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Teddy Bear Clinic Greenville Childrens Museum

Role play is such an important part of childhood.  It gives children the opportunity to practice social skills, make believe, be creative, walk in the shoes of someone else and see things from another person’s perspective.  It is a very healthy activity and can be guided (like in a play), or unstructured.  Either way, it can provide lots of learning fun.

We recently had some fun role playing doctors, nurses, and and playing with Teddy Bears at the Greenville Children’s Museum.

                                    Teddy Bear Clinic

Greeter at the front desk:   “Welcome to the Teddy Bear Clinic.  Our goal is to serve you and administer lots of hugs for your wellbeing.”

Nurse to family of the patient: “Please bring the patient into the exam room, and the doctor will see you right away.”

Patient’s family to doctor: “Doctor, Teddy is not feeling well.  Can you help him?”

Doctor to patient: “Oh my!  Poor Teddy!  You have a fever.”

Doctor to patient: “My assistant will call in your prescription for some water, vitamin C, sunshine, and lots of play time.  Here is a great big hug.  You will be feeling better in no time.”

Doctor’s Assistant to patient: “Here is your medicine.  And the next doctor on duty will see you for your follow up.”

Nurse: “Next patient please!  The doctor is ready to see you now.”

I just loved how the children played together to serve the Teddy Bear patients.  We visited the museum with friends, and spent the day playing and learning in the various learning centers the museum has set up.  But the Teddy Bear Clinic with the simple props, a chair and table, some stuffed animals, and doctor toys was one of my favorites because it sparked imagination and compassion in the children.

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Top Posts From 2011

Hope you all had a wonderful CHRISTmas with family and friends and a special holiday celebration as you ring in the New Year 2012. 

Our family had a super special holiday week from CHRISTmas to New Years, as my husband had a week off work to spend with us and we have a new baby to celebrate.  God has surely blessed us. 

I want to thank everyone for joining in our learning journey and reading this website, our pinterest boards, google friends, twitter, subscribers, and more.  We have grown to nearly 10,000 unique monthly viewers this year.  Your support during 2011 has been such an encouragement, and has made this website a great place to share our journey with you. 

Our Top Fifteen Posts For 2011

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I am looking forward to a wonderful year ahead in 2012.

From our family to yours,


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Garden Nuggets

It has been one week since we planted our garden and flower beds.  You can read about planting the garden here.  

Each day I catch the two toddlers watering their beloved flowers. 

It has happened the same way each day.  “Mom, can we go out to play?”  “Yes, but I want you stay right in the yard where I can see you.” 

But each time they went out to play this past week, I could hear the outside water turned on and off.  I peeked outside to see this sight:

They are lovingly giving their plants a drink of water.

They genuinely care about the well being of their plants.  Because of this, I have been hesitant to say anything to discourage them.    I have been a little worried they may give the plants to much water.  But they assure me they are only giving each flower one drink.  They fill their little container one time for each flower.

Who knew a two year old and a three year old would take such pride in their garden?  They genuinely want to see their flowers happily blooming and “know” they will become thirsty and need a drink of water to stay healthy. 

They know this because they also become thirsty while playing outside, and they come in frequently for a drink of water.  So this “knowing” about thirst, comes from their own personal experience.  They feel for their plants who are outside in the sun, and know they too will get thirsty.

I often see nuggets of truth about life and about my relationship with my heavenly Father, through observing my children playing. 

Our heavenly Father knows us.  He created us.  He knows what we need, even before we ask.  He genuinely wants to care for our needs, and see us be healthy and happily blooming where he has planted us. 

Matthew 7:11
“If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!”

Luke 12:56
“You hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of earth and sky, but why do you not know how to interpret the present time?”

John 15:18
 “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.”

Jesus said to come, all who are thirsty in their life, and drink freely from his well, and you will be satisfied.

Matthew 5:6
“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

John 6:35
Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.”

Revelation 21:6
And he said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment.”

Revelation 22:17
The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come.” And let the one who hears say, “Come.” And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who desires take the water of life without price.

What nuggets of truth do you learn from observing your children play?  Leave us a comment.  Thank you.

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Recycle Boxes Into Fun

How fast can you drive?

