Books Make A Difference

I was recently asked to share about how “Books Make A Difference” in my life.  If I could sum it up in one statement it would be that books have inspired me to rise above my circumstances.
There are several books, and magazines, that have had an impact on me as a person, a wife, and as a parent.  There is no way I could even begin to name them all.  

As a young person, I read every day.  I could easily finish a large book in two to three days.  But the books that I loved the most are the ones that took time to digest, and perhaps even sparked discussions such as the writings of Leo Tolstoy, William Glassner, and the writings of David and Solomon in the Bible. 

One of the earliest books that helped me during pregnancy and in the infant stages of my children’s lives is a series called What To Expect… They have several books, but I think the one I enjoyed the most was What To Expect When You’re Expecting.  This book takes you step by step through the physical and some of the emotional changes you and your child go through during pregnancy and the first year.  After reading that book, I came upon the Christian Midwifery book, and putting these two resources together really helped me navigate my pregnancies and the baby years of all six of my kids.  

Three monthly and quarterly magazines that had a life changing impact on me as a parent were Above Rubies, No Greater Joy, and Hearts at Home. These magazines encourage husbands and wives in their relationship with the Lord, and embrace raising children in a home that encourages finding the children’s strengths and building on them, outdoor exploration, and growth in their faith.   Many families write in and share their personal stories each month too. 

When my oldest children were young, we read to them every day.  We read the Contemporary English Version of the bible to them so it was easy to understand and discuss.  We also had book subscriptions to book clubs and regularly ordered inexpensive books through Scholastic.  Getting books through a book club regularly encouraged us to explore and read and helped build my children’s book library which they cherish.  A few of the books they enjoyed  were I’ll Love You Forever, Are You My Mother, Dr. Seuss books, Hinds Feet On High Places, and Pilgrim’s Progress.  The children also loved lift the flap books when they were young and especially loved Clifford, Thomas the Train, and Sesame Street themed lift the flap learning books.   Now the older children love to read all sorts of inspiring books, including the bible, and they often read to the younger children too. 

Be sure to check out the Books Make A Difference website for more inspiring stories. 
How Have Books Made A Difference In Your Family?
Please share.
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