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Banana Nut Yogurt Sundae

This is a nutritious, fun and easy to prepare snack or desert for kids.  It makes a fantastic breakfast too!


Kids can be picky eaters.  Setting them up for success with good nutrition is key to maintaining good health.  Including a variety of foods, like yogurt, fruits, veggies, and nuts in their daily routine lays a great foundation in good nutrition choices.

Adding nuts (for those who are not allergic) is a great way to boost nutrition. There are so many different kinds of nuts to choose from.  The most popular nut used, peanut, isn’t even a nut but is actually the seed of a legume.  But there is a huge variety of nuts and seeds that are seldom included in the standard American diet for kids that are great options.

A few of the nut and seed varieties to try out with your kids are:







Hazelnuts / Filberts

Hickory Nuts

Hemp Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Pine Nuts

A fun way to get nuts like walnuts in your kids diet is putting them into special treats like a sundae.  If you grind the nuts, they hardly know the nut is there.   Walnuts have a stronger taste and most kids don’t usually choose to eat them on their own.   If I leave out a big bowl of nuts of different varieties, my kids would eat all the cashews! Next they might finish of the peanuts.  Then the rest of the nuts would sit there until Dad and I ate them.   So to get more variety of nuts into their diet, a sneaky banana nut sundae piled high with lots of yummy ingredients is a win win!

Walnuts are great for brain food.  They also help to purge parasites from the body.  They contain essential fatty acids that are needed by the body

Banana Nut Sundae

Set out your ingredients out on a table or counter and let the kids fix their own sundaes.




Optional: Syrup, berries, chocolate chips, chocolate covered nuts, ground nuts, whole nuts in the shell that they must remove before using, nut butter, ice cream, angle food cake, cookies, pumpkin cake, etc.

We used vanilla yogurt,  ground and halved walnuts, bananas, chocolate covered peanuts, and chocolate syrup.  I also set out some grapes and nut butter covered pretzel crackers in case they wanted to experiment with some other ingredients.



We have made similar treats for desert too. This is a fun and delicious way to eat nuts and eat healthy!

Similar ingredients with pecans and whip cream.

Substitute angel food cake for the yogurt.

Serve as a fancy desert for company.

We also made homemade nut butter with a mixed nuts.  We ground some smooth and some chunky and mixed it together for a delicious spread for our pretzel crackers.

You can add mini chocolate chips and these will taste like Reese Peanut Butter Cup Pretzel Treats!  Even Daddy likes these treats!

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Powdered Produce Has Made A Difference

Have you ever heard of powdered produce?

real love is real food

Powdered produce is basically fruits, berries, ancient grains, and veggies that have been juiced and dried and ground to a powder. Powdered produce has made a difference in my life.  Since we started adding them into our diet, our immune system has gotten stronger and I have saved money.

water content of food

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water and they spoil quickly after harvest.  Many are as much as 85% to 95% water.   Water activates enzymes that help digest the fruits and veggies and also cause the food to spoil quickly soon after harvest.  If you remove the water, you preserve the nutrients and deactivate the enzymes.  The enzymes are reactivated again once the dried produce is re-hydrated.   It is a lot cheaper to buy produce that has been dried vs fresh, because once the water is removed, it takes up very little space, and has a long shelf life maintaining all its phyto-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

powdered produce

Having the raw nutrient dense produce in powdered form makes it easy to add them to your regular diet and boost your needed fruits and veggies that we all try so hard to get in every day. I am saving money because I don’t have to throw anything away,  it doesn’t spoil.


With the addition of powdered produce to our diet, I can add a lot of additional fruits and veggies for pennies a day.  For example, by taking two berry + two veggie + two fruit capsules, I am eating the equivalent of over 30+ plants.   If I bought all those foods fresh at the store, it might cost me over $100 for the week to buy them fresh, and I might have some that spoils.

whats in JP capsules

By adding all these amazing healthy powdered foods to my diet, I can save a huge amount of money over buying all of them fresh.  For example if I just want fruits and veggies powders it will cost me about $10 a week, or I can also add in the berry powders too for another $6 a week. That is over 30 fruits, veggies, and berries a day for about $2.30 a day or about $16 a week.   That is a huge savings!   I buy only the fresh fruits and veggies we need now in season, and then add in these wonderful powders and I am money ahead.


