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Metric System Project Pack Review

Our homeschool has officially started our 2013-2014 school year!!!  Yeah!  The very first project we are working on is a math lapbook or project pack called The Metric System Project Pack by In The Hands Of A Child

The Metric System Project Pack

Project Packs, Lapbooks, Notebooks, and Unit Studies are a great way to start a new school year.  They are fun and really ad excitement to a subject.  Let’s face it, MATH (and many other subjects too), could use a little excitement!  Can I get an AMEN?!!

The Metric System Project Pack is designed for students in grades 5-9.  It retails for $12 (on sale now for $5) for the eBook, and $20 (on sale now for $13) for the printed version.  Other versions are available too, please check the website for a version that suits your needs.  

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In the Metric System Project Pack, we did vocabulary words, reading and research, history and math, hands on learning and application, cooking, writing, cutting, coloring, and more.   We love doing unit studies with these because it is easy to adjust, can accommodate a flexible schedule, and flexible learning styles.  It is easy to include your younger children in some of the learning too, even if the subject mater is mostly geared toward older learners.  But you can also order a similar project pack for younger learners so the whole family can enjoy the fun.

So what is a project pack or lapbook you might ask?  It is a re-folded file folder filled to the max with printable mini-book activities and worksheets. It can be expanded to hold several file folders or flaps.   It becomes a fun memory scrap book of the learning that is done around a specific subject.  Subjects can be on anything as simple or as complicated as you desire.  

The great thing about Project Packs from In The Hands Of A Child is that they can be used as a stand alone unit study, or as a supplement to your other curriculum.  They are flexible and you can do as much as you want.   You can use them with all ages of kids too.  They are adjustable to accommodate various skill levels.

My kids love making lapbooks and these Project Packs from In The Hands Of A Child are perfect for them.  I need to write more about the HOAC Unit Studies and Project Packs we have done as I have a huge collection.


Before starting a project pack, we like to print out the worksheets and mini-books, put the shutterfold file folder together, and cut out the mini-book activities.  In the past, I have also purchased the pre-printed worksheets on colorful paper, and pre-folded and glued folders as a kit from HOAC.  This is so handy and cuts down on my prep time and they are more colorful than printing it out on black and white paper and black ink at home.  But either way, we love using these Project Packs.  They run several sales through out the year, and I always try to take advantage of these sales and buy a few units for our school year.

Overall, In The Hands Of A Child has made the process to complete this project pack easy, and all it takes 4 STEPS or less for each unit section.  You can condense this study into 6 days by doing one unit section a day, or stretch it out to 6 weeks by doing one unit section and various activities a week, it is up to you.   The project pack comes with a complete set of directions, research reading materials, vocabulary, and printable templates for mini-book activities to include in your completed lapbook folder.  There is a list of suggested books to acquire through your local library, and website links to use in your research too. 

I personally love making learning units last as long as we can by adding in as much learning materials, books, related science projects, crafts, etc. as we can acquire.  Our family enjoys Unit Studies!   Here is a run down of how to study the units in this project pack in 4 steps or less:
        1. Complete vocabulary words.
nbsp;2. Read the scheduled research guide sections.
        3. Read additional books (or do science kits, crafts, recipes, field trips, etc.) 
            you have collected on the topic for that research guide section.
        4. Complete the scheduled mini-book and worksheet related activities for that 
            research guide section of the project pack.

The six units in The Metric System Project Pack (and what is in each unit) are:

          1.  Research Guide: 
                    Introduction To Early Measurement
                      Vocabulary List
                      Pro & Con

        2.  Research Guide: 
                    “Why Metric?” The Metric System

                     Basic Units

         3. Research Guide:
                    Using the Metric System To “____” In The Kitchen
                    Liquid Volume

                    Metric Prefixes
                    Classify Units
                    Kitchen Help
         4.  Research Guide: 
                    Blueberry Muffins
                    Metric Time Saver
                    Convert Recipe
                    Time Saver

         5.  Research Guide:
                    Converting One Metric Unit To Another
                    Metric Equivalents Of US Customary

                    Convert Everyday Activities: a cup of milk, desk length, pencil length,
                         volume of toothpaste, car travel, area of your room, temperature, etc.
                    Converting One Metric Measurement to Another
                    Measure Your Feet in Inches and Centimeters

          6.  Research Guide:
bsp;  Metric Conversions
                        Your Weight
                        Unit Pricing


You can see how fun it can be to take a potentially boring subject such as math, or metric conversions, or measurements, and turn these into a fun learning adventure with your kids.  They will always remember the fun time they had learning in a hands on way, and when they are through, they will have a unique lapbook / scrapbook record of their learning adventure.


In The Hands Of A Child is a wonderful company providing awesome learning activities for kids.  Their products are a perfect main course or supplemental curriculum for homeschoolers and there is a huge variety of subjects to choose from.   They offer a FREE product on their website, and this changes from time to time so keep your eyes open if you already have the current one.  The current one is a downloadable project pack all about Metals.  You don’t want to miss this freebie! 

They also offer a new $5 project pack each week.  This is a great value.   If you want join as a special member and use their unit studies through out the school year, they have an optional membership program available and you get lots of great units, a yearly schedule, support, and more.  You can sign up for their newsletter to learn about special deals, and also follow along on their blog, and learn great tips and deals on Facebook too.


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