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Papa’s Pearls Review

I love stories about family, faith, endurance, and advice on living a good life.  We recently read Papa’s Pearls  by Diane Flynn Keith from Homefires, and it encompasses all that and more.

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Diane is the creator of and and Universal .  She is an alternative education specialist, parenting coach, homeschool coach, and author. 

She is a wise woman and she attributes that wisdom to listening and observing her father.  She wrote Papa’s Pearls to share her father’s wisdom with others, and share what has helped guide her on her life’s journey, and as a tribute to her dad.  

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                                Papa’s Pearls  by Diane Flynn Keith
                                Retails for $ 21.97 for an autographed copy.

This is a wonderful story about Papa and how he told stories to convey wisdom to his family.  I was excited to read a book about something other than parenting and curriculum.  It seems that has been my main focus this past year and I don’t get a lot of reading time for mom.  This paper back book is easy to read and is only 112 pages and is divided into 17 chapters.  Each chapter centers around a saying or words of wisdom Papa shared with his family during his life.  


Some of Papa’s sayings include: “Everyone deserves a second chance” , “When you fall down – get back up” , “Be grateful every day”, “Life’s to short, take a little time off, relax”, and many more.  The “pearl” represents not only tidbits of wisdom he shared with his family, but also the analogy of the oyster who takes sand that is irritating and could possibly kill the tender animal inside and makes it into a pearl.  It takes a potentially bad situation and makes it into something positive which is another one of Papa’s sayings “take a bad situation and make it better”.   

This is a great book to keep at your bedside to read or take with you on the go.  It can be read to the whole family too.  I think it would be a great book for teens to read and write a short summary of the chapters and what they gleaned and will be able to apply in their own life.  If you are looking for a nice gift to give (graduation, birthdays, Christmas, etc.) this would be a great gift.  This book can be used to inspire others to be the best that they can be.

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