A recycled diaper box derby car, no wheels or downhill track needed?

Its light weight, sturdy, compact, and goes everywhere.  Fits just one comfortably.  And its free!

Change of roadscapes?  No problem, drives just as well on smooth or rough terrain.

Sister has provided the “alternate green energy” power and is acting crew chief.

He has no idea what he is in for.  Crash Helmet would be a great idea about now.

But you will have to get your own big sister to power your car.  Sister is not included.

Don’t drive to fast.  Have fun!

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Valentine Cookie Exchange

We attended a Valentine Cookie Exchange Party, and a Valentine Skating Party, and a special Valentine Party with Dad all in the same day.   Three great parties in one day, and I was sure tired at the end of this day! 

The kids were full of energy though. (note to self…to much sugar…)

The younger kids played downstairs, and outside, while the teens had a Valentine Fondue Party upstairs.

Here is my 10 year old son and 3 year old daughter delivering some goodie boxes to the treat table.

I didn’t get the best photos or very many, because I held a sleeping toddler in my arms for two hours, so it was too difficult to take photos during most of this event.  But my other four kids had a great time and were bursting with energy, despite the fact that my energy was running out.

Here are a few of the goodies on one of the tables. 

And as quick as she could, she found a spot to enjoy a cookie.

Here are some of the goodies on the tables for the teens.   That steaming thing in the middle of the table there is a fondue pot full of delicious melted chocolate!!!  ( note to self….hum, wonder if my 10 year old could pass a teen so we could get in on this!!!)

This is a growing coop of over 30 homeschooling families, and more join each month.  I think by this time next year, we will out grow the hostess’ home. LOL.  Even though this was a small get together, I think there were at least a dozen or more teens in attendance, lots of parents, and around twenty or more elementary kids. 

It was a big get together considering we took over a family’s home for the afternoon.  They were very gracious to share their home with us.  If the hostess is reading this post, thank you for your hospitality and hosting this party!

After lots of fun and games, and lots of sugary treats indoors, the younger children all went outside to play. 

The back yard was situated on the side of a mountain and was quite large.  The kids played frisbee, frisbee on a stick, hide and seek, tag, searched for treasures in the woods, and climbed on a jungle gym dome.

They had so much fun, my kids did not want to leave.  See him sitting there as if he doesn’t hear mom saying its time to go?  They had a blast.  What kid wouldn’t have a blast running and playing with lots of friends?

And delicious valentine cookies and goodie bags to take home to enjoy. ( …no please…no more sugarrrrrr…). 
I made sure the kids did not eat these today and saved them for a special event the next day.

Read here about our Valentine Tea Party to see how we enjoyed our cookies from from today.

Read here about our time earlier in the day at a Valentine Skate Party. 

Here it is March, and I am still writing some posts from February.  So much FUN and so little time to write about all of it. 

I will get a post up soon about our special Valentine Dinner with Dad, and post the link to it here when it is ready.

Please check out our Valentines Day link up for more valentine activities, crafts, recipes, and fun.

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Valentine Skate Party

Trivia Question:
What do roller skates, cupcakes, return to basic instincts such as crawling, pink and red hearts, lots of friends, lots of fun, and purple bruises have in common?

A Homeschool Valentine Skating Party!

5 points if you answered correctly!

My kids have been looking forward to this day for, hum, forever!  About three years ago, we learned about this fun event, but each time it happened it seemed life had other plans for us. 

Finally the day came, and my kids were so happy!

The oldest helped me with delivering snacks for the tables, while the younger ones were putting on their skates.

The snack room was decorated with red and silver balloons and pink table cloths.

The roller rink was a large gymnasium owned by a local church.  The homeschool association collects “Box Tops For Education” that they exchange for cash to pay for this event each year.  About two hundred people attended the Valentine Skate Party this year.

Many of the families were very skilled on their skates. 

My kids have never been on roller skates before. 

While wearing these rolling contraptions, they spent quite a bit of time learning how to fall.

And crawl.

And how to hold onto the walls. 

Yes, finally they figured out that it was easier to keep their balance if they stayed on the carpet.  We came home with lots of bruised elbows and knees.  But they had lots of fun acquiring these war wounds.  It was kind of like a flash back of them learning how to walk and keep their balance.  But this time, it hurt a whole lot more when they fell. 