This is all natural food.  Each plant’s produce is fresh picked at the peak of ripeness.  Here are some videos to tell you more about the farms that grow these amazing foods and how this process is done.

It is harvested from organic and all natural farms, then right after harvest is juiced and dried at a low temperature to preserve all the nutrients and packaged for convenience.


Powdered produce has made a difference in my life!  My family and I have been using the powdered produce from Juice Plus+ for a whole year now.

kids love it

The convenience and savings of eating this way is amazing.  It is really easy to take the capsules or the chewables, and some days I substitute an entire meal with the powdered shake mix for smoothies too.

Sunrise Shake

The complete food shake mix is so easy to use.  I make all kinds of delicious shakes and smoothies for my family.  It is made with pure whole foods without any preservatives, fillers, or artificial ingredients.   It comes in two flavors: French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate.


I always feel like I am eating a delicious desert like a DQ blizzard or a Wendy’s frosty when I eat them because they taste like ice cream.  But with the Complete shake powder, I am avoiding all of the artificial ingredients those restaurants put into their products.   And it is so easy to make. Just use 1 scoop (or a 1/2 scoop if you want less) of powder to one cup of any liquid of your choice and blend.  It comes out creamy and smooth.


You can get fancy if you wish and add in more fruits and veggies or ice cubes or even coffee and top with whip cream for all kinds of tasty treats for about $1.85 per serving.  That is a complete meal with all the macro nutrients and micro nutrients of 20+ plant foods that feed your body for less than a cup of coffee.  You just can’t buy good food at these kinds of prices anywhere and you will be able to do it yourself and it will taste better and nourish your body at the same time.


The biggest change we have seen in our life so far, in addition to savings in our food budget, is our health and wellness budget.  We have been healthy for an entire year, without even 1 day of sickness since we started.  No sickness for 8 people living together in our home.  That is amazing!   This produce is boosting our immune system.

Benefits of Juice Plus

Also my husband used to get a gout flare up every few months before adding this to our diet. We are so grateful that he has not had even one episode of gout (a form of arthritis) in a whole year.  Without a doubt it has reduced the inflammation in his body that was causing it, and he has been pain free.

kids eat free

Also Kids can be enrolled in the Children’s Health Study and get chewables or capsules for free when their parent or grandparent places an order.


The study sends out a quick survey once every four months with a few questions to inquire what improvements you have seen from using the products.

After many years of learning about nutrition, and previously owning a healthy foods store too, I wish I had known then what I know now about this wonderful product.  You can’t get it in local stores.  It is only sold person to person and online.  That way the costs are kept as low as possible.   I believe in it so much that I opened my own business to sell it so all of my friends and family can have access to these wonderful food products.  It is a not a vitamin or supplement.  This is simple pure food.

This is real whole food and has a food label, because it is FOOD!  

Juice Plus is concentrated pure food nutrition from the purest fruits, vegetables, berries and ancient grains grown on family farms.  It is gmo free, and gluten free too.

real medicine

There are a lot of great doctors who are getting behind these true food products because they know their patients are getting healthier and recovering faster and seeing lasting changes and improved bio markers and labs.  If you want to get your doctor to join you on this journey, a great way is to have your blood drawn and then four or five months later after using these great foods daily, have your blood drawn again.  Most doctors see huge improvements in their patient’s lab work.   Here are some videos where doctors share what they have seen using Juice Plus powdered produce in their medical practice and at home.

Powdered produce is a great cost saving way to add more nutrition with real whole foods into your family’s diet and save money at the grocery store and the doctor’s office too.  The powdered produce comes in capsules, chewables (free for kids),  shake & smoothie powders, and food bars.

