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We hosted a Camping Workshop in the park today.  It was the most beautiful fall day, almost like an early summer day as the temperature was 70 degrees and sunny.  But is was definitely fall as the trees were all changing colors, leaves were falling and crunchy under our feet, and it was so pretty.

The Camping Workshop was a life skills program hosted by Take Action Tuesday. 

Take Action Tuesday is a free homeschool program that encourages outdoor activity, PE, socialization, and each month of Tuesdays hosts several learning programs that focus on science, life skills, sports and games, and community. 

We started off the day with some free time in the park, to get the “wiggles” out.  This is so good for the children to play, stretch, run, jump, and move.  Some use their imaginations and others make up games too and invite friends to play.

Some like to explore and make great discoveries.  There is so much to learn and do outdoors!

Camping Workshop

Our guest speaker for today’s workshop was Gary Eblen from Diamond Brand Outdoors, and his assistant was Meridith McBride from Frugal Backpackers.   

Gary especially wanted to convey to the children and parents how easy it can be to camp in your own backyard, and really enjoy the experience.  They did an awesome job, and I want to take a special moment here on the website to say thankyou!

We had 56 homeschoolers (42 kids, and 14 parents) attend.  It was a great turnout!

I took 117 pictures and there is no way I can convey it all to you in one story, so I am dividing the Camping Workshop and our time in the park today into three stories. 

                Camping Workshop:
                How To Build A Camp Stove.  And cook on it too!
                How To Build A Tent. One easy up, and one homemade.
                How To Build A Campfire. More Smores Please!

How To Build A Camp Stove

Start with an empty aluminum drink can, this one previously held lemonade.

Cut out the top with a can opener, and use pliers to mash down any sharp edges.

Fill with cooking water for cooking (or soup, broth, tea, etc.) to be heated.

Next, using a small can such as a single serving cat food can, punch two rows of holes with a hole punch near the top half of the can. 

Do not punch holes in the bottom half of the can.

Into the bottom can with holes, pour in methanol, a woodbase alcohol available in hardware stores.  Light the methanol with a match.

Place can of water on top of the bottom can of lit methanol.

It is boiling when you see bubbles in the bottom of the can of water.  It boils quicker if you use a lid.

Always use gloves to handle the hot camp stove.

Watch carefully, and you should have boiling water in two to three minutes.   A very handy skill to have to know how to boil water, and even more handy to know how to build your own stove that you could boil the water on. 

Great hands on knowledge for a power outage, natural disaster, as well as for camping, and this life skill could possibly save your life one day. 

If you would like to learn more about building homemade camp stoves, check out these links

More Homemade Camp Stoves

Hobo Campstove, by Instructables, using three cans.  Very involved project, but looks professional.  They used beer cans in the project but you can substitute soda cans.

Camp Oven, by ehow, using foil and a cardboard box.

Homemade Camping Gear, by   This is a great website with a plethora of do it yourself camping gear “how to’s”.  Over on the left side of the webpage, find “stoves” and there is so much great information including some with tests on which ones boil water more efficiently comparing fuel use, etc. (might make a fun science fair project too).

Camp Stove Videos

Penny Stove

Build a wood burning “Rocket Stove” out of coffee can.

Build an insulated Rocket Stove


Cooking Beans on an alcohol stove

Cooking Eggs on an alcohol stove

Cowboy Coffee Video

Wild Recipes

Fish Soup and a Berry Drink by Trapper Jack

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