to reveiw and tell our readers about.  
We Choose Virtues Parenting Cards
13 Double Sided Heavy Duty Cards (12 Virtues, 1 Teacher)
Size: 8.5″ x 5.5″  Each
Designed for Early Developement and Elementary Ages,
Reusable and appropriate for the whole family, all ages benefit
Available in English and Spanish Languages
Available in NIRV or King James Bible Versions
Comes with a FREE download pdf Family Character Assesment
Retails for $38.49
These Parenting Cards are a part of larger character building system for creating a culture of Godly character with family menbers in your home.  Be sure to check out the web site for a listing of all their products.  The Parenting Cards are brightly colored and animated with cute characters.  These cards are loaded with helpful parenting tips on how to introduce your family to the concept of the 12 Virtues of good character.   
The front of the cards include the Virtue in big letters, a rhyming phrase to help them remember the Virtue, a saying in “first person” for them to repeat and understand how to practice the Virtue, and a scripture that reinforces the character trait.
The back of the cards include the name of the featured “Virtue Kid” that your kids will relate too. They also include an encouraging and inspiring story, a challenge to practice the Virtue, “What to say after ‘I’m sorry'”, the Virtue catchphrase, antonyms for the Virtue, and a Bible memory verse.
How We Used the Parenting Cards
We choose one of the 12 Parenting Cards to work on each week.  There is no right or wrong way to choose a specific card so we just chose one we wanted to work with.  
Virtues we learned about include (written in first person):
I am Obedient
I am Attentive
I am Gentle
I am Persevereant
I am Self Controlled
I am Forgiving
I am Helpful
I am Diligent
I am Patient
I am Content
I am Honest
I am Kind
We set aside 10 minutes each day to learn and practice a Virtue from a card.   The order you teach them in is up to you.  We have a mix of older and younger kids in our home and somedays I allowed the older ones to take on the challenge of using the Parenting Cards to teach our younger kids.  The older two boys are maturing rappidly and it is a very special feeling to see them act like young responsible men and show Godly character in their attitudes.
We used the ideas listed on the back to practice using the Virtue.   We also looked for practical opportunities to reinforce the specific Virtue through out the week, at home with mom and dad, with siblings, the park, at 4H meetings, at church, etc.  
You can also reinforce practicing Virtues through reading story books, doing Bible study, coloring pages, and making fun craft projects that correlate with the Virtue you are learning about that week.   I hope to do more crafts with the children over the summer as we ran out of time to complete all that I had hoped to do.  We plan to use these cards over and over and build a deeper understanding of Godly Character in our home.  By using these cards your family will be inspired to learn about, develop, and practice a lifestyle of Godly character that will last the rest of their lives.
We were also sent a pdf copy of the WCV Download Bundle retails for $7.99.  We used this resource a few times for the coloring pages and teaching tips, but we plan to implement these resources more when we restart the next round of using these cards.  I would like to be able to afford to print off all of the coloring pages for all 6 of my kids, as well as several other things I want to print off from this bundle including a wonderful award (like a diploma) for completion of the study that I can include in their homeschool portfolios of their accomplishments.  These resources will be great to enhance our study of Godly character traits. Hopefully, by completing all these steps in learning about Virtues we will create a happy homeschool that inspires others too.
Want more?  These Parenting Cards are included in the We Choose Virtues Homeschool ($98.99) and Family Kits ($69.99).  I would love to have the larger curriculum kits as they come with so many great teaching resources, posters, mini posters, achievement charts, stickers, flashcards, and other reinforcements.  Be sure to check out the web site for more details on these great resources.
Be sure to follow We Choose Virtues on their social media links for all the latest updates on their products and parenting ideas to build persons of good character in your home.  I found some great ideas on the blog like creating prayer jars, and a making a blessings calendar with my kids.  Lots of great ideas!
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