Juice Plus Products

Real and delicious wholefood food grown on family farms.   Juiced, powdered, and packaged by Juice Plus+

I offer these food products in my online store to share it with friends and family and anyone who would like to add this to their daily routine to improve their health with powdered produce. I am glad to host healthy living workshops and talk one on one to share more information with you about using these wonderful foods too.  Let me know if you would like more information.

Be blessed!



Disclaimer:  I am not a medical doctor and I do not give medical advice. I am sharing about my experience using this whole food product and how it has impacted me and my family.  Please consult your medical practitioner before making changes in your lifestyle to create a plan that is right for your particular situation.  

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Delicious Chocolate Praline Extreme

Oh yeah, Baby!  You know your mouth is watering now!


I asked my husband what I should name this and he stated, “Delicious!”

So without further ado, I give you:


Delicious Chocolate Praline Extreme

1 scoop Complete Dutch Chocolate protein powder

1 frozen banana

1/8 cup pecans to blend,

1/8 cup pecans for the topping, whole or chopped.

1 cup unsweetened Coconut Milk (or milk of your choice)

Blend all of the ingredients in the blender until smooth.  ENJOY!

This recipe makes a large 24 oz serving.  I use a special 24 oz size jar that holds three cups (instead of the standard 32 oz or 1 quart jar), and this recipe fills it to the top.  These jars are nice for shakes as they are easy for everyone to hold and easy to reach all the delicious yummy treats inside.   You could easily divide this recipe in half and share smaller servings between two people.  I also make this recipe without the nuts (leaving the nuts out reduces about 1/2 the calories).  It turns out like a chocolate Frosty and has a whole lot less calories, and is way better for me and my family too.

Nutrition:  429 Calories, 16g Protein, 13g fiber, 20g Fat (healthy fats from nuts and plants), Vit C, Vit A, Potassium, Iron, Calcium,  and so much more.

Nutrition Facts:

Delicious Chocolate Praline Extreme Nutrition


2 Tbsp whipped cream (optional)

1 tsp chocolate sauce (optional)

These extras are purely optional.

Complete Dutch Chocolate
Whole Food Shake / Smoothie Powder:

The Dutch Chocolate Complete powder costs about $2.00 a scoop (or you can use a half scoop for $1 a serving for a smaller portion and make it even more budget friendly) and makes your ice cream and smoothie treats creamy, but also light and fluffy.  It is amazing!

You would not know it, but it is made with 20+ wholesome plant foods like broccoli sprouts, quinoa, pomegranate, apples, spirulina, alfalfa sprouts, radish sprouts, millet, pumpkin, cocoa, and more, but tastes like the best chocolate powder.   It is a complete meal, or use it as a healthy snack or treat too.   The Complete powder also comes in Vanilla too.  The flavor combinations you can come up with using this as your base and adding other fruits or nuts is endless!  You just have to give this whole food powder a try, it is amazing!

Such a simple way to nourish your body with whole food nutrition! 

Be wise and blessed!


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Mango Peach Orange Julius

One day a few months ago, I was thinking about fun things I enjoyed doing in my youth. I remembered one of my favorite activities was to go to the mall and get an orange julius while we looked around. I also remembered why I quit getting them when I grew up and went to college. First of all, there were very expensive. I think they were around $4 in the early 1990’s. That was totally out of my budget as a college student. I also had also learned they were very high in calories and wasn’t the best choice for keeping your girly figure.

So here I am 25 years later still missing that delicious drink and refreshing taste. I finally decided to do something about it and recreate a healthier version than the one from my youth. I literally can’t get enough it tastes so good! But since I am now trying to restore my girly figure, I do have to limit myself to just one or two a week. This delicious drink is addicting!