Homeschool Physics Lesson: 
Effects of gravity + momentum of energy enabled by the wheels = heavier moving objects fall harder.  Ouch!  Sorry guys. 

Despite the goose eggs hanging off their elbows, they had tons of fun and are ready to go again.

There was also an area set up with Valentine Bag tables.   Children set up their bags for everyone to drop in a valentine.

Everyone of the bags looked so festive and pretty.  Here you see the bags my kids made.  Read here  if you want to see how they made them.

Here is my kindergartner putting Valentines in friends bags.  We made two sets of valentines, one was a store bought scratch and sniff card they signed, and another was a goodie bag with a homemade valentine attached.  Read here if you want to see how they made their valentines to share with friends.

Lots of friends enjoying snacks and a break from skating.

Moms enjoying a break and adult conversation.

Moms planning their next escapade. 

My boys had fun catching up with good buddies we haven’t seen for a while.

Good friends, good food, good times. 

The kids will remember this Valentines Day for a long time.


I think one of the most fun parts of this day was to come home and read all the tokens of friendships in our Valentine Bags.  This really makes you feel special and is such a fun thing to do. 

Seems like it would be good to get special notes that say how special you are everyday.  I have seen posts by teachers who set up something like that, and the kids fill someone’s cup or bag with special thoughts about them everyday.  I used to put special notes in my husband’s lunch pail before sending him off to work when we were younger, and before having kids.  Something to think more about.  I may need to set up a “fill up my bag” table somewhere in the house.  Can everyday be Valentines Day?

What have you been doing with your kids to celebrate Valentines Day?

If you have a Valentines Day craft, recipe, celebration, lesson theme, or activity you would like to share, please join our link up or leave a comment.  Thanks.

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Valentine Park Mini Play World

Today was filled with lots of imaginary play in Valentine Park.

With Valentines Day just around the corner, we have been doing lots of related activities.  So why not visit Valentine Park too? 

This activity was all about using our imagination to build structures for little toy friends to play on.  All the children participated, and benefited in practicing various skills.
    Color Recognition, 
    Size Recognition, 
    Eye Hand Coordination, 
    Problem Solving, 
    and much more.

A really important topic we are dicussing is LOVE.   We are also discussing sharing, caring for others, being understanding, and slow to get angry.

A verse in the bible sums up what LOVE is.  
1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 (NIV) says:
4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  8 Love never fails. 

That is the best message you could teach your kids about what love is.

Valentine Park

We looked through the lego supplies and found lots of red, white, and pink legos to work with.  We found some fun friends in the toy box to share Valentines fun with.   Then we got busy creating a mini play world for our Valentine friends to enjoy.

The kids came up with all their own creations for this park.

The two year old practiced stacking and connecting pieces while his older siblings built the park.

The three year old watched carefully and repeated steps as she saw what her older siblings were making.

The 10 year old can build just about anything.  He was a big help in putting this park together.

Here he built a Valentine Theme Park.    It had a special entrance of pink and white and a pink and red fence.  Inside was a maze.  The park also had a sand box, a bouncy ride on toy, a slide, a tunnel and play bridge.

Then he built some monkey bars and this little valentine friend hung upside down.

The six year old came up with a swimming pool for the park, complete with a red and white fence, a diving board, and a white life preserver.  Here his little friend is about to jump into the water.

The eight year old made a flower garden with a walking path, a ride on vehicle, some climbing shapes, and a petting zoo.

We pulled out some larger legos for this red castle defended by red knights. 

The larger legos were much easier for the two and three year olds to grasp and snap together. 

This castle was taken apart and rebuilt many times today by the two year old. 

The three year old enjoyed moving her friends in and out of all the park areas and role playing in the different sections. 

The kids had a lot of fun today in the imaginary world of Valentine Park.

What games are you playing with your kids this Valentines Day?

If you have crafts, recipes, activities, lesson themes related to Valentines Day, be sure to share your ideas in our comment section, and if you have a blog, link up to our Valentines Day LINK UP on our Valentie Bag post. 

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