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Teddy Bear Clinic Greenville Childrens Museum

Role play is such an important part of childhood.  It gives children the opportunity to practice social skills, make believe, be creative, walk in the shoes of someone else and see things from another person’s perspective.  It is a very healthy activity and can be guided (like in a play), or unstructured.  Either way, it can provide lots of learning fun.

We recently had some fun role playing doctors, nurses, and and playing with Teddy Bears at the Greenville Children’s Museum.

                                    Teddy Bear Clinic

Greeter at the front desk:   “Welcome to the Teddy Bear Clinic.  Our goal is to serve you and administer lots of hugs for your wellbeing.”

Nurse to family of the patient: “Please bring the patient into the exam room, and the doctor will see you right away.”

Patient’s family to doctor: “Doctor, Teddy is not feeling well.  Can you help him?”

Doctor to patient: “Oh my!  Poor Teddy!  You have a fever.”

Doctor to patient: “My assistant will call in your prescription for some water, vitamin C, sunshine, and lots of play time.  Here is a great big hug.  You will be feeling better in no time.”

Doctor’s Assistant to patient: “Here is your medicine.  And the next doctor on duty will see you for your follow up.”

Nurse: “Next patient please!  The doctor is ready to see you now.”

I just loved how the children played together to serve the Teddy Bear patients.  We visited the museum with friends, and spent the day playing and learning in the various learning centers the museum has set up.  But the Teddy Bear Clinic with the simple props, a chair and table, some stuffed animals, and doctor toys was one of my favorites because it sparked imagination and compassion in the children.

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