Mango Peach Orange Julius

Mango Peach Orange Julius:

1/2 cup mango,
1/2 cup peaches,
1 orange (or two clementine tangerines),
1/2 cup ice,
2 packs Truvia,
1 tsp vanilla,
1 tsp powdered ginger,
2 cups water or rice milk (use between 1 to 2 cups of liquid depending on how thick or thin you desire and if your fruit was frozen or fresh).

Depending on how much weight you have to lose and your portion expectations, you may want to divide it into one or two portions. You can also add vanilla protein powder and about a 1 tbsp of coconut oil (or hemp seed oil or flax-seed oil. or other raw seed oils) to use this treat as a meal. You can also boost the nutritional value by adding 1 tsp of probiotic powder or 2 tbsp of kefir, and 1/2 tsp turmeric too. If you want some bubbly zing, try adding 1/2 cup of Kevita for part of the liquid. YUMMY!!!

Special bonus: if you make this recipe really thick with less liquid and use all frozen fruit, you can eat it out of a bowl with a spoon like a sherbet desert or even freeze it in popsicle molds too.

If you follow the Fast Metabolism Diet this is a delicious Phase 1 Snack! You can make it a Phase 1 Meal by adding a scoop of egg-white protein powder or a fresh egg white.

If you follow the Trim Healthy Mama diet, you can use this treat as an E-Snack. You can make it into an E-Meal by adding whey or egg-white protein powder. You can make this into an S-Meal with protein powder and 1 tbsp of coconut oil (or hemp or flax-seed oil) for healthy fat.

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Cinnamon Chocolate Frosty

Need a CHOCOLATE treat for Valentines Day that won’t ruin your diet?

Cinnamon Chocolate Frosty is the answer to a sweet chocolaty treat that won’t affect your waist line. I am in the process of loosing weight, and to prevent stalling, I am temporarily steering clear of dairy except for the occasional bulletproof coffee treat once a week. I usually use a dairy substitute like rice milk, almond milk, or coconut milk when I am planning my weekly menu and making weight-loss recipes. However, this gem of a recipe is inspired by a delicious Mexican spicy chocolate drink and water and ice is all the “liquid” you need.

The ancient Mayan and Aztec Indians use to drink a version of this beverage unsweetened in a bitter spicy chocolate drink, served either hot or cold and made with either water or milk. However, I much prefer it sweetened! No bitter drink for this gal! So I use an all natural zero calorie sweetener to keep faithful to my weight loss goals. Each serving contains: 28 calories, 1 g Fat, 0 g Sugar, 24 Calories, 3 g Fiber, 2 g Protein. This treat fits into the Fast Metabolism Diet All Phases (1,2,3) and THM Meals (E,F), Atkins, as well as the Paleo Diet. It probably fits into just about every diet, so give it a try! The flavors are rich and remind me of a spicy Mexican Chocolate Drink.

Cinnamon Chocolate Frosty

Cinnamon Chocolate Frosty

1 teaspoon Cinnamon, ground, organic, non irridated (use another 1 tsp if you desire it with a stronger flavor)
3 tablespoons Cocoa powder, unsweetened, organic
1 teaspoon pure Vanilla extract, organic
1/16th teaspoon Sea Salt
1/2 cup Filtered Water (use another 1/4 cup if needed)
1 1/2 cup Ice Cubes (use another 1/2 cup if needed for desired frozen consistency)
3 tablespoons Truvia Sweetener (all natural stevia and erythritol blend)

Blend everything together in a good blender until smooth and frothy. Makes a delicious spicy and creamy chocolate frosty. You won’t even miss milk in this treat. Eat one serving now and save one for later, or even better, share this chocolate treat with someone you love.

2 servings
28 calories, 1 g Fat, 0 g Sugar, 24 Calories, 3 g Fiber, 2 g Protein

Have a Happy and “ChocolatyValentine’s Day!

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Low Carb Vanilla Chocolate Chip Shake

This is simply a delicious vanilla shake.

