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Each year I contemplate “Is Homeschooling the best choice for our family?” and “What do I want to achieve in teaching my kids at home?”  I spend time in prayer, asking God for wisdom for the coming year and it’s challenges.  

We set goals and look for curriculum resources that line up with our goals.  I will share our curriculum choices for this year in a future post.  Sometimes, I question if we are headed in the direction that is most beneficial. Sometimes, we go all year with the original choice.  Then sometimes we change direction with curriculums and schedules midyear, and go with different ones if the need arises.  I love having the freedom to choose and to make adjustments when needed. 

Alot of people think homeschoolers are geeks, nerds, or odd, etc.  That is ok with me.  I am glad that my kids don’t have to deal with the constant peer pressure from others in the public school system to be a certain way, dress a certain way, or join a certain group, or clubs and sports.  We join clubs, participate in sports, or choose to do activities and things we enjoy, not because we are pressured by others to do so.  It makes life much easier and enjoyable to live this way.  The public school is such an artificial setting and puts unreal pressure on kids and teachers to conform.  I am thankful for our freedoms.

As I was making plans for this homeschool year, and again, going over decisions and choices to be made and wondering how it will all turn out, I came across this info graphic on Homeschool Statistics and outcomes.  It is amazing!

Homeschooled: How American Homeschoolers Measure Up

Those are amazing statistics, don’t you think?  The site that put this together promotes college masters in education degrees. This article is listed as one of their most popular articles.  It was very encouraging to read.  Homeschooled children can and do excel in our nation, in their homes, colleges, communities, and productivity as citizens.  Homeschooling is a viable, productive, awesome choice for education. 

As I pray about and contemplate homeschooling and various curriculums, I have always come away from that inner conversation each year with a “YES” answer.  Yes, I believe we are making the right choice to homeschool our family.
  Yes, Yes, Yes, I am glad our kids are HOME SCHOOLED!

Praise the Lord! 

I am excited that we are a Homeschool Family! 

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