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VocabularySpellingCity Review

Are you a good speller?  Did you learn to spell easily or did you find it hard to learn?  I loved to read and write in my childhood, but I loathed spelling.  I didn’t feel comfortable writing essays and reports until I was in college and learned how to memorize, write lots of rough drafts, and proof read.  My whole life I have mixed up a few letters like p, b, q, d, ei, and ie.  No matter what I did, I just could not seem to master spelling words that contained these letters.  I know now that it is called dyslexia, but back then it was just called bad spelling!

I am really grateful for spelling programs that help kids overcome spelling confusion.  One fun program is called VocabularySpellingCity and we were recently given a one year VocabularySpellingCity Premium Membership to try it out.   

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So what is this all about?  

VocabularySpellingCity is an online interactive learning program that helps you build vocabulary and spelling skills through a series of computer learning activities and online games.  It helps your student become better at both.   

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You can set up your own lists of words for them to learn, or use word lists already preprogrammed in the system.  Just pick the words you want to use and you are ready to go.  You can set up assignments for your student.   VocabularySpellingCity sets up a Teacher Home Page for you.  You can list your students, and add your spelling word lists on your dashboard.  It also shows their progress and quiz scores too.  It is a very fun and easy tool for parents to use.

VocabularySpellingCity is useful for students in grades K through 12.  It retails for $29.99 for a premium family membership and can be used with up to 5 students.  There are additional programs for classrooms too.  Check out the website for all the details.  You also get a free app when you purchase the premium membership to use the program on your iPad or tablet too if you have one available.

The amount of things a parent can do with this program to enhance your student’s learning is amazing.  You can use what is preprogrammed which is so easy to do, but you can also customize it to go along with other subjects you are learning in your homeschool.  So if you are studying a group of words in your chemistry studies, you could ad those words to a list and use VocabularySpellingCity to help your student practice those words and their meanings in games, quizzes, flashcards, and more.


This is an award winning learning program, and it has so much to offer. 

Here is part of the reasons parents and students love this program. It offers:
        Interactive Learning Activities 
        Fun Interactive Vocabulary and Writing Games and Activities 
        Student Accountability 
        Student activities are tracked. 
        Differentiated learning 
        Able to assign different lists to individual students or groups. 
        Efficient record keeping making the parent teacher’s job easier.
        Student test results and activities are automatically recorded. 
        Tools for specific populations. 
        Customizable lists and lessons to meet each student’s individual needs. 
        Can be used for ESE, ESL/ELL, and RtI! 
        And MORE!!!

How We Used It:

We love all the learning games.  The kids use this program on our laptop for a set amount of time each morning.  They use ear phones so they are not distracted by their siblings and can hear the definitions and spelling of the words correctly.  They log in using their own password, then choose a list assignment to work on.  They can hear the words pronounced, learn the definition of the words, play games, take quizzes, work with flash cards, and more.  We like to use the preprogramed lists.  Some of these lists deal with math terms, or science vocabulary, or words from history, etc.  It is useful in so many ways.

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There are lots of things parents and teachers can do to customize this program.  There are step by step tutorial or faq videos to get you started.  You can view them here.  There are also printable worksheets and handwriting tools too.  I love using this program in our homeschool.  We have used this program the past with my kids and you can read about it here.  I am really thankful that programs like this exist, and I
am very thankful we have been given the opportunity to review this learning program in our homeschool.

I think VocabularySpellingCity is a must have in your homeschool learning tools as you can do so much with it.  I think this would be a fun program to use in bible school too.  If Sunday School teachers had access to a program like this to enhance the learning opportunities of their students.  You could customize the word lists to correspond to the bible lesson you are teaching and then give the kids some time to practice learning those words with this program.  It is the digital age!  We need to think outside the traditional learning box to equip this generation.   Be blessed!


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Vocabulary Spelling City

One of the first online resources I found out about as a homeschool parent was Vocabulary Spelling City.  For several years, my family has used the free basic version.  When we started using it, it was called Spelling City.  It has since been upgraded to Vocabulary Spelling City to reflect that kids are learning vocabulary and spelling at the same time.  It has been a terrific addition to our learning.  It is a fun website for kids and they don’t even know they are learning.  My kids practice their typing and computer skills while learning about spelling and language. 


We were recently asked to review a paid premium membership to Vocabulary Spelling City. I had no idea it could get any better or be any more useful to us than what it was.  But now I see this resource in a whole new light.  It is amazing.  
VocabularySpellingCity Premium Membership Features

Here is a short video explaining all that Vocabulary Spelling City has to offer through a premium membership.

Here is a cute video explaining how fun Vocabulary Spelling City can be and how it can transform learning from boring into exciting!

As a parent, I am always looking for fun worksheets for my kids to enhance our learning.  With Vocabulary Spelling City I can print off lots of different kinds of worksheets that pertain to a given topic.  I can also print off handwriting skill sheets and puzzle games.

But to find a worksheet template that you can customize to what your kids are learning is a rare find.  On Vocabulary Spelling City web site, you can make lots of different kinds of custom worksheets.  Here is a short video on how to make a custom sentence worksheet using this web site templates.

They have pricing for families, classrooms, and schools.  I have six children, 5 of them can use this website this year.  It costs $29.99 for a 1 year family membership and it is available to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days, the whole year!  Wow.  For my family that is $6 per child for the entire year.  Why didn’t I do the premium membership sooner?  I don’t know.  And if you are subscribing for a classroom it is as cheap as $2 per student; or a school, you can get bulk discount pricing for as little as a $1.40 per student per year. 

How Much Does It Cost Per Year?
FamiliesUp to 5 students
ClassroomsUp to 25 students
Schools26-299 students

300-999 students

1,000-4,999 students

Over 5,000 students

For inquiries, contact

I am excited to share about our experience with Vocabulary Spelling City.  It has been a fun addition to our homeschool.  It could be very helpful for schools, tutors, and families to benefit from.

I hope lots of homeschools will take advantage of this quality resource to help their children improve and expand their vocabulary and spelling skills.  Whether you use the free version, or the paid premium version, it is a great resource to have in your “tool belt”.  

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Disclaimer:  I recieved a copy of this product as a TOS Crew member in exchange for writing an honest review.

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