Low Carb Vanilla Chocolate Chip Shake

Into a blender add:
1/2 cup cottage cheese, Daisy brand
1 cup unsweetened almond milk, Silk brand
2 to 4 packets of Truvia (stevia and erythritol) natural sweetener, adjust per your taste. 
1 to 2 tsp vanilla extract, per taste
1 1/2 to 2 cups of ice

1 to 2 Tbsp of sugar free chocolate chips (store bought or homemade).

1/4 cup kefir

Blend until smooth, pour it into a quart jar, add a straw to drink with, and enjoy.

This shake makes about a quart jar of sweet creamy comforting vanilla shake, depending on how much ice you add. Even though it makes a quart, the whole recipe has very few calories and is rich in essential nutrients our bodies need.  If you have access to raw milk, then use it and your shake will have way more nutritional value than almond milk.  Other “nut milks” like cashew milk and coconut milk can be used too. However, avoid pasteurized homogenized store bought milk.  Adding kefir is another great way to get the creamy texture and the probiotic digestive benefits of cultured milk, without adding in too many additional sugars and carbs.  This recipe will supply your body with 4% of the RDA of good cholesterol your body needs for healthy lifestyle. If you want to use this shake as a meal replacement, then add 1 scoop of whey protein powder (grass fed, bioactive, low temp). It will increase the carbs slightly, but will likely triple the protein amount and will satisfy you until your next meal.   

Would you rather eat it with a spoon?  That can be easily arranged too!


With just VANILLA!:
137 calories, 5 net carbs (12 grams total carbs-7 grams of fiber), 5 grams of fat, 14.4 grams of protein, 553mg Calcium, 584 IU vit A,  100 IU vit D, 10 mg vit E, 11.3 mcg Folate, 3.5 mcg vit B12, 18.4 mg Choline, 1.7 mg Zinc, .5 mg Iron, 24.4 mg Magnesium, 11.3 Omega 3 Fatty Acids, 11.2 mcg Selenium, 130 mg Potassium, the complete spectrum of amino acids, and more.

With Optional 1 Tablespoon of sugarfree CHOCOLATE:
208 calories, 5.3 net carbs (16 carbs – 10.7 grams of fiber), 12.9 grams of fat, and 14.9 grams of protein. 

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Mint Chocolate Chip Breakfast Shake

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

In honor of this fun day, I have a delicious SUGAR FREE shake to share with you.  This is real fast food!  It only takes a minute to prepare!  It has a wonderful array of nutrients like calcium, b vitamins, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin D, selenium, iron, potassium, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics, 32 grams of protein, and so much more.  

Mint Chocolate Chip Breakfast Shake

This recipe makes a 16 oz serving shake. It is just the right size for breakfast, or drink half for a snack now, and freeze half for a snack later.  It is an S meal or S snack using the Trim Healthy Mama method.  


1/4 cup FRESH mint leaves or 2 tsp mint extract (or both if you like it green and extra minty!  Fresh mint has all kinds of health benefits including vitamins, chlorophyl, oils, fiber, and antioxident properties).
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract (this enhances the mint flavor)
1/2 cup cottage cheese (I use Daisy brand, as it has only 3 ingredients and no preservatives or fillers)
3 tsp Truvia (or try 2 tsp Truvia plus an 1/8th tsp or a few shakes of NuNaturals Pure White Stevia to make it sweeter)
1 capsule probiotics emptied and capsule discarded (or 1/2 tsp of probiotic powder)
8 ice cubes
2  to 3 tbsp dark chocolate or THM Skinny Chocolate recipe.  (If you want chocolate chips, try to find sugar free, gluten free, and dairy free dark chocolate chips. I like the Enjoy Life brand).
1/2 cup plain almond milk (depending on how thick or thin you like it use up to 3/4 cup as needed.  I find if I stick to 8 ice cubes I don’t need the extra fluid, but if I go up to 10 ice cubes when I want it super cold, I need the extra liquid to blend everything and break the ice into a creamy ice cream)
1 tbsp of vanilla whey protein powder (from grass fed cows), or you can increase to 4 tbsp to increase the protein if desired when using as a meal replacement. 4 tbsp is about 2 scoops with the scoop that came with my container.  You can also use a plain or chocolate protein powder in this recipe too for more variation.
Blend everything together until smooth.  This will result in a thick creamy minty chocolate chip shake.  I love the bits of dark chocolate thorughout, and if you use the fresh mint leaves, you will also have bits of “green” throughout the shake too.  YUM!

1) Try adding in 2 tbsp of cocoa powder for a Double Chocolate Mint Breakfast Shake.  IT IS SOOO GOOD!

2) If you prefer to eat scooped ice cream, you could freeze this shake after making it until it is very hard, then scoop it out into a bowl (or cone) and eat as is, or make it into a Mint Sundae.  See my Double Chocolate Breakfast Shake and Sundae to see an example of how to do this.

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Double Chocolate Breakfast Shake

Last week I shared my recipe for Chocolate Chip Breakfast Shake, and instructions for a variation of it to make a Mint Chocolate Chip Shake.  This week I am sharing my recipe for Double Chocolate Breakfast Shake with you. 

I like them all, but I think I like the Double Chocolate Breakfast Shake the best.  There is just something so delicious about lots of chocolate!  I hope to develop a Chocolate Heath Shake recipe yet that is THM approved.  I love the taste of the Dairy Queen Chocolate Heath Blizzard and I want to recreate a healthy version I can make at home.  I am not sure how to pull that off yet, but I will let you know as soon as I develop a recipe for it.  But for now, the Double Chocolate Breakfast Shake is keeping me satisfied.  

In this recipe, I increased the amount of cottage cheese and almond milk, and added a probiotic to make it even more nutritious.  I found this small increase made a huge change in the creamy texture and thickness of this shake.  Plus the kids all want a sip of my drink and by the time I get a moment to enjoy it myself there is only half of it left. This recipe makes 2 (12 oz) servings, if you want to share it.  LOL!  This tastes as good as any DQ double chocolate shake, though not as sweet.  I find that I don’t need too much sweetness first thing in the morning, like I desire later in the day.  So this shake fits my need for a less sweet chocolately breakfast.  It encourages endorphins in the brain, so you feel good, but it doesn’t send out insulin for a sugar crash.  You feel satisfied for several hours.  And best of all, it is sugarfree, glutenfree, and full of healthy proteins, amino acids, probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and more.  It makes a great breakfast, snack, or desert!

Double Chocolate Breakfast Shake
This recipe makes approximately 24 oz, or 2 (12 oz) servings, depending on the amount of ice you use.

1 cup cottage cheese.  ( I use a cottage cheese that is all natural, no preservatives or fillers.  Daisy brand only has three ingredients and is available in most grocery stores).
3/4 cup plain almond milk (any will do, but homemade is best if you are able to make it yourself).
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 probiotic capsule contents or 1/2 tsp probiotic powder
1/4 tsp of Trace Mineral Drops. (I use Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops with over 70 trace minerals, similar to sea water, but with 99% of the sodium removed). 
8 +/- ice cubes
2 tsp cocoa powder. (I like Rapunzel cocoa powder, or use other all natural organic cocoa, add up to a tablespoon for even more dark chocolate flavor.)
2 tbsp dark chocolate, or THM Skinny Chocolate
2 packages of Truvia (Truvia is a sugarfree sweetner combo of Stevia and Erythritol with no bitter aftertaste, and I love it!)

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until thick, creamy, and smooth.  Check out the options below to blend with your shake.  I use the grassfed “low temp” protein powder and make this nutrient dense shake for breakfast.  It is very satisfying, though it is not extra sweet.  If you want it sweeter, try a sprinkle of NuNaturals Pure White Stevia added to the shake.  It will add a lot of sugarfree sweetness with no additional carbs to spike your blood sugar.  Pour into a glass and enjoy with or without a spoon, and it is also fun to drink with a straw!

Option: 1 scoop of whey protein powder from grassfed cows, processed at a low temp. (Or use your own whey from yogurt making that is filled with live probiotics, protein, and enzymes).

Option: If you need to repair cartilage in your joints, or heal your gut, I would suggest adding 1 tsp of gelatin powder (from grass fed cows processed at a low temp) to this smoothie.  It is tasteless, but will add some thickness.  The purpose of this gelatin is that it nourishes and heals major body systems with nutrients otherwise unavailable in our modern diet.  I love adding this powder to my soups too.  This option would really increase the nutrient value of this shake making it even more of a complete meal.

Option: add a fresh egg yolk from a pasture raised chicken.  This will give a complete spectrum of proteins and amino acids as well as additional vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

Option: add 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp cayenne, and 1/2 tsp turmeric to the shake. These will enhance the flavor of the chocolate, and provide additional health benefits.

Option: Increase the healthy medium chain fatty acids in this shake by blending in 2 tsp of melted coconut oil.  Lauric acid in coconut oil also has added immune system benefits.

Option:  Make is a  Mint Chocolate Chip Breakfast Shake with Double Chocolate by adding in 1 tsp to 2 tsp of pure mint extract, or 4 or 5 fresh mint leaves with stem removed, before blending. 

Option: Make it a Double Chocolate Breakfast Sundae!  After blending the shake, freeze in the freezer until frozen.  Scoop 1/2 of the frozen shake into a bowl. Top with nuts (my favorite is roasted cashews), Truvia sweetened whipped cream or whipped coconut cream, and drizzled with melted THM Skinny Chocolate. 

I only use 1/2 of the shake when making this into a Sundae, so the above shake recipe gives me two Sundaes!  One for today, and one for tomorrow!  Yeah!

This is so YUMMY!  

This is nourishing REAL food!  This qualifies as an S Meal or S Snack on the THM program. 

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Chocolate Chip Breakfast Shake

Can you believe I would dare suggest a creamy shake for … breakfast?  Oh my, once you taste this shake, you will wonder why you neglected to indulge in ice cream in your morning routine.   NO guilt either!  No way!  

I am trying to loose unhealthy weight, so why in the world would I eat ice cream?  Well it is all about nutrition.  This shake is all about a powerhouse of protein and muscle building amino acids.  I have been learning a new method of food (fuel) combining through the Trim Healthy Mama method.  I am so excited about the recipes they share and the recipes I am creating myself using their information as a foundation.

I have been eating healthy nutritious foods for more than 15 years, since learning about Weston A Price Foundation and true nutrition.  Yet somehow my body continued to gain weight on healthy food.  I did not know there was an actual method to how to combine healthy nutrient dense foods or alternate these foods to prevent weight gain.  I tried dieting for the first time this past year using The Fast Metabolism Diet as I learned about foods that rev up the metabolism.  The problem I have with that method is that it neglects eating healthy fats 4 out of 7 days a week.  That is just not ok with me.  It also excludes dairy.  So I was searching for a better way.  Friends on the homeschool crew suggested THM to me last summer.  But it took sometime to aquire the book, and then digest the information.  It is huge!

But there is so much to this method of eating healthy foods without overlapping fuel types.  It really does help the body use the right fuels instead of storing the extra fuels away for future use in the way of pounds of fat hanging on your body.  I’ll share more about Trim Healthy Mama in an upcoming story, and you can count on lots of amazing recipes in upcoming stories too.
This shake should be called the Chocolate Chip Mirical Shake, but I decided to remove that title and call it a breakfast shake instead.  But you could have it any time of day, not just for breakfast.  It is amazing to think you can enjoy this delicious treat and still loose weight.  I included it twice during this past week for breakfast, along with great meals and snacks, and I lost 12lbs this week!   I can not hardley believe this happened.  I hoped to loose 2 lbs.  I got on the scale and said a prayer.  I have been praying and asking for the Lord’s help with my diet choices and my weight.  I told the Lord I just needed a small amount of encouragement, if he would help me by the scale showing at least a small change, just a pound or two and I will be happy and know that I am on the right track.  I had no idea I had lost 12lbs until I got on the scale, before lunch, fully dressed.  I looked down, and it showed a 12lbs loss fully clothed.  NO WAY!  I had to reweigh myself over and over and besure the scale was not broken or that I was not dreaming.  But it was true.  I really did loose it.  I brought my husband in the bathroom to see it too.  We were both so happy that I had this kind of progress this week.  I give God all the glory. 
I was going to write about the foods I am eathing and tell you about the recipes I am creating, etc. but I thought it would still be a couple of months yet till I was ready to write about it.  But after one week, enjoying this delightful shake a few times for breakfast, and then having this kind of change in my weight, I decided I better get a story out about it.

Chocolate Chip Breakfast Shake

This recipe makes a 16 oz serving shake just the right size for breakfast.  It is an S meal or S snack using the Trim Healthy Mama method.  It is sugar free, and has 32 grams of protein. It has a wonderful array of nutrients like calcium, b vitamins, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin D, selenium, iron, potassium, and so much more.  If you want to increase the nutrients, check out the “options” listed below for an even greater nutritional boost.
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 tsp Truvia (1 packet)
5 to 8 ice cubes
2  to 3 tbsp skinny chocolate (THM recipe) or dairy free dark chocolate.
1/4 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup to 3/4 cup plain almond milk
1 tbsp of vanilla whey protein powder (from grass fed cows), or you can increase to 2 tbsp to increase the protein if desired.
Blend everything together until smooth.  This will result in a thick creamy vanilla shake with bits of chocolate thorughout.  YUM!
If you prefer to eat scooped ice cream, you could freeze this shake after making it until it is very hard, then scoop it out into a bowl (or cone).  
All of my kids love this shake too.  I am so happy with how this recipe turned out for me and my family.
Optional: add 1 tsp cocoa powder to make this a Double Chocolate Chip Shake (S meal on THM plan)
Optional: Make it Fuel Pull.  Use only 1 teaspoon of dark or skinny chocolate in the recipe above, plus the 1 tsp to 2 tsp cocoa powder option.  Will need to increase the Truvia to 2 packets.  This will change this to a Fuel Pull meal.  Fuel Pull meals have only 5 grams (1 tsp) of added fat (chocolate) in the meal.  You can also omit the Chocolate all together and go with Vanilla Breakfast Shake for a Fuel Pull meal on the THM plan. 
Optional: 2 tsp ground nuts (this will add crunch, heathy fats and protein.  S meal in the THM diet plan.) 
Optional: 1 pasture raised fresh egg yolk (this will add additional amino acids, protein, enzymes, vitamins, and healthy fat.  S meal in THM diet plan).  
Optional: 1/2 tsp glucomannan or xanthan gum (for added thickness to make it spoonable, leave it out if you prefer to drink your shake through a straw, this does not change the type of meal it is, just changes the thickness quality).
Optional: Make it an E meal:  Reduce the skinny or dark chocolate to 1 tsp, and blend in fruit of choice, like cherries, strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries.  These fruits greatly increase the vitamins and antioxidants of this wonderful breakfast shake.  I will show you my Cherry Chocolate Chip Shake in a story soon. However, fruits add some sugar carbohydrates into the shake so it changes the fuel combination.  To change it from an S meal to an E meal reduce the skinny or dark chocolate to 1 tsp, leave out the egg yolk and nut options, and add the cocoa powder option with the fruit for
added chocolate flavor.  Go with low glycemic fruit options for the best choices.
Next time I will share how I made THM Skinny Chocolate Bars (can be eaten like is, or chop up from chocolate chips, or melt for glaze frostings, etc.), and my own creations Mint Chocolate Chip Shake recipe, and Cherry Chocolate Chip Shake recipe.  Oh my…they are all sooooo good!